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For decades, the Ram was Dodge's iconic full-size pickup. Starting in 2011, however, parent company Chrysler decided to make the Ram name an actual brand. So, yes, this truck's name is now just Ram, with 1500 added on to specify its status as the half-ton truck in the lineup. There are 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty models as well.

Current Ram 1500
The Ram 1500 is a full-size truck offered in three body styles -- regular cab, extended cab ("Quad Cab") and crew cab. The regular cab can be had with either a 6-foot-4-inch bed or an 8-foot version. The extended cab comes only with the 6-foot-4 bed. The Ram's crew cab model provides the most interior room but comes only with a 5-foot-7-inch bed.

There are three trim levels: base ST, midlevel SLT and top-shelf Laramie. The ST is pretty basic, but you still get air-conditioning and a full complement of safety features including stability control, antilock brakes and side curtain airbags. Naturally, moving up to the SLT or Laramie will get you more standard equipment. Notable options include "RamBox" storage bins mounted on the sides of the bed, a TRX off-road package and rear entertainment and navigation systems.

For engines, the Ram 1500 starts out with a 3.7-liter V6 that produces 215 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque. A four-speed automatic is standard. The standard engine on the four-wheel-drive Ram ST and all SLT models is a 4.7-liter V8 coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission. Output is a healthy 310 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Standard on the Laramie trim and optional on the SLT is a 5.7-liter V8 with a five-speed auto. Output is 390 hp and 407 lb-ft of torque.

In reviews, we've found that this truck excels as a daily-use pickup. A major contributor to this is the truck's coil-spring rear suspension, which significantly enhances ride quality over broken pavement. Another benefit is the roomy and well-appointed interior. The crew cab's rear seat is very comfortable, offering loads of legroom and an agreeable seatback rake. There's also lots of storage space, and the optional RamBox storage bins are pretty cool, though in testing we've found them to be lacking in terms of durability. On the road, the Ram 1500 provides plenty of grunt for towing and hauling when fitted with either V8; the underpowered V6 should be avoided.

Used Ram 1500 Models
The new Ram 1500 name came into being for 2011. In reality, though, it's just the next model year of what was formerly the fourth-generation Dodge Ram. For more information on the Dodge version and its previous generations, please read our Dodge Ram review.

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  • 2016 RAM ECODIESEL - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    I have owned my ECODIESEL RAM 1500 for 4 years. I have never met another owner who has been satisfied with this truck. I should have taken it as an omen. Instead, I thought it was just that they wanted to see the big C on the side of their fenders. But before I hit 34,000 on my own ecodiesel truck, the engine seized. I had it towed back to the dealer thinking this was probably not the case being that it has been an excellent running truck. The bad news hit for me and I received a 16,000 dollar estimate on a new engine, or 15,000 for a rebuild engine. My truck isn't worth over 25,000. My powertrain warranty grace period had expired three weeks earlier for 5 years and the dealer or FCA would not cover this replacement. Please take my experience as a sign and do not buy a RAM ECODIESEL. Do your research on how often these fail. Do not make the 16,000 dollar mistake with not getting a Cummins or a Hemi, or completely different manufacturer altogether.

  • 75k and going - 2011 RAM 1500
    By -

    Im just now hitting 75k miles on my 11 Outdoorsman. It has been completely reliable to date. No issues to report at all. the only thing Ive done is change the oil, air filter, and plugs. Which by the way, has to be changed every 30k miles and there are 16 of them. I have a 30 travel trailer that weighs in at 6400# and it tows it great. I use it as my daily driver and it is absolutely comfortable. MPG is about 17, mostly interstate.

  • This is a luxury truck, not a job site truck - 2013 RAM 1500
    By -

    Ive got 8000 miles on my truck now, its white with gold two tone, with the cattle tan interior. I intentionally avoided the laser etched filigree seats as to me, it would have been too much country. Options I have are the 8 speed rotary dial transmission, the multi-level air suspension, Rambox storage, and each of those options to me are an absolute necessity when getting this top of the line model.

  • First Dodge - 2011 RAM 1500
    By -

    My Ram is quieter and smoother driving then my previous(01,03,06)Sierras. It has quite a few handy features that make it easier to use. I prefer the 4 doors w/Dodge then the suicide type w/GM. I am underwhelmed by the fuel economy because I am averaging 16mpg for the same exact roads/driving style I got 18mpg w/Sierras(all non-mds V8s w/4sp autos and 4wd, Ram is V8w/mds w/5sp auto and 4wd). I was surprised to find out the 5.7L needs spark plug replacement (there are 16 of them!) every 2 years because they are standard plugs, not platinum tipped. In the service manual it recommends 89 octane w/5.7, that too was a surprise since all info I received before purchase mentions 87 octane.

  • Awesome experience!! - 2013 RAM 1500
    By -

    If you want a truck this is the truck to get! First off whats better than a hemi?! This is most fun Ive ever had driving a vehicle in my life and Ive also owned a charger. Its definitely a truck that I would buy more than once and I could drive it for years.

  • The Ram has come a long way. - 2014 RAM 1500
    By -

    I just upgraded from a Toyota Tacoma, and I love this truck. Its like riding in a luxury car with all the amenities, but its still a truck. I cant wait to start hauling and towing stuff. I love this truck!

  • Awesume Truck - 2017 RAM 1500
    By -

    I have only 1200 miles on the truck so far. To date, it has met all of my wants. The night visibility is great even in rain storms. The ride is comfortable, but road noise is greater than I had expected, louder than my 2012 Ram Bighorn.

  • After 3 years, still a good truck, but a few flaws - 2011 RAM 1500
    By -

    After 3 years of owning this truck and putting 44k miles on it, I thought I share a few thoughts. First of all, this remains a very good truck overall and Im still happy with it. That said, Im eyeing a new 2014 or 15 Longhorn and considering a trade. This is primarily due to the new 8 gear transmission. The 2011 had only the 5 gear, and there is a huge performance difference between them (which I realized after a test drive of a 2014 model recently). There are also a number of other nice new features in the newer models....

  • 2012 Big Horn 1500 - 2012 RAM 1500
    By -

    Ive had my 1500 for 2 months now and love it. Its a 2012 1500 "Big Horn" Crew Cab with a 5.7 HEMI. It has all the power in the world, smooth, comfortable ride, all the features I need plus more. I have not had a moments trouble with it. My only complaint is that Im too short to reach over the bed sides from the ground very well (Im 59").

  • My RAM 1500 diesel - 2016 RAM 1500
    By -

    This is a wonderful truck. Improvements in the entry area could be made for the taller person, I am 62". The height of the door could be 2 inches higher to accommodate this. On the same token the seats could be an inch or so deeper for the same reason. This truck drives and rides amazing. The engine is quiet and responsive as is the steering. I have not had the vehicle long enough for any repairs and it has not been back to the dealer in the first 6 weeks for any issues.

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