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  • Price of crab - 2009 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    I bought new one and put 3 transmission only one was under warranty paid for 2 . Went to junk yard with 100k miles only what a shame. Only buying from now on Japanese

  • Excellent Quality vehicle! - 2005 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    Previous vehicle was a 96 Trans Sport with same 3.4 liter v-6. Got 260,000 miles out of that without any major mechanical problems, it paid for itself! This van is on the same path. Already, there is 32,100 on it and the only problem was a TSB for the throttle body. Didnt cause van to run poorly, it just made a whistling sound on light acceleration. Dealer fixed though under warranty, and thats it. Great comfort, very good acceleration, average fuel econ. (20 mpg. w/ mixed hwy./city driving), and great dependability. I would not be afraid to take this vehicle anywhere on a trip. I look forward to any years of "Driving Excitement" with this Pontiac!

  • Great performance and mileage - 2005 Pontiac Montana
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    Excellent acceleration beyond what the horsepower rating says. Maybe its due to the torque. Handling is great too. No problems with reliability or anything else. Mileage is super compared to the performance too. I got 26 mpg with 4 adult passengers with luggage on a long trip, and 27.5 mpg on a solo trip when I set cruise control at 60 mph.

  • Money hungry Montana - 2000 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    My Montana has been a big disappointment. The electronics that drive the transmission shift mechanism were a constant problem during the first year. The electronic "brain" made some very hard shifts on a couple of occasions before a new circuit board was put in. The transmission shelled out just after the warranty ran out and I suspect the hard shifts contributed to the breakdown. It has spent a lot of time in the shop for minor fixes that stem from poor factory workmanship. This is my last Montana and probably by last Pontiac.

  • Montana better than Odessy!!!!! - 2004 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    We actualy lease a Montana in 2000 and have sinced purchase a Honda Odessy. In conparing the two, we find the Montana a better car. One it easier and more confortable to drive. We like the looks better. We got much better gas mileage in the Montana. My next van will not be a Odessy.

  • Great vehicle - 2004 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    Great to drive. Much better than our GMC Safari that we had before. Much more "sport car" type handling and ride.

  • Overall Great Vehicle - 2005 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    We purchased this van the day before we left on an 1100 mile vacation. That is always the making of a disaster. However, against our judgments we did it anyway and were not disappointed. It performed well during our trip and every since. The DVD player was nice for the kids and the sanity of my wife and I. The restyling of the front end has greatly improved the looks of the Montanas.

  • Great value for a good vehicle - 2005 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    We enjoy the Montana SV6. We put on a lot of miles (now 117,000 miles) each year and live in a rural area of Quebec where the winters are harsh and the snow is deep. I have the extended version and have found that it has good control on the road year round. A few problems, which were limited in scope and not serious. Consisted of the following: slight rattle in dash - easily fixed, rear windshield wiper motor has given up - will need to be replaced, paint delamination next to rear center taillight - dealer will fix. I have worked inside an Asian Automotive manufacturing plant and find the quality here relatively close but the value is in the price - probably a third cheap

  • Should have listened to Edmunds! - 1999 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    Bought this van second hand, with 153,000 km. Since then, I replaced water pump,spark plugs, wheel bearing, rocker panels, head gasket, intake gasket, thermostat. Also, roof leaks, needs front and rear struts, rear windshield wiper doesnt work, abs light is on, air bag light comes on and off. Front end vibrates. Get about 500 km to a tank. Needs a transmission part, up shifts and down shifts hard.

  • Florida Dads Follow Up Review - 2005 Pontiac Montana
    By -

    Weve now had this van for a full year. Generally, were still quite satisfied with the van, its comfort and quality. The leather has held up well, the DVD player is more popular than ever and the AC blows like a January blizzard. However (oops, theres that word...) a few minor things have cropped up in the past year including a powered door that stopped working, brake trouble (not serious )a loose trim piece covering the sliding doors track and a radio that switches stations w/o warning (only happens on one certain frequency ...huh?) All fixed quickly and cheerfully and under warranty, but should these have happened in the first place?

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