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Until Pontiac bit the dust in the wake of GM's 2009 bankruptcy fiasco, the Pontiac G6 was the company's go-to midsize car. In a constant battle to steal sales from the class favorites, the G6 offered unusually tactful styling by Pontiac standards, solid performance from its V6 engines and the availability of a four-seat retractable-hardtop convertible body style. Volume-selling models were the five-passenger sedan and four-passenger coupe.

Unlike the Grand Am that it replaced, the Pontiac G6 had considerably more flavor than a generic rental car. Still, the traditional class favorites topped the G6 in the areas of engine refinement, driving dynamics and cabin materials. The G6 may still hold appeal for used-car shoppers, especially given its likely cut-rate pricing. GM has pledged to continue supporting Pontiac products in its service departments, so a used G6 isn't necessarily a bad idea.

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Based on General Motors' lengthened "Epsilon" platform, the Pontiac G6 was produced from 2005-'09 as a sedan, coupe and retractable-hardtop convertible. For '05, only the sedan was offered; the coupe and convertible debuted a year later. Three main trim levels were offered on the sedan: base, GT and GTP (which became the GXP in '08). Coupes were either GTs or GTP/GXPs, convertibles GT only. Plenty of standard features, such as air-conditioning, full power accessories and CD audio, came on the base model. The GT added niceties such as an upgraded Monsoon audio system. The GXP topped the range with items like sporty exterior styling tweaks and automatic climate control.

At the time of Pontiac's demise, the G6's engine lineup included a base 2.4-liter four (164 horsepower), a 3.5-liter V6 (219 hp), a 3.9-liter V6 available on the convertible only (222 hp) and the GXP's 3.6-liter V6 (252 hp). Four-speed automatics were standard with all except the GXP's V6, which got a six-speed; however, the four-cylinder got an optional six-speed for 2009 that raised highway fuel economy to a laudable 33 mpg. Some power ratings were a bit lower in previous years, notably the 3.5-liter V6, and a manual transmission was available on a limited basis until '08.

In reviews we found that the Pontiac G6 offered generous room for those riding in back, no matter the body style. And we noted that after years of enduring criticism about its overstyled exteriors and gimmicky interior designs, Pontiac stepped up its efforts with the G6. Outside, the G6 had a crisp and sleek look; inside, there was a restrained and attractive layout with none of the traditional dull gray plastic switches. Even so, the G6 still had a few too many cheap plastic surfaces for our tastes.

On the road, we appreciated the low and midrange torque of the 3.5-liter V6, and the ride was smooth. The convertible's optional 3.9-liter V6 should be avoided if possible, though -- it was barely more powerful than the 3.5-liter V6 and got worse fuel economy. Handling was respectable, but we disliked the electric power steering, which was too light and offered virtually no feedback. GT models from 2007 and up had an improved hydraulic steering setup, which we preferred. Along with the enhanced feature content of the later models, we'd recommend focusing your used Pontiac G6 search on the '07 or newer models.

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  • Driving a 2005 Pontiac G6 - 2005 Pontiac G6
    By -

    I could never have a better vehicle. I'm at 330k+ miles on my Pontiac G6 and she runs like a champ! With regular maintenance and up keep your Pontiac could last this long too!

  • It’s okay but not all that - 2008 Pontiac G6
    By -

    I bought my 2008 Pontiac g6 from a second hand dealer. I will state that it was previously totaled and it was refurbished and fixed by the time I got it. The car handles really well truly. It does curves and turns better than any car I’ve driven previously. My issue with it is that it’s unreliable. My car turns off when driving it. I will be on the highway going steady and my car just shuts off and I have to pull over and hope to not get hit. I have paid lots of money for this to be replaced and it always get re broken. I have put more money into the car to fix the parts then I bought the car for. For the first year of ownership it was WONDERFUL but the least two has been very underwhelming. I wouldn’t recommend this car to anyone that wants safety as their main concern.

  • Year of the Lemon - 2006 Pontiac G6
    By -

    Bought a 2006 G6 GT, in 2007 as a lease back. Ive changed the brakes and rotors 6 times already, Ive had 4 recalls done, which are the brake lights losing contact, the intermittent steering pin, linkage cable in the transmission, and the power steering sensor. Outside of any recall or warranty, Ive had to replace the sensor in the catalytic converter, had to replace tie rods and wheel bearings twice, the rotors twice along with faulty calipers, the heater fan, the starter is now going and the serpentine belt too. I have literally put almost as much money into it as I paid for it. And now its become a complete rust bucket. The entire bottom of the drivers door rusted away. Thats what you get for buying a car based on a moon roof and stilettos. (If you can remember the original TV commercials)

  • ‘07 Pontiac G6 - 2007 Pontiac G6
    By -

    Bought new in ‘07 and still own. Engine and drive train on the 2.4 have been great. No problems except for oxygen sensor. That is what most folks complained about when it ran rough. I did the fix myself with aftermarket sensor and zero problems since. This car has been used by all 5 of my sons and now wife’s daily driver. Still drives and handles like new. Except door seals could now be replaced to keep road noise down. 190k miles now and might just last another 190k as long as I keep putting in Prolong or Duralube every other oil change. Still looks great and won’t ever sell it. If you take care of most cars, they will last.

  • 1st and last GM product. - 2008 Pontiac G6
    By -

    Bought this car over a Ford Mustang convertible because it was front wheel drive. Wasnt impressed with the acceleration, but this was after driving the Mustang. In the beginning I loved the car. The car looked great with the top down and even better with the top up. Sluggish and had too much pause between shifting. Horrible in snow, so ended up driving my truck all winter anyways. Now almost 8 months later I am in a rental car while I wait for my transmission to be fully rebuilt. The moldings around the seats are coming off for no reason. There is no where to put anything. Cup holders are in a bad place. Random rattles. More things, but running out of room. Should have bought the Ford.

  • I love my Pontiac - 2009 Pontiac G6
    By -

    This is my first convertible. I love the hardtop convertible. Cant figure out why GM chose to drop the Pontiac line.

  • got to love it - 2007 Pontiac G6
    By -

    fun to drive easy handling good on gas especially on highway. plenty of pep but not overpowering. only feature didnt like was the on and off dash lights.

  • Overall Nice Car - 2006 Pontiac G6
    By -

    This car is nice, fun to drive, and very reliable. I have had my G6 for 1 year now and have about 11,000 miles on it and have had absolutely no problems at all. My wife owns a Camry and likes to drive the G6 more then her vehicle. Also if you live somewhere cold I advise you to cough up the couple of dollars and get the remote start... its fantastic.

  • Better than Grand Am - 2005 Pontiac G6
    By -

    This car is fun to drive. Great mileage, good acceleration and cornering. The ride is stiff with some road noise and a little wind noise. The tires take a cold set in cold weather which makes the tires feel like they are out of balance until they warm up after about 5 miles. Have some rattles which the dealer corrected. The electric steering feels a little numb but transmits vibration back to the driver. I expected more from this model.

  • Nothing but Regrets - 2006 Pontiac G6
    By -

    I bought my 2006 Pontiac g6 used with 33,000 mi. After two weeks of having the car, the stearning shaft needed to be replaced. About a year after having the car, the check engine light went on and the catalitic converter needed to be replaced as well as a head gasket. Thank goodness it was still under the manufacturs warrenty. The car is loud and nothing what I expected for what I paid for the car. I am trying to get into a different car because I am so disatisfied but the trade in value is nothing and I am about $7,000 in dept compared to what the car is worth. I would not recommend anybody buying this car because it will be nothing but a headache.

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