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If you're looking for a city-friendly, space-efficient approach to motoring, then the Scion iQ is a superstar among the super small. Taking up only as much space as absolutely necessary for a four-seat vehicle, the iQ measures barely 10 feet long and earns an impressive, EPA-estimated 37 mpg combined. An ideal runabout, this phone booth on wheels can fit into parking spots that virtually every other car would have to pass up. It can also execute a U-turn in a space that would require a three-point effort from even a Honda Fit. Indeed, the latter is more than 3 feet longer than the iQ, which gives one an idea of just how tiny this Scion is.

Within its diminutive footprint, the Scion iQ provides an impressive amount of space. Coupled with a decent ride and plenty of standard features, the iQ makes it plain that minimal size needn't equate to minimal refinement. In short (literally and figuratively) the Scion iQ provides everything an urban dweller needs in terms of comfort and features, yet no more than they'll need in size and speed. Of course, the most direct rival to the iQ is the Smart Fortwo. But although the Scion costs a bit more, it soundly beats the Smart, as it offers more passenger and cargo capacity, smoother performance, a better ride and even slightly higher fuel economy.

Current Scion iQ
The Scion iQ is a subcompact hatchback available in two trim levels: base and 10 Series.

Standard equipment highlights include full power accessories, air-conditioning, a leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel with audio controls, a 50/50-split-folding rear seat, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, a touchscreen interface and a six-speaker sound system with a CD player, HD radio and an iPod/USB interface. The limited-production 10 Series celebrates Scion's 10th anniversary and features 16-inch alloy wheels, floor mats, special badges and shift knob, and an illuminated center console. In typical Scion fashion, there are no factory options. Instead, there are dealer-installed accessories that include various wheels, a sport-tuned suspension, illuminated door sills and a premium sound system with satellite radio and a navigation system.

As mentioned earlier, the iQ boasts amazing space efficiency. Thanks to clever packaging, the front passenger seat moves up enough to allow a full-size passenger to ride behind. As such, the iQ essentially has an odd but usable 3+1 seating arrangement. Although there's just 3.5 cubic feet of cargo space with those rear seats up, folding them down opens up 16.7 cubes -- about the same as a full-size sedan's trunk.

Though it looks like a grown-up Smart Fortwo, the Scion iQ actually performs like a downsized Toyota Corolla. It's calm and composed at freeway speeds, tracks through turns with confident stability and churns through city errands with minimal discomfort. Although it has expectedly slow acceleration, the iQ's combination of a 94-horsepower engine and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) gives it relatively smooth, unstressed performance around town. The highway can be a bit of an adventure, though, as besides its modest power, strong crosswinds have a tendency to blow this light little box about the road.

Used Scion iQ Models
The Scion iQ was an all-new model in the United States for 2012. The following year brought two more speakers (for a total of six) to the audio system. Other than lacking the availability of the 10 Series trim level, these iQs are identical to the current version.

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  • Great concept but poor execution - 2013 Scion IQ
    By -

    The comment by the editor that there are larger cars at the same price is hilarious. The whole idea about this car is being small. People like me want a tiny car to zip around. Only problem is that the car doesnt zip very much. And for a tiny car the fuel economy is not much better than my Mazda CX-5 SUV. The engine sounds like there are loose marbles inside at startup, and also makes other uninspiring noises from time to time. The brake pedal makes loud annoying clicking noise (normal noise, according to Toyota). It doesnt offer a lot of features for the money. The only good thing about it is the tiny size.

  • Love this car!! - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    We drove this car from NJ to Oregon and it only cost $344!! We use this car mostly to get around town,food shopping,movies,and short commute to work...we put about $20 worth of gas in it every 2 weeks! Great car for getting around in and also handled well on a cross country trip. Has just enough space for us and the little dog. I love this little car! Turning radius is great. If I had the money Id have it painted to look like a rollerskate! We love the superskate. I laughed the first few weeks when Id open the front door and see it. Now I laugh at how little we pay for gas. Only problem..I wish the put the clock where both people could see it.

