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Before Saturn bit the dust as a result of the 2009 GM bankruptcy fiasco, the Saturn Sky brought some welcome warmth and interest to the brand following years of lackluster products. A two-seat rear-drive roadster with a manually operated convertible top, the Sky rode on a platform shared with the Pontiac Solstice.

The Saturn Sky offered a respectable amount of bang for the buck, and its exterior styling turned heads almost as reliably as an exotic's. It also generated some serious speed in turbocharged form. Unfortunately, the Sky lacked refinement, and its reputation for reliability was also suspect. We would not recommend the Sky as a used-car purchase.

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The Saturn Sky was a compact two-seat convertible produced from 2007-'09. It was available in two trim levels: base and Red Line. Standard equipment included the expected powered accessories, air-conditioning, a manual cloth top, 18-inch wheels, stability control and a limited-slip differential (as of 2008), and a six-speaker CD audio system ('08 saw the addition of satellite radio). The hot-rod Red Line model was similarly equipped but boasted unique interior and exterior accents, Bluetooth and a sport-tuned suspension with performance tires to go along with a high-output turbocharged engine.

The standard Saturn Sky roadster came with a modest 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine developing 177 horsepower and 166 pound-feet of torque. The Sky Red Line featured a 2.0-liter four that cranked out 260 hp with the aid of a turbocharger, direct injection and variable valve timing. Both transmitted their power through a standard five-speed manual transmission or an optional five-speed automatic.

Inside, the Sky's wraparound dash and high door sills surrounded the driver. The transmission tunnel was unusually wide, which could put the squeeze on oversized occupants. When it came time to drop the top, we found its operation remarkably fussy by modern standards. Lowering it required the driver to turn a windshield latch, pop the rear deck lid with a button inside the glovebox, then get out of the car and manually fold the top down into its well before securing the rear deck lid.

In reviews, we found the Sky's driving dynamics to be subpar. Ride quality was acceptable for normal daily use, but the base 2.4-liter engine was only adequate in terms of acceleration and refinement, and the manual transmission was sourced from the Chevy Colorado pickup truck (and felt the part). The Red Line could really scoot with its turbocharged four, but it sounded strained at full throttle. Moreover, the Sky was a rather blunt instrument when driven hard on twisty roads. The steering lacked feel, and the overall experience was less enjoyable than what's provided by the Mazda Miata.

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  • 2009 Sky Redline Collectible - 2009 Saturn Sky
    By -

    Not only is the 2009 Saturn Sky Redline a blast to drive, it’s also turning out to be a great investment. The 2009 was the last year of the Sky sold to the public. It had modern features like Bluetooth that earlier versions did not have. There are very few 2009 Redlines out there, and they have become quite sought after. If you can find one it’s the best of both worlds….great to drive on sunny days, and a great investment as well. Turning out to be a fun hedge against inflation…..

  • Sky Redline - 2008 Saturn Sky
    By -

    WIfe and I love this little car. Traded our 2004 Crossfire for it and it is 10 times more comfortable on long trips. Not much for storage, but then again, its a sports car. Thats why we have the Dodge Dually. Excellent performance and handling topped off with 28 mpg fuel economy.

  • RedLine is the way to go - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    I had a base model for 2 weeks and traded it for the RedLine. I read other reviews complaining about no truck space. If you need a car to go shopping buy an SUV, not a sport car. Everything else mentioned seems to have been improved. Door locks, seat height adjuster and cup holders are present in the RedLine I picked up in December 06. The RedLine performs like the car looks like it would and the car is basically glued to the road. Great performance, great price and very fun to drive. I am 6 tall and have no problem reaching any of the controls on the doors or anywhere in the car.

  • Gotta love it! - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    Overall, I love my car. It exceeded my expectations (which are pretty high). The price is very attractive relative to the performance and appeal. I waited 10 months for my car and it proved to be worth the wait. It is a real head-turner. I get the same reaction I got with my first Saturn back in 1991, "Tell me about your car!" It looks different enough from its sister the Solstice, that people ask about it. The Solstices are more far numerous on the roadway

  • Sky High - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    Awesome vehicle, great performance with the turbo, better than expected gas mileage (better than EPA estimates). A real head-turner. Handling is outrageous. There must be glue on the tires.

  • Now its a fun car - 2008 Saturn Sky
    By -

    The Red Line Turbo a cool car for the price but at 260 horsepower not as quick as I wanted it but with the GM boost package at $758. installed the power went to 290 and no lag from the turbo and now a fun car to drive. One problem I have a rattle in the dash area that no one can seem to correct and its driving me crazy. Need more luggage room so Im looking at a removal luggage rack suggested by one of the reviews. My little red sports car now at almost 300 horsepower is a fun car to drive.

  • My dream car - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    After having waited over 1 year for my Sky I am very much in love with this car. Although there is some room for improvement, door locks & cup holders, I am overall pleased with this car.

  • Lovin it - 2009 Saturn Sky
    By -

    Bought my Ruby Red Redline for my 40th birthday 3 months ago and have put about 1600 miles on it so far. I will be putting it away in the winter months. Gas milage is around 30 mpg - not much different than my 2007 Honda Accord v4. Top operation is not so tough as some suggest - I can put the top up and down while sitting in the drivers seat - still have to get out to close the trunk and lock the buttresses - but well worth the effort. Took the wife on a weekend trip and had plenty of trunk space with top down - just need to pack carefully. Gets lots of attention.

  • The Sky is the Limit - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    The Sky is the most amazing car that Ive ever seen, drivin, or owned. It looks like a baby Viper minus the heavy price tag. I love it, love it, love it. People are always stopping me to see what it is. This is not the car for you if youre shy. The Sky is the best!

  • Sky turbo is a roadster worth the wait - 2007 Saturn Sky
    By -

    I have owned several, what could be called, sexy cars over the last 38 years starting with a 68 Mustang I bought new after high school. Ive owned a 68 Vette, two Spitfires (despite the electrical systems), another 68 Mustang, only this one is a GT convertible, and I can honestly say that the Sky Turbo is more fun to drive than all of them. The power feels that its on a par with the Mustangs and even the Corvette (I know Vette owners arent buying that). For the price, I cant imagine a better vehicle for pure fun. Let me say that you must have something else in the garage for the Sky is the most impractical car I have ever owned, but who cares! Its that much fun. Buy and enjoy!

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