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  • Favorite Cuddy - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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    I bought this car from the original owner back in June. It already had 172,000+ on the odometer. The car was having trouble with water pouring into the crank case. Turned out the water passages in the lower intake manifold had blown. Was able to get both intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets for only $50. Plus went ahead and put a new timing chain and cam and crank gears just to further its life. Of course with a new timing chain cover gasket, I spent under $120 on parts and the car runs amazing. There does seem to be some rotor wear but not too major. My gas mileage is more like 30 highway, 21 with the AC on and about 22 in town travel. Its extremely reliable which is important to anyone

  • I like it - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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    My Cutlass has 126k miles and runs great. Major work done: broken coil spring, breaks, and catalytic converter.

  • My new car - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    Car received had numerous quality problems including noisy front brakes, a loud buzzing fuel pump, a rattling dash board, and a noisy passenger air bag cover. There is little excuse to deliver such a vehicle to a customer. What does a manufacturer and dealership think?

  • Good car - 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    Good car, have not had any problems and enjoy driving. Is somewhat noisy on the interstate.

  • Cutlass - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    When I bought my Cutlass, it had 170,000 miles on it. It already had the intake and head gasket changed, a few brake services, a transmission service, and a general tune up. After buying it, I replaced the intake gasket again, gave it a full tune up, new brakes and rotors, and new tires. After the engine was in proper working condition, it performs very nicely and if you are easy on the accelerator, the gas mileage is around 25 mpg. The leather in the front seats is cracked and needs some serious attention. The cup holders are basically unusable. The drinks tip over at the slightest acceleration or braking. I am impressed with the massive trunk space. You need to be a good mechanic to to own this car.

  • Cutlass - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    I have a 99 cutlass GL. I use it mainly for work. I have 47,000 miles on her and she runs great. Other than standard maintenence, (oil, lube, filter) she has had no down time. too bad 99 was the last year for the car.

  • My Cutlass - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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    Very comfortable ride. Took it on 2 road trips within 2 wks after buying it. Went to Chicago, St. Paul, and back home just last yr. (2003)

  • Cutlass - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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    Car is fast and fun to drive. Still no problem with engine. A car will last longer if you take care of it. Giving it a oil change and a complete service.

  • Computer False Problems - 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    The car has gone through brakes very quickly two sets and only 53K miles. The two big issues were: 1. The coolant problem gm would not own up too and cost me Major head work $2k 2. Now I am getting false engine warning lights, replace O2 sensor and gas cap, still getting intermittent codes, other warning lights are the charging system which is working at 13.5-14 volts, I am getting a security system light, the power Windows are working intermittently. Anyone know what the heck is going on, I am thinking the computer is on its way out.

  • 1998 Olds Cutlass (same as the Malibu) - 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    By -

    I bought this in May 2000 with 28k it now has 62k.The problems: Lots of rattles and noise from the interior parts. Alternator went out at 52k miles. Began leaking anti-freeze from around one of the heads at 50k miles. The ABS system went haywire at 60k miles. Handles horribly. Especially in the snow. This car has kind of soured me on GM. It seems like its held together with bubble-gum and scotch tape. I never drove it very hard, although it is a 8 mile stop and go commute to work. Overall I am very disappointed with the car. Dont know if I got a bad one or if other people have the same problems.

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