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  • Mini Van - 2000 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    Bought new. My wife drives this van 50,000 in two years. Replaced water pump, brakes,battery, and tires. Not too bad

  • Voyager 2000 - 2000 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    Nice price, style, and interior room. Weird shifting when climbing small hills and mountains.

  • Bad Reliability - 2000 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    Have had multiple mechanical problems. Though it is still covered under waranty, still is a big hassle. In the last year, we have had transmission replaced, the A/C compressor replaced, belts replaced, something in the steering column, etc... The dealership has been friendly - but enough is enough!

  • The truth - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    The engine is over powered for this transmission. it has a recall for the airbags and the cruise control. so if you get one bring it into a Chrysler dealership. I bought this car for 1,200.00 and you get what you pay for in older cars. the dealer was honest but didnt mention the common problem with this vehicle at the time which was the transmission/clutch. the computer system is notorious for failing and not registering the proper codes for when there is a mechanical issue such as a transmission issue. so yes the computer system isnt reliable. the transmissions on these vehicles are not equipped to handle that 3.3l engine and are prone to falling apart. constant maintenance and upkeep.

  • LEMON - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    This thing is a piece of junk. Constant engine problems: Massive oil leaks and burned valves. Chrystler says tough rocks. I will never buy another Chrystler product again.

  • soccer mom - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    Our first mini-van.. Why did we not get one sooner. I love the ride compared to the rough truck feel of my hubbys suv. I can say my mini-van is much better and safer to drive because I can see all around me. I think the true test is whenever we go somewhere as a family we take the mnin instead of his suv. I have over 50,000 miles on it and have had zero problems. It also is ised as a truck whenever needed with the seats out it can carry a lot!

  • Great vehicle for 8 years - 2000 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    We bought this vehicle new in 2000. Since then we have put on 172,000 miles with almost no problems. One $80 dollar sensor and a $220 transmission leak. Thats it other than stuff you would normally have to service. Not the most flashy vehicle but a solid value.

  • I am sold - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    Being the penny pincher that I am I think the dollar for dollar value for this mini-van is terrific. I paid 8,000 less for this than my brother-in-law paid for his explorer and I would not trade him even up! I have a much better ride and much more room, granted the explorer looks better but I am into value not looks. I have had zero problems and will buy another in a few years. My only complaint is road noise at freeway speeds.

  • Keep Away - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    This van has been in the shop for MAJOR repairs 3 times in one year. Each time it was something different than before. If it will make it to the dealership, Im trading it for a Honda!

  • worth the cash - 1999 Plymouth Voyager
    By -

    with a 3.3 v6, no problemsfor the first 3 1/2 yrs. only had a leaking trans relay (350.00),also alot of road noise from the rear tires at highway speed

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