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The Pontiac Torrent crossover SUV was a rebadged first-generation Chevy Equinox. It was larger than compact crossovers, yet smaller than midsize SUVs. There was plenty of passenger and cargo space thanks to a long wheelbase, and a lengthy list of standard features sweetened the deal -- including a reclining/sliding second-row seat and a movable cargo shelf.

We preferred a few other crossover SUVs to the Pontiac Torrent, but we had a healthy respect for this underappreciated hauler. It had a smooth and quiet ride along with a spacious and versatile cabin, and it was reasonably priced. With the demise of Pontiac due to GM's bankruptcy woes, the Torrent quickly faded into obscurity. Still, it's a solid pre-owned option, especially given GM's commitment to supporting Pontiac products at existing service centers.

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The Pontiac Torrent crossover SUV was produced from 2006-'09. There was initially only one trim level; the uplevel GXP model arrived for '08. Standard equipment included alloy wheels, air-conditioning and full power accessories. Upgrading to the Torrent GXP netted more power, sport-tuned suspension and steering, bigger wheels, dual exhaust outlets, heated front sport seats and a power driver seat, among other features. Some of the GXP's upgrades were available as options on the base Torrent. Depending on the year, a navigation system, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system and Bluetooth were available as stand-alone options.

Available in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive configuration, the Pontiac Torrent offered a choice of two powertrains: a 185-horsepower 3.4-liter V6 engine coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission, or the GXP's 264-hp 3.6-liter V6 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

In reviews, we noted that the base V6's power was meager by six-cylinder standards, though around-town acceleration was adequate. The uplevel V6 in the GXP, conversely, could really haul the mail when called upon. Inside, we applauded the midsize Torrent's ample room for both occupants and stuff. To accommodate larger passengers or bulky cargo, the 60/40-split rear seat could slide nearly 8 inches fore and aft. An adjustable rear cargo shelf further expanded the loading options, and could also function as a picnic table.

Tuned more for ride comfort than acrobatic maneuvers, even in "sporty" GXP trim, the Pontiac Torrent's fully independent suspension delivered a smooth and compliant ride. Putting serious miles on the Torrent was relaxing, as the lack of wind and road noise made for a calm cabin. Our only real complaint concerned the lifeless electric power steering, which struggled to keep up with the rest of the package.

Used-car shoppers should be aware that some desirable features, such as four-wheel antilock disc brakes and a navigation system, were not available for the Torrent's first year, and side airbags were not standard until '09.

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  • 2006 Pontiac Torrent SUV FWD - 2006 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    I love my 06 Pontiac Torrent sents bought new in 2006 have had no issues with it , its now January 2020 and the millage now is 218,508 runs like a charm.

  • 10 years and keeps on going! - 2016 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    I bought this Pontiac to replace a 1999 Grand Am (which I did with a heavy heart) because I needed to upgrade it. This vehicle has been great to own. Right now the odometer has almost 89k miles on it (I use to commute to and from work). The only mayor jobs I have done on it have been replacing the dual radiator fans, front wheel bearings, resurfaced the front disc brakes and rear rotors. After spending $1100 for all that this SUV just keeps doing fine. The next job I will have to work on is a new paint job (the clear coat has begun to fade on top of the hood and door frames). I just think that if you keep good care of the car, no matter what make it is, it will respond great!

  • A Few Problems! - 2007 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    Ive had my Torrent for 3+ years and its been fairly reliable until recently. Had a problem with stabilitrac and traction control lights coming on, they had to replace a valve (dont have paperwork in front of me). Just returned from a 500 mile road trip and stabilitrac light just came on again. Also car sounds like a plane ready for take off - transmission? Will be bringing that to dealership tomorrow. No extended warranty. Hope the powertrain warranty covers it. Have 48,000 miles on it and this could be the first serious problem Ive had with it. Otherwise, have enjoyed driving it. Wish mileage were better but it is good on long trips and better in summer (21-22) than winter (19).

  • Loved Until Recently - 2008 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    Bought my ’08 Torrent GXP in 2011 and, up until recently, I have loved it. However, I’ve now had the power steering hose break three times and I’m growing tired of repeatedly fixing it. My battery also died at only 44,000 miles and the all-wheel drive regularly goes out when the temperature dips below zero, which is the type of weather when you mostly need AWD. I love the comfort, look, features, and how the Torrent drives, but I’m now looking at a new car as I’m sick of these mounting piddly issues. I never once had my ’04 Malibu 2LT in the shop beyond oil changes in the 7 years, 80K+ miles I owned it.

  • Knew What I Was Getting - 2008 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    There are some squeaks here and there, especially with the steering wheel, but I read the reviews before I bought the car and I knew what to expect. The only disappointment has been with the gas mileage, which hasnt quite been up to the EPA estimates. Even my Hondaphile and Toyotaphile friends have been impressed with the comfort and looks of my Torrent. On the safety front, I was in an accident three months ago that sent two other drivers to the hospital but I didnt get a scratch, or even feel sore the next day. I cant rave enough. Ive looked at trading it in for something with better MPG, but I cant find anything Id give up for Torrent for.

  • Solid Comfort - 2006 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    It drives easily and offers a very comfortable ride. I especially enjoy driving it on long trips. It seems to ride most comfortably when its fully loaded with cargo and passengers. Its V6 gives me plenty of power to ease onto Interstate highways and it climbs over the mountains of Western Maryland with ease. The 5 speed transmission is the smoothest shifting one Ive ever experienced. I would rate the Torrent as a very good vehicle, but Pontiac would do better by not using so much cheap plastic around the dash area. Also, the front seat cup holder and emergency break placement are very poorly designed.

  • PoorFuel Economy - 2006 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    Father of 2 and happily married, We love out Torrent. But It seems to suck down the gas and we travel on the highway often because we live in a small town so to go shopping or to get to work we are taking frequent 15-20 minute trips. We have only been getting around 240-260 miles per tank? We are wondering if anyone else is noticing this? The specs say we should get over 300? Besides the punch in the face at the gas station we love it and it fits our sporty lifestyle.

  • Its been good to me so far - 2006 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    Before buying my Torrent, I also test drove its Chevy sister, the Equinox. The decision maker was the Equinox had scratchy upholstery while the Torrents was soft and comfortable. The Torrent has proven to be a comfortable vehicle, even for tall passengers riding in the back seat. Sharp exterior but the interior could use a touch of class. Three design flaws: (1) I dont smoke, but a removable ashtray should be standard for things like gum wrappers; (2) The CD storage area is not easily accessible; and (3) A wider cargo compartment would have been more beneficial than having the small side storage wells. No mechanical problems (knock on wood). Nice vehicle and GM offered 0% financing

  • Poor interior design - dont recommend - 2007 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    The performance of the Torrent has been wonderful. Was tail-ended, everyone safe, and the cost of repair was very reasonable because the rear bumper is in a couple of different parts. If the whole thing had been one piece, it would have been higher. The interior design is sorely lacking. If the cup holders are in use, the parking brake cannot be. You have to remove drinks from the holders to put on the parking brake as well as use the cigarette lighter for recharing cell phone. When putting on the parking brake by habit and there are drinks in the holders, the drinks spill or the holder is in danger of being broken. P Drives wonderfully. Fun. Even 17 year old son likes to drive it.

  • Its been nice - 2006 Pontiac Torrent
    By -

    I have had my Torrent for 3+ years now and for the most part have loved it. I have been told that they are discontinuing this model which is upsetting. I have had some problems with parts/repairs. Wished it had a 5 year/100,000 warranty. I dont think the 3 year/36,000 covers long enough.

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