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  • Van for sale - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    My family and I enjoyed this van for four years. When purchased it had 15,000 miles on it. We traveled several places. Our children are now young adults and we no longer need to have van that is an extended version. We had a bike rack installed that holds up to three bikes. I would like to know what the value of our vehicle is so we can determine whether or not we would like to buy something smaller. We even had a cd player installed.

  • Just Traded Mine - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Owned my 98 for 4 years. Traded it in with 55,000 miles. Engine coolant leaked and brakes were squealing.

  • Time for it to go! - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Purchased at 73,000 miles, currently 170,000 miles. Second time intake gasket leaking. Outside temp display works only if I bang on it. Lights on steering wheel controls dont work. Power sliding door wont open/close when vans on a hill. Lots of rattling noise in rear. Load leveler stopped working after hitting a bump in road. Rear brakes lock up when adjusted. headlights are aweful. Just ready to walk away from this van!

  • Good vehicle - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    No major or minor repairs except maint. And gets24 or25 mpg with a 50/50 split between highway and town driving. Still only uses 1/2 qt. Of oil at 4k oil change.

  • The Best Ride - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Ive had this vehicle for 6 years now, the only problem with it was that the radio went out. We love taking it on trips its great on the road most recently we came back from Mexico where we drove for over 35hrs only stopping for gas vehicle performed well and was very comfortable to drive. The reliable V6 has power when you need it. Just a Great vehicle overall!

  • Gets into yer pocket a bit at a time - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Imagine a vehicle you like which nickles and dimes you to death... I drive a lot on Chicagos tollway system...lotsa miles. The car runs good, but some failures have cost me some money. The radio display went Klingon on me, was fixed, and is going Klingon again. The power door has failed... is now a manual door. Coolant leak into engine darn near killed it and cost me over a grand to fix. But I like sitting high, and it is a great road vehicle. With the miles I put on it I wont get squat in trade, so Ill drive it until it blows up.

  • Jeckyl and Hyde Van! - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Such ironies! Bought with 19,000 miles and now have 109,000. Transmission great. Engine accelerates good and never a problem yet has always had cheap sounding, rough idle. Luxury and techie features are great, was ahead of its time. Yet same problems as everyone else! Leaking coolant cost $1k. Headlights/grill wobbly and cheap. Doors rattle, rear rattles. Nice ride on smooth roads but rattletrap on rough. Road noise in rear! And yes my radio/clock has now gone out. Obvious where production had flaws. Now trying sell and resale STINKS! Bottom line - close but no cigar - wouldnt cosider GM for new van or Ford/Chrysler for that matter. Bought 2005 Honda Ody - WOW! QUALITY!

  • transsport report - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    Bought it new , has been a good car, 65000 miles replaced brakes,tires,

  • i love my van - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    this van has only needed one repair a fuel pump but my old caravan was a piece of crap i put a tranny a head gasket a fuel pump and a new sensor in the heater i would recommend the pontiac not the dodge

  • maybe best car we ever had - 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport
    By -

    This car was ordered by us, loaded. It has serverd us well. Trips to the villa in Hilton Head, parents 3 hours away, one child through college with dorm moves twice a year 4 hours away, another in 2nd year 3 hours away and various other trips. We carry two people and alot of stuff or six people and still a lot of stuff with a carrier on the top. Gas mileage is up to 27 mpg on the road and the range is about 600 miles.

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