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Porsche cars have a virtually untarnished reputation and are considered among the finest performance vehicles in the world. It's a reputation that's well-deserved. With razor-sharp handling and power aplenty, Porsche vehicles offer a driving experience like no other. It's little wonder that, for many, the marque has come to define the sports car category. For years, the only Porsches available were sleek sports cars, but the manufacturer recently expanded its lineup to include other types of vehicles.

The brand has its roots in the Porsche Engineering Office, founded in Stuttgart, Germany, by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Porsche brought with him years of experience as an automotive engineer; in the '20s, while employed with Daimler, his skill was tapped to create Mercedes' iconic SS and SSK sports cars. Porsche has long had close ties with Volkswagen, and the first Porsche vehicles were small two-seat sports cars that were largely based on VW chassis. From 1948-'50, most of these early Porsche cars (the brainchild of Porsche and his son Ferry) were actually built in Austria before production was switched to Zuffenhausen, Germany. Ferdinand's first real production car was the VW Beetle, so it was no surprise that his sports cars used those components and had their air-cooled engine mounted in the rear.

The 1950s saw the birth of two icons, the 356 Speedster with its low-cut windshield and the lightweight, midengined 550 Spyder. Both cars helped Porsche rack up a multitude of wins on the racetrack. In the mid-'60s, the 356 made way for the revered 911. Powered by an all-new six-cylinder engine, the coupe scored two consecutive wins at Monte Carlo. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the 911's air-cooled flat-six engine was located in the rear of the vehicle.

By the time the '70s rolled around, Porsche had introduced the 914 (the "affordable" Porsche with a midengine design and a targa top), the mighty 911 turbo, the disrespected 924 (powered by a weak front-mounted, water-cooled inline four) and the flagship 928 (front-mounted V8, four-seat coupe). The '80s saw the birth of the 956, a car that went on to become the most successful racecar of all time. The twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive 959 was also launched; it became the first sports car to win the Paris-Dakar Rally and the street version could hit nearly 200 mph. The athletic 944 debuted in 1983, as did a convertible version of the 911, something that had been missing for some years. The '80s also saw the rebirth of the 924, now with some muscle courtesy of the 944's strong-for-the-time (147-horsepower) inline four.

By the early 1990s the 928 had been discontinued and the 944 was replaced by the similar 968. Because of a lack of dynamic product and a tough market climate, Porsche was suffering financially. The company's savior, the Boxster roadster, debuted in 1997 and brought back the spirit of the old 550 Spyder. In 2003, Porsche committed what purists considered a sin as the company brought the Cayenne SUV to the market. However, once those enthusiasts discovered the Cayenne's sporting performance (especially in 450-hp turbo form) all was forgiven. The following year, Porsche brought out the ferocious (605-hp) Carrera GT supercar.

Today, Porsche's lineup is quite broad for a specialty automaker and now even includes a luxury super sport sedan, the Panamera. Throughout its history, Porsche has exhibited amazing resilience, weathering changes in consumer tastes and the economic climate. As such, it's safe to assume that this ever-robust company will continue to be known for making vehicles that excel at performance, luxury and usability.

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  • Unreliable Macan Turbo - 2020 Porsche Macan
    By -

    Not reliable and spent time in the dealer more than driving it. Macan turbo with all Porsche packages that you can imagine! start failing when had only 2k miles on it, now 8k miles and issues always on the rise. I have video's for the the front suspension noise, brakes and delay in complete stop. each time they fix something another thing come up after 1-2 weeks. PNA and local dealer involved but no resolution. Next step for me is to seek legal advise!

  • Rock Solid - 2007 Porsche Cayman
    By -

    This car is better than I dreamed. It is rock solid and feels like it was carved out of a single slab of granite. It is extemely well balanced and the back end just digs in at virtually any speed. It just wants to run fast and is a joy to drive. It is more immpressive in the corners as I find myself seeking tight curving roads. I get looks and compliments all the time. Well worth the purchase.

  • Great Buy - 2005 Porsche Boxster
    By -

    I just got my 2005 Porsche Boxster S three days ago. Im very impressed with the handling, design, and quality. Im glad I made the right choice!

  • Best convertible - 1999 Porsche Boxster
    By -

    cool car that looks good and is really fun to drive. also a head turner

  • Forever Porsche - 2004 Porsche 911
    By -

    I bought this Porsche second hand after test driving every model from the 993TT, GT2, GT3, Targa 996, and Carerra 997 with everything else in between. Even went to the Porsche Driving School for two days to try out the newer 997s and for the money, this Porsche Rocks!!! She is fulled loaded with everything Porsche could throw into a car plus additional HP with X51 Power Boost. She is a joy to drive with incredible handling, acceleration, and a smooth ride. Beautiful color outside and top quality all leather inside. Downsides, the usual complaints....bad cup holders and the 996 narrow body. Otherwise I have no regrets ever with this purchase!! Test drive one if you can find one!!

  • The True Drivers Car! - 2002 Porsche 911
    By -

    If you want a true sports car that has been designed around the driver, then this is the car for you. The engine performance is excellent, the sound is beautiful when she sings. Handling is very crisp and gives the driver an excellent feel of connectedness with the car. The interior is relatively comfortable with 2 little seats for the kids. The car has to be owned by a person who has basic mechanical knowledge and understands the concept of "Preventive Maintenance", otherwise it can cost the owner very dearly. But dont worry as there is a lot of help out there since this car has a lot of following.

  • Hard to beat! - 2001 Porsche Boxster
    By -

    After driving BMWs most of my life, its a real treat to get my hands on this car. Not knocking the BMWs - the Z4 looks like an incredible automobile but I dont want to buy first year of new model. Besides, every guy should own a Porsche at least once in his life!

  • My car - 2003 Porsche 911
    By -

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It is awesomesome and beautiful!!!

  • Dont drive one(unless youre ready to buy) - 2010 Porsche Boxster
    By -

    Still in honeymoon period/Looking for reasons to drive.My third Porsche and second Boxster,all bought used,which is for me ,the only po$$ible way to go.The upgrade from my early(986) car is night and day:ride,handling,"infotainment"(get the PCM/BOSE)you name it -all superior...The base car is very nice ,but the S,with direct injection and extra urge will sway you.The "S" is for Serious-people who claim the Boxster is not a "real Porsche",are delusional, or simply havent driven a 2009 or later one.

  • I hate my Cayenne - 2004 Porsche Cayenne
    By -

    Seat comfort is terrible and sitting in them becomes somewhat painful after long trips. Every small road variation is felt as a hard sharp bump; my teeth are getting loose! Fourtunately,my SUV has sept many nights and weeks in the shop tso I can experience a pleasant ride with the Ford loaner.

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