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  • MY LAST PLYMOUTH - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
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    3.3L engine. Blew gasket at 67k - out of warranty. Thereafter, major components were replaced, water pump, alternator, a/c compressor... Blew front rocker arm at 98k. Blew back rocker arm at 104k. Replaced head at 106k. All expenses from my own pocket.

  • dependable, roomy family mover - 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    The 3.3l v6 is responsive, and gets pretty good mileage for a car this size. The seats are easily removed, if a little heavy once out, and comfortable. There is a lot of good in this car.

  • Family Five - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    The major problems Ive had with my Plymouth Grand Voyager in three years of ownership are: 1)a short out of the entire instrument cluster, 2)a bad head gasket on the 3.3L V6, and 3)an annoying rattle from the luggage rack on windy days. Other thanthat, the Grand Voyager is comfortable, responsive, easy to drive and pretty reliable.

  • Worst vehicle I have owned! - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    Bought used at 70,000 miles. The lifters had just been rebuilt. In 3 years of ownership, we replaced the serpentine belt 9 times, the power steering pump, the water pump, the fuel pump, the key ignition because the key would not turn, (the locksmith said he replaces at least 1 a week on these vehicles), crank sensor, map sensor, leaking valve cover gaskets, the cd player, the passenger seat would not lay back, the power windows get stuck, the van smoked constantly, poor acceleration.... I paid it off 2 months ago, and now the timing belt broke causing engine failure because of poor engine design! I have had this van towed countless times and have been stranded more times than imaginable. We will never buy again!

  • 1999 Gr Voyager SE - 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    We bought our van in 2000 (with about 25,000 miles); it now has about 65,000 miles and has never left us stranded or caused any trouble. The quad seating is very comfortable and it rides as smooth as any car weve ever owned. What consumers need to remember is that the key to making any vehicle last for any length of time is maintenance. Weve changed the oil every 3000 miles and done every maintenance or tune-up task either on time or ahead of schedule. We believe our blessings with all our vehicles lies with our commitment to maintenance. Manufacturers can only do so much and then it is up to consumers.

  • Plymouth Grand Voyager - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    Good vehicle overall. Plan to buy another one soon. Owned a Dodge Grand Caravan previously.

  • We love it! - 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    We have had our van for over six years and have had no problems with it. It has been reliable in all weather conditions and comfortable for our teenagers while they were growing up. All in all we love it.

  • Great Family Car - 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    The van has not been a problem. From my wifes point of view she has loved it. She likes the interior, very comfy and big. For tall people it is not a knee smasher or neck bender to get in. Very nice design. From a Mechanics point of view, it has been dependable. Transmission has held up, I change the trans fluid and filter every 40,000. The engine has no problems, change oil and run synthetic every 5,000. Braking is no problem for a van...this van is not a lamborgina, but if I wanted a lamb...then I would have bought it. The headlamps like all cars now are of plastic, keep them buffed or they dull the intesity of the headlights considerably. Do the maintenance,the van will take care you.

  • TOTAL TRASH - 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    Worst car I ever owner(Ford Taurus a close second)I purchased this van new and have always taken it back for service every 3000 mi and did what ever the maintenance called for.Needless to say I have had constant problems from day one with this van.It has been towed more times than I want to remember.Over the years I have just about replaced everything-transmission,starter, generator, steering column,ignition switch 2x,AC parts,wheel cylinders, sway bushings 4x,computer module parts,radiator,gaskets..+++++ Everytime it was repaired I thought that would be it..but problems never stoped.Now that the second trans went again I finally gave up the ship @155K.Toyota/Honda/Subaru, here I come

  • Amazingly durable - 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager
    By -

    I have 110,000 miles on mine and it still feels very solid and has most of the original equipment, original brake rotors, struts, shocks, etc. Only design flaw thats caused me trouble is the placement of the drink holders. Drinks can splash up on the temp controls, causing sticking & malfunction.

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