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Perhaps because of their wide-open spaces, America and Australia share an affinity for large rear-wheel-drive performance cars. This proved useful for General Motors in the mid-2000s when it was casting about for a hot new American full-size sedan. The company decided to tap Australian subsidiary Holden for its revered Commodore model. The result was the stylish and powerful Pontiac G8.

Alas, the G8 only lived one year past its production debut in 2008. When GM went through bankruptcy in 2009, Pontiac didn't survive the transition, and the G8 went down with the ship. That's a shame, because the G8 was an excellent full-size sport sedan, particularly in V8-powered GT or GXP trim. It also had a limolike backseat and a unique look. As a used model, the G8 holds unique appeal. Our only concern might be future repairs; GM has pledged to support Pontiac products through its existing service centers, but the G8's limited production run could lead to scarce part availability down the road.

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Produced from 2008-'09, the rear-wheel-drive Pontiac G8 full-size sedan was available in up to three trim levels distinguished by powertrain. The base G8 came with a 3.6-liter V6 that produced 256 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque. The midlevel GT had a 6.0-liter V8 packing 361 hp and 385 lb-ft. The top-performing GXP, which was only made for 2009, boasted a detuned version of the Corvette's 6.2-liter V8 with 402 hp and 402 lb-ft. The base G8 came with a five-speed automatic, while the GT got a six-speed automatic and the GXP had either a six-speed automatic or an optional six-speed manual.

The G8 came well-equipped. Standard features included 18-inch wheels, power front seats, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and a seven-speaker CD sound system with an auxiliary audio jack and (for '09) satellite radio. The GT added the 6.0-liter V8 engine, a limited-slip differential, dual-zone automatic climate control and a premium sound system with a six-CD changer. The GXP boasted the larger V8 as well as a unique front fascia, an upgraded sport-tuned suspension (which didn't make much of a handling difference) and 19-inch wheels. Options included leather upholstery (available in two-tone colors), heated front seats, a sunroof and, for the GT, 19-inch wheels.

In reviews, we noted that there was a lot more to the Pontiac G8 than just its available V8 power. The ride tended to be on the firm side, yet road imperfections were soaked up nicely. Overall, the G8 struck an excellent balance between comfort and sport. While it was impossible to overlook the G8's significant size and weight, this Pontiac handled very well for a full-size car while still providing exceedingly pleasant transportation for its passengers. Of course, it was also a very fast car with either V8, and even the base V6 was solid.

The G8's cabin was clearly built by a GM division without access to the North American parts bin. Materials were reasonably high-quality and the overall layout was reminiscent of Audi's efforts, if not exactly their equivalent in build quality. The 2008 G8 had goofy-looking digital battery and oil gauges atop the center stack; these were thankfully removed for 2009. However, a navigation system remained unavailable.

Overall, this Pontiac performed like a muscle car but rode and handled like a sport sedan. For the used-car shopper who wants a roomy and affordable car with plenty of driving excitement, a pre-owned Pontiac G8 deserves a very close look.

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  • WOW WOW - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    Had 07 300 SRT8, 05 CTS-V, The best car for the money hands down...sold both cars in search of the best of all worlds...AND I FOUND IT IN THE G8 GXP.....love this car....

  • Simply an Awesome Car, made for driving - 2008 Pontiac G8
    By -

    I chose the V6 3.6 because it is absolutely strong and fast enough from me and I dont need extra 110 horses in the stables... The car is simply a fun car to drive, easily comparable with BMW driving qualities and performance. The gear is great, sporty if necessary. The engine has plenty of torque and it pulls great almost in any situation. It is huge on the inside, plenty of leg room for everyone. The luggage space is also huge and can carry two strollers easily. I highly recommend it for people who like a sporty, yet family friendly car. one warning, the base models dont provide extra gadgets or sophisticated hi-fi, it is quite basic, I like it that way, except for changing the speakers.

  • One Awesome Car! - 2008 Pontiac G8
    By -

    Ive owned my new G8 GT since December 08. Its mostly my weekend and pleasure ride and I can tell you, its more fun (and practical with kids now) than my last sports car, an 89 Corvette! Its too bad that Pontiac and the G8 will soon be history. GM finally got it right with this car and sadly, they are getting rid of it. My only hope is Fritz will listen to Lutz and will rebadge it as a Chevy or Buick and promote it, like Ford is doing with its Taurus SHO. No one, except enthusiasts, really knew about this car. Buy this car soon before it is gone! Its spirited performance and awesome handling will have you hooked! Lastly, everywhere I go, I get lots of positive looks and feedback.

  • Best GM Car in Years - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    The G8 is an excellent vehicle overall. It drives and performs like a muscle car with the luxury of the best. I constantly get comments from people in parking lots and thumbs up from others on the highway. GM must keep this vehicle in the lineup even if it is rebadged. Great job GM!

  • Amazing Car for the Price - 2008 Pontiac G8
    By -

    I was called by the Dealer at 9 am, when a G8 came in to test drive it. Arrived at the dealership at 10am. Loved the way it looked,and fun to drive.Three minutes into the test drive I told the dealer Id take it, took it home that afternoon. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home, at the store had 5 people ask me about the car, they all said it was a amazing looking car. When I got home, some of the neighbors started asking about it. Already put on 150 miles was real fun to drive on interstate 75 in Florida. Like this car more than any car Ive owned since 1969 (GTO)

  • Adapting quite well - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    Still like this car alot.After 17 months of ownership nothing to complain about.I still feel the price was more than fair,& Purchased An oem 19" rim & tire at dealer cost(maybe)as a spare.Overall mileage has been 19 to 20 mpg mixed driving,on a 150 mile trip yesterday 23.5 mpg. Biggest problem is watching speed limits, I am old & try to obey the law. Overall I have very pleased with the comfort & performance & especially the reliability so far. Motortrend is saying gm is now inclined to bring the g8 back as a high line chevy limited production. Because of new cafe standards.

  • Fantastic car - 2008 Pontiac G8
    By -

    All I can say is GM hit a home run with this car. It has virtual everything you would want in a performance sedan except the high price. In todays market it is a true bargain. Very comfortable interior and everything is placed where it should be...exterior is very sharp and it gets many gawkers. I cannot say the handling of the car is sports car like but it is very good for a four door sedan. Brakes are very good and stop with confidence. Of course the raw power of the V8 is awesome with tons of torque. Trunk is very spacious and the back seat is extremely comfortable even for someone like myself who is tall.

  • Thanks Pontiac - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    I researched cars for 2 years and got the GT. Better price/performance value than Audi, VW, BMW, Merc, Acura, etc. hands down. What you get for the price is unbeatable. This rides solid and quiet, punch it and fly. Styling is awesome. Driving position is great, it drives like a small car. It isnt perfect but Ill take it. My dream car that I can actually afford. Im taking it to the track soon. City mileage 18. Highway mileage 27. Be careful with curbs.

  • Awesome! - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    Unbelevably awesome! The fit and finish of this car is so solid, you would think it was built in Germany. The motor pulls very hard on demand. Yet can be mild bopping around town. The engine management system is seamless. A drivers car!

  • What a great car! - 2009 Pontiac G8
    By -

    The G8 GTs performance is amazingly close to my Audi RS 6 (450 hp), which cost $85K in 2003. With a tune I suspect the Audis only remaining performance advantage would be traction thanks to AWD. If GM had been turning out products like the G8 GT all along, they wouldnt be begging before Congress.

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