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Since its debut, the Scion brand has won over many young buyers thanks to its trendy image and Toyota-backed reputation. However, one of its debut models, the entry-level xA, was pretty much a dud. Looking and feeling too much like a typical economy car, it was neither hip nor cool, and seemed out of place in the Scion lineup. Hoping to improve its fortunes, Scion replaced the xA with the more appealing xD.

The xD has some typical Scion advantages, including a lengthy list of standard equipment and an abundance of dealer-installed extras -- especially the audio options. But in terms of fuel economy, driving excitement, versatility and even style, the xD has been outclassed by newer subcompacts. It still remains an acceptable choice, but overall we think you'll find other top competitors to be more appealing.

Current Scion xD
The Scion xD is a four-door subcompact hatchback that comes in one trim level. The sole engine offering is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder with variable valve timing that produces 128 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque. Transmission choices include a standard five-speed manual or an optional four-speed automatic.

The generous standard features list includes full power accessories, remote keyless entry, air-conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, stability control, front seat side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags. Since the Scion xD caters to the youth market, it also comes with a six-speaker sound system with iPod/USB connectivity and a touchscreen interface. In lieu of factory options are plenty of dealer-installed options such as larger wheels and tires, quick-shift kits, bigger brakes, lowering springs, an exhaust system and a carbon-fiber engine cover. There are also a navigation system and a premium sound system.

On the road, the Scion xD's 128-hp engine provides fairly quick acceleration for this class. The xD also feels more substantial than one might expect, a result of the car's high beltline and heavier curb weight. However, fuel economy is only mediocre for this segment, and the interior is let down by odd center-mounted gauges, a non-telescoping steering wheel (which can make taller drivers uncomfortable) and a relatively meager amount of cargo space.

Used Scion xD
The current-generation Scion xD debuted for 2008. Stability control was optional until 2010, so used shoppers would be wise to note if an individual xD is so equipped. For 2012, Bluetooth phone and streaming audio connectivity became standard, while the following year brought a minor styling refresh. There were also various audio system upgrades made through the years (specifically in regards to radio control), but otherwise the xD has been mostly unchanged.

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  • Solid Buy - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    Purchased our XD after looking at similar products. Our biggest reason for purchasing was for reliability and resale value (as we may not hold it for too long). Gas mileage was a consideration as well. I consistently gets 28-30 both highway and city. Even all highway was only 30 which was a little disappointing. My wifes only real complaint in the comfort of the seats for her (she is shorter). The ride is nice. It sits higher than our 2000 altima which is very nice and the higher body doesnt drag the bumper on our driveway (we live in Pittsburgh w/ lots of hills). Overall, we feel like it was a good purchase, but w/ our 1st baby on the way it wont be long before we need more room.

  • Ill miss you.. - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    I loved this beast! Great performance, great handling, great ergonomics. I hauled my wife, two kids and a pop-up trailer all over. This is a great small- family. We sadly had to part ways as there is a third child coming soon, but if Scion would have built a stretched version (ala the Mazda5 we just traded for) we would have stayed in the Scion stable for a third run.

  • Great Car for the $ - 2009 Scion XD
    By -

    Ive had my Xd for 1 year. It is better than I expected. Fun to drive, economical and practical - it is all those things. It handles very well on the mountain roads I often drive. I put a rack on it and I carry bikes, skis and kayaks with no problems. There is plenty of room for a small car and the interior is well designed. The list of standard features is impressive. The engine compartment is clean and everything is very easy to get at - oil dipstick, washer reservoir, etc. This car delivers what is promised - a high value car that is a little sporty, very practical and pretty cool. Great car!

  • Hidden Gem - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    Last week I traded in my Scion tC for an xD. Although some would consider that a "downgrade," the new car fits me much better. So far, I love it! Fun to drive, fantastic fuel economy, solid build quality--I cant understand why these arent more popular.It has more life than the Versa, Yaris or Matrix, and feels more solid on the highway than the Fit. Okay, I will concede the cars one major flaw--it is most comfortable for shorter drivers. But to me, thats a plus compared to my old tC where I could barely see over the doors! Still, with a seat height adjuster or telescoping steering wheel, the xD would cater to more people.

  • very bumpy and cheap car. - 2012 Scion XD
    By -

    It looks really nice inside and out. Ive been driving it for 2 years now. The engine became much noisier, it wasnt ever quiet. Very bumpy. You can feel and hear anything on the road. The fuel economy is also poor. I am getting 25 MPG driving highway and city. Ive noticed additional noise coming from front wheels. I went to dealership. They dont hear anything of course, the want to fix it after the warranty expires, so they can charge for it big money. I would not recommend it to any of my friends or family member. I dont predict it to last long without costly repairs.

  • An easy pick - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    Just purchased. Where else can you get a fully loaded automatic for under 16K? Plus the Toyota reliability factor and excellent gas mileage (27-32 mpg under the more strict 2008 EPA standards). The ride is very nice. Handling is tight and the xDs engine is more than adequate (128hp 4 cyl). In comparison, the Honda Fit (109hp) and Toyota Yaris (106 hp) dont come close. Theres plenty of passenger room in the interior and the 60/40 split rear seats fold flat for plenty of cargo space. The standard 160-watt Pioneer stereo system with 6 speakers sounds great.The Scion xD offers the little intangibles that you just cannot find in any car in its class.You cant go wrong with the Scion xD.

  • Great Car - 2009 Scion XD
    By -

    This is one of the best cars weve ever owned - fun to drive, economical, lots of room for its size - overall a wonderful car and great buy. No haggling over price. The car handles and parks wonderfully. I recommend a buy. Superior to Fix which I also test drove.

  • Scion xD 2010 Feels Soild - 2010 Scion XD
    By -

    We bought a Honda Fit the week before we bought this Scion xD. Both vehicles are excellent. What led us to get this Scion rather than another 2010 Fit was the Scions feeling of solidity and extra features for just a little more money. Both cars handle well, even at 60+ mph. The Scion feels a little heavier, hence a little more solid. Both get great mileage. The Scion has an Alpine radio and 6 speakers, the Honda 4 speakers. The Scions rear seats area little more complex, because they offer extended rear legroom, which is unusual in a subcompact. Enjoy the hatchback; kind of like a mini-SUV. Good interior room for such a compact vehicle. A little quieter than the Honda. Smooth ride.

  • all the right reasons - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    I was looking at hatchbacks for months as a commuter car. I wanted side curtain airbags, cruise control, and 30mpg or better. Compared to the Honda Fit- the seats arent as comfy and the sport version (for cruise control) costs more. Nissan Versa- the back seats arent as versatile (dont fold flat) Toyota Yaris- no cruise and not as much interior space Hyundai Accent-no cruise control Chevy Aveo- less power and no cruise control Volkswagen Rabbit- less mpg and more expensive Subaru Impreza - less mpg but a good 2nd choice Suzuki S- less mpg, lack of many dealerships nearby This was the best for the $ overall. It came with everything I wanted standard.

  • Very safe car - 2008 Scion XD
    By -

    This is a great car, ive had it a year and a half now and usually average 33 city, nearly 40 highway. The car drives great, and has enough get up and go for interstate traveling. Its also a very safe car, someone has rear ended me three times now in this car, once just a fender bender, another time on the interstate the guy hit me at about 30 in a suv, just a broken bumper, and most recent i was stopped on the interstate and the ford F150 truck behind me didnt...hit me at about 65-70 mph..i walked away fine and so would anyone in the back seat, the car only dented in a few inches, but about 11,000 in damages...overall its a great safe car. i would highly recommend

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