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  • i <3 MAI GEO PRIZM SO MUCH - 1996 Geo Prizm
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    It was a sunny day in 1997 when I first laid eyes on on the beauty i would come to know as VERONIKA. I spent my formative years growing up with this car, i remember endless summers riding with my family out to california to explore modern america! As I approached the age of 16 when this car was still the "nice one" I was humbled and delighted to recieve this vehicle. Me and VERONIKA have spent some of my best years together, but she was dependible through the worst. Now, as I approach the end of my life, VERONIKA approaches her end also. She has a hefty 423,761 load on her, and while she still goes to town, her age is showing. I will allways remember VERONIKA as my truested escort, forever.

  • Do not get rid of this car - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    My husband and I bought our Lsi from his uncle used. We have 211K on it and its still going strong. Best little car we have ever owned beside our 1982 chevy chevette manual. Our 10 year old daughter and 100 lb. golden retriever sleep comfortably in the back and my husband hauls his fishing and hunting toys with ease(the dog goes in front of course) weve taken this car on many winter trips and to Canada with no problems. We change oil every 3K new tires when needed and never have had a problem starting it even in 45- winter winds. If you have this car hang onto to it for life and give it the little tlc it needs. We purchased a Pontiac Vibe. The Geo will now be a school car. Well missed it!

  • 248k miles 14 years and now will say bye - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I bought my 96 prizm on my birthday in 1996 for $10,400 after discount and gm credit card points brand new from a dealer. Sticker was $15+k. The car now has 249k miles on it. needs clutch, tires, A/C no longer works, and new struts so I am getting ready to say goodbye. Fun to drive, 39 mpg (I laugh at people who spend all that money on a prius to save gas). Car has original engine clutch exhaust. AMAZING RUN with her and I will miss her.

  • Great car - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This car has been extremely reliable for me for five years. It hasnt nickel and dimed me, nor has it given me any major problems. Unfortunately, I was in a tight financial spot and had to hold off on an oil change, and also happened to have an oil leak and threw a rod bearing. It needs a new engine, but that is mostly my fault and not a problem with the car. Overall, a very reliable car.

  • Great Car!!!!!! - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Love this car. Im 18 years old and drive it like crazy since I got the car in August ive put 7,000 miles on it and all Ive had to do is put in oil. Also a friend and I were messing around and and I backed up into the side of is 1995 Pontiac and my car won. Love the strength want to have this car for a long time.

  • A great car - 1996 Geo Prizm
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    Although my car has only 91,600 miles which is very low for a 13 year old vehicle I can safely say that its reliability is really astounding. Everything still works fine- cold air, radio/cassette, etc. etc. It simply never needs anything other than routine maintenance to be done on it, year after year after year. What a great car. And its comfortable to boot, although its not a prestigious looking car, but nonetheless they are the automotive equivalent of the Energizer bunny.

  • Shell never die - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    I bought this car from the display in the center of the dealership. It has 238,000 miles and she still runs perfect. Ive not had a single problem with it. The required Minor tune-ups is all ive ever done to it and it keeps going strong too. I bet that i can easily get another 100,000 miles out of it. This is the best out of the 3 cars ive owned. I would recommend this car any day of the week.

  • Geo Prism - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    My wife has driven this car for 7 years, she bought it with 135k miles on it, now it has 218k on it, it just keeps running, no problems, best money ever spent on a car. Only only major item that needed replacing was the starter. It doesnt look very good, the rocker panels are completely rusted out but hey that happens in Michigan, even on the coldest winter morning it never fails to start, I really respect this car and the folks that designed and built it.

  • it keeps going, amazing - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    Well, what can you say about a car that starts everyday and never breaks down, year in, year out, its hard to describe but it earns a place in your heart. My wife bought this car 6 years ago for $1000, it then had about 130K on it, many people told her, "its a 4 banger, they dont last, you wasted your money" WRONG! it now has over 216K on it! It does not burn oil or leak oil, everything works on it! even the A/C, amazing!! This little car has won our respect, sure its old, slow and looks rough but who cares, i just think of all the money this gem has saved me over the years and i cant believe it, wish I had a car like this long ago. The only thing we replaced was the starter/battery

  • the bestest - 1996 Geo Prizm
    By -

    This car is the most reliable Ive ever had and I have had a lot of cars. Now has 215,000 and burns no oil. Never had the exhaust changed. Starts every time even in sub zero temps. Great gas mileage 36 MPG local. Only changed tires twice. Love this car.

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