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  • Hard to beat for the price used - 1996 Saab 900
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    These little cars are tough as nails and get great gas mileage! Sure, the occasional engine light comes on but that is because the Swedes put too many sensors on the thing. The 4 cyl is not the smoothest motor at idle, but it runs strong and is very economical. All this and classy looks with a 4 dr hatch thousands less then Honda, and Toyota. Saab is a well kept secret.

  • Won my heart, hurt my wallet - 1996 Saab 900
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    This was my first car in High School and I absolutely loved it. I bought it from my parents and it was about 14 years old then. This car looks amazing, gets about 27 mpg while driving agressively, and is excellent in winter weather. I drove the manual transmission model which was great fun. The engine was zippy and the car handled like nothing I have ever driven. However, in the 2 years I owned it the tranny went out, it needed a new exhaust system, the ignition module went, the clutch went and what eventually killed it was the headgasket blew. I loved this car and still do, but I could not afford the repairs. They were too expensive and too frequent. I sold her with a broken heart.

  • Fun car - 1996 Saab 900
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    This car is very fun and fast. I like the design and platform of this car.

  • Used to love it - 1996 Saab 900
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    I have a 900SE turbo, black on black, beautiful and incredibly fun to drive. It was a great car for the first 4 yrs or so, but has absolutely fallen apart in the last 1.5 yrs. Furthermore, the Saab dealerships to which I have taken it for service in Atlanta (Jim Ellis, and Kelley before that) have been difficult to deal with, and have not actually fixed the car. I am about to trade the car, and unfortunately, due to my recent experiences with the dealerships, I wont consider the 9-5 as a replacement, even though recent reliability reports suggest a significant improvement since my model year. I am buying a BMW.

  • Great car - 1996 Saab 900
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    It being my first car I am very new to the whole car scene but for an entry level Saab it is nothing less than what I hoped for. The pickup and speed on the vehicle are tremendous. The sound system has been great. I just added subs to it and it made it even better. Overall it is a great vehicle. I was lucky that when I bought it had only 22,000 miles on it and it is a great car.

  • Fun to drive, at a price.... - 1996 Saab 900
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    I bought this car with 92,000 miles on it. I dont drive much (7k/yr), but the car finds a way to malfunction every 1.5-2 months. Dont get me wrong: the car is beautiful, comfortable, and performs well...but is expensive to keep up with all the problems the car has. My engine seized up just 1 month ago and I had to either ditch the car or buy a new engine. Saab need to work on reliability issues!

  • 210,000 MILES AND STILL GOING!! - 1996 Saab 900
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    My Saab is really the energizer bunny. I bought this car used at an auction for $1,000. It had 170K miles then. I now have over 210K miles and this car still runs strong. The only thing I have had to do is change the original clutch at 200k miles. I truly love this car and I have owned plenty of cars. I also have a 2000 BMW 3 series which is fun but my SAAB is my baby. It is my daily driver at about 35 miles to work each day. If you are concerned about a high mileage saab, dont be. Just make sure it wasnt dogged (carfax) and you will be fine. My car will go for another 100K miles easily. If you see a green saab on I95 doing 90mph in northern Virginia, just smile and envy me in it.

  • Awesome 4 seater - 1996 Saab 900
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    The 1996 Saab 900 S 2.3 convertible is one of the best cars on the market today in its category, Not only is it fast, great looking, reliable, and well built, it also gets an incredible 30 mph on the Hwy. and seats four comfortably. Awesome.

  • I am in love with a 19 year old! - 1996 Saab 900
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    I just bought a 1996 Saab 900 S convertible. I am in love with her. There are a few mechanical issues which need attention. But because the previous owner cared so much for this vehicle, those pale in comparison to the sheer fun. Riding down I-95 is a whole new experience. I wish someone would revive the make. There is nothing quite as sexy as a Saab convertible. Nothing.

  • little car with a lot of heart - 1996 Saab 900
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    This car is by far one of the safest cars to have out on the road. I was hit on the highway by an 18-wheeler three times, and I walked away from the accident with minor cuts from broken glass. This saab saved my life. Other than small problems (due to lack of maintenance on my end), no major problems at all. I owned it for 6 years, bought it with 101k mikes, and it will now RIP with 168k miles.

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