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The Ralliart debuts, bringing a 237-horsepower engine, all-wheel drive and an automated-clutch manual transmission to the Lancer lineup. The GTS trim gets more performance via a newly standard 2.4-liter 168-hp four-cylinder engine. The DE and ES trim levels retain the 2.0-liter 152-hp four. The GTS also gains new gauges this year, while the Fast Key keyless ignition and entry system migrates to the Sun and Sound package, leaving the hard-drive navigation system as a stand-alone option. The ES trim gains an optional Sport package that includes some of the GTS's styling elements, such as the big rear wing.

  • Confident handling, impressive value, full array of available high-tech equipment, edgy styling, strong engines in GTS and Ralliart trims.
  • No stability control except on Ralliart, power-sapping CVT, noisy base engine, subpar interior materials, unimpressive fuel economy.

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  • A Real Quality Car with Perks! - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    Ok, I just bought a brand spanking new Lancer as stated above. I just love this car. Ive always been more on the bigger longer taller cars but if youre looking for a super fun to drive sporty fuel saving compact then this car is in a complete league of its own. I would recommend this car 110%. I looked and test drove many of cars before making my final decision. This car beats them all. From driving to listening to your favorite tunes to just doing everyday running, you just have to drive one to know what all of these reviews are saying. How many other cars do you see where none of the reviews can really find any real problems with the car? None that I have seen! Just buy one ;-)

  • Awesome machine - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    Alright so this car is absolutely worth the money, I commute 150 miles a day round trip and it runs strong with decent comfort. The only negatives Ive found with this car are if you live where it snows you WILL be jamming out your rims with a snow brush every time you get out of the car or drive around with the car shaking so bad you cant read the guages, it also doesnt do as well as promised on gas I average 23ish. You 100% want the rockford sound system and the CVT transmission is complete junk so buy a 5 speed. (traded my automatic back after 2 weeks because it was so annoying). Other than that this car is amazing and I may buy another one when trade in time rolls around.

  • love it - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    I knew about the low armrest in center and on door. However, I still loved the car. Nice sporty look and feel. The car drives great. The gas mileage could be slightly better, but all is still good. The GTS vs the ES drive is night and day. The ES motor feels like it is winding up and going to snap, the GTS sounds great while accelerating. If you get that sweet spot on where to rest your arm, then you will enjoy the car. Knobs are well laid out.

  • 09 GTS 2.4l Lancer with 5 spd is AWESOME! - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    I have owned the car for about a month now. I got the 5spd manual with the sun/sound package and the navigation. I love the car so far. It has all the technology and features I wanted in a car. I was considering used BMWs, audis, acuras, etc. but when it comes down to it, this is a much more unique car and very fun to drive. I love that all the features and technology will last me at least 4 years of enjoyment while I drive the car too and from work. Some of those used BMWs didnt even have ipod hookups, i cant deal with that, lol. Anyways this is a sick car and is a blast to drive. Great warranty and overall good deal when you compare run of the mill cars like the civic and corolla

  • Impressive Car - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    I own the GTS 4-door sedan CVT. First off, I have owned my car for a little over 2 months now. This car is great overall. I have the nav package w/sun and sound, and those things are just amazing. Dont get the car without it. The bluetooth for mobile phones isnt perfect, but its a great addition to the car. People can hear me clearly, just at a low volume. Also, the car handles like a dream. I havent driven it in snow, but its great in the rain. Ive driven other cars in rain and always feel like Im going to lose control, but not with this car. Also, the mpg is better than the advertised value. I am averaging 28 mpg city driving. This car is one thats worth checking out!

  • 2009 Lancer - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    Love the car so far. Graphite Gray. Had an old car with a huge V8. Gas mileage is not perfect but much better than old car by a large margin. Interior has nice style but the quality does lack behind. I thought interior in GTS was better than the ES model. It is a comfortable car for me, Im 5"10. Spoiler does block the view but you get used to it. For a 4 cyl it is pretty powerful, but it could have more power. The back seat has a decent amount of room along with the trunk for a compact sedan. Overall a pretty decent car for the price. Got mine for a great deal so cant complain. If looking for a cheaper compact sedan that has a little bit of sportiness, the Lancer is for you.

  • Mitsubishi GTS - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    Love Mitsubishis. Bought GTS on Governments cash for clunkers program. Love the handling, this thing handles, really is a joy to drive, & being a woman dont think I drive slow. Best looking car in its class, always get lots of positive comments about it.

  • One to add to your shopping list - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    This was my first NEW car (7 miles at pick-up) - traded my Dodge Intrepid. I dont know how many times Ive noticed people checking the car out even a stranger at the gas station who struck up a conversation with me about the car. Its an absolute dream to drive, a ton of fun and so packed with technology that its like driving INSIDE a computer sometimes. Highway MPG is very respectable, city isnt the greatest but isnt that bad either. Its not a car to challenge other sport compacts to a race but if youre looking for a fun-to-drive car with enough get-up-and-go to get up and go this is worth adding to your short list.

  • WOW! This car is amazing. - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    I bought this 2009 Lancer GTS Automatic. First, for what you are paying, this car is truly incredible. Ive research the others and read other reviews, the reviews speak for this car. I traded my 06 corolla in for it and will never own another yota after this car. For approx. $17200 out the door I got this car loaded and for what I paid, blows the competition out the door. I drove easy on my way home from the dealership and averaged 32.1 MPG, going about 60-70 MPH, not bad at all, I drive easy however. All I can say is, Mitsubishi, awesome job.

  • Amazing vehicle - 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer
    By -

    I bought my 2009 Mitsu Lancer ES back in July 2009 and 70K+ miles later, I still love it! I looked at similar vehicles while shopping but fell in love with the handling, performance, and value of this car. Ive taken very good care of it and havent had a single engine problem. My one complaint is the paint. Due to a design flaw there is an unusual amount of paint wear on the side skirts near the rear wheels. Countless chips all over the hood (which, yes, happens. But there is a lot more than normal). One time, while washing the car, I was scrubbing off a dead bug and a decent size paint chip came off with it! That should not happen! Regardless, Id still recommend this car to everyone!

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