  • Good car. - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    Ive owned em all. Traded in a truck for this. I bought $25 bucks worth of gas on my way to work Thursday, went to work Friday, after work, the get gas light came on. I had IT!! I was near the Toyota dealer, went by and looked at the Scions, my daughter has one, looked at the IQ, learned it was the cheapest to maintain over 3 years, said fine, take this truck, give me this car. Off i went. (had to continue below)

  • A Go Cart built like a Lexus. - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    I purchased my IQ on 1/3/12, just after it arrived at my local Toyota Dealer. I now have 3600 miles on the IQ. My previous car was a 2010 Challenger. The IQ is very nimble and easy to see out of. The Challenger had serious blind spots. A simple lane change required lots of mirror checking and head movement. I had the Scion Red rear stabilizer bar installed by the dealer. This part took about a week to arrived/be installed, so I had a chance to do a before/after comparison. The stabilizer bar is worth every penny it cost IMHO. Prior to installation the rear would lean quite a bit during spirited cornering. Now the IQ maintains a flat stance in corners w/very little lean.

  • Cute, Roomy, Gas-Efficient & Technologically Friendly! - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    Im 5 11, this gives me plenty of head/leg room! I work out of my car, so that is a important. 37 mpg both city & highway driving. That in itself is a reason to jump on in! Turns on a dime so you can get out of even the tightest spots easily. My view in all directions is phenomenal, unlike my Mini that had blindspots. I get a lifetime plan which includes free oil changes regular maintenance, plus, I also get roadside assistance. It has a 3 year/36k warranty. There is a nice pull-out drawer under the passenger seat for your laptop. The power windows go completely down with 1 touch, & I also have radio controls on my steering wheel. My iPod sounds great and the bluetooth is clear & easy!

  • see ya later landcruiser - 2013 Scion IQ
    By -

    I decided to buy this car in Los Angeles and drive it back to NYC. I almost purchased a Lexus LX 470...then i realized that there was no way i would ever find parking in the City. So I drove the southern route all the way back to NYC. I averaged about 36 mpg and was going 70 to 85 the entire way. it felt good on the hwy - it felt like any other small car. i rented a mini cooper the week before i purchased the 2013 IQ, and the mini was much more cramped, and 2+ feet longer. when i drove into nyc, i found a pkg spot very quickly, and have parked where no other cars could fit 4 out of 5 times. it is great!

  • I cant stop smiling" - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    "I cant stop smiling since Ive had it" was my response when a lady who practically ran across the parking lot asked how I liked it. Ive had others taking pictures of it on their phones, people missing their "green light" at intersections because they were staring at it, another fella in a cammed up Corvette laugh with me when I motioned that Id race him off the light. I never would have thought that this little commuter car would be such a blast to drive. Its smooth, quiet, roomy, solid and quick off the light. I drive alone, so I folded the back seats down, bought the cargo carpet and use it as a hatchback.

  • iQ: innovative Quality in a Small Package - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    I picked up my Scion iQ 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. I paid $17K including taxes and fees. While it might seem expensive to some, think of it as buying a premium little car with Toyota reliability and Scion style. With the passenger seat pushed forward you can accommodate a 3rd adult passenger in the back seat, but it is in essence a comfortable 2 seater. With the 50/50 split rear seats down the cargo volume is significantly increased. The exterior is stylish and striking, and thanks to my Hot Lava paint job Im turning heads. This is the most fun I have ever had owning a vehicle. If youre looking for a fun, fuel efficient, reliable, stylish, premium 2 seater, then the iQ is for you.

  • Great Little Car! - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    I am a 37 Year old man 62" tall and weigh 235 lb. You would not think this car would suit me, but you would be wrong! I bought this car for work, I drive mostly in town and wanted some thing that got good gas mileage and was easy to park. This fit the bill for me exactly. I looked at many new cars before I chose this one. At first, I thought it would just be too small after driving my Lexus ES300 for years. But was amazed at just how roomy it really is! Very easy to get in and out of and the front seats adjust nicely. Keep in mind that I normally drive alone so I cant not complain about "no room for others". But if you need to haul around more than two adults, look else where.Love this car!

  • just love my little car. - 2012 Scion IQ
    By -

    it run great, love the car, first time i seen it, the color is very cool. lot of people ask me about the little car. you will save a lot on gas to.

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