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For the most part, the pickings in the midsize hybrid sedan segment were fairly mundane. Although it was only produced for two years (until the Mercury brand's scheduled demise in 2011), the Mercury Milan Hybrid offered a different take with its classy styling and inviting cabin.

As with its twin, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Milan Hybrid offered impressive fuel economy, with almost 40 mpg according to the EPA's combined rating. The Milan Hybrid also delivered an unusually lively experience behind the wheel. If you're shopping for a used hybrid-powered sedan, the Mercury should definitely be near the top of your list. Its combination of solid driving dynamics and superior fuel economy makes it easy to recommend.

Most Recent Mercury Milan Hybrid
The Mercury Milan Hybrid debuted for the 2010 model year and was produced essentially unchanged for just one additional year until the Mercury brand's demise for 2011. In typical Mercury fashion, the Milan Hybrid was a slightly upscale twin to a Ford -- in this case the Fusion Hybrid. As such, it employed a 2.5-liter inline-4 gasoline engine paired with an electric motor and a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack to produce 191 horsepower. The power was sent to the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Along with a fuel mileage estimate of 39 mpg in combined driving, the Milan Hybrid had the ability under low load conditions to propel itself to nearly 50 mph under battery power alone.

The handsome cabin boasted quality materials and a wealth of standard features that included 17-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights, dual-zone automatic climate control, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, power front seats, eco-friendly cloth upholstery, the Sync electronics interface system (includes Bluetooth and an iPod interface) and a six-speaker stereo (with a CD/MP3 changer, auxiliary audio jack and satellite radio). Options included a rearview camera, a sunroof and a navigation system.

In reviews, we were pleasantly surprised by the Mercury Milan Hybrid's well-sorted chassis. It's not a sport sedan, but is more athletic than one would expect a hybrid sedan to be. Yes, you'll still get better mileage out of cars like the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. But the Milan's superior driving dynamics and more welcoming cabin make this a smart dark horse choice for savvy used hybrid shoppers.

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  • Darn good, but not perfect - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    After three months and the completion of a 2200 mile road trip I am now comfortable with my feelings on this vehicle. Love the mileage, as high as 60 in short (5-10mi) urban trips per computer. I have validated computer calculations on the road trip, so Yahoo! Nice interior and lots of compliments on the exterior styling. Unfortunately there are some missed cues in this car. Headrests- designers...what were you thinking? My wife and I both have to recline the seatback excessively to find a comfortable position for our neck. No Homelink-no memory seats. These are standard items in this price category.

  • finally - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    Never had an american car. In this economy wanted great gas mileage,and american. My family wanted a comfortable back seat. My lease on my bmw 3 coupe was up. It was in the shop a lot. I had a tough time deciding betwen the fusion hybrid and the milan. the Milan seemed a little more plush and you dont see as many around. I felt this made a thoughtful statement for the times. its a real car. Its engaging and handsome. very few compromises. Considered the new lexus 250hs,but much more $ comparably equipped. write ups excellent as per car and driver, best hybrid on the market today

  • Great Car - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    We have had it three weeks and went to the highest peak on the east coast with out a problem. Good pick-up, excellant features and we are averaging 4o miles to the gallon. It is nice to see such a solid, well built, American car. Memory for the drivers seat would have been nice but it is what it is,,,,,still impressed.

  • Traded the Prius for this, and am soooo glad! - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    I had a 2011 Prius. That da** car had the absolutely worst seats you could put in a car. I saw this car on the Richmond BMW lot, pulled in, took it for a test drive and traded on the spot, which I have never done before. It is far superior to the Prius except in the gas mileage. The shifting is much smoother, it is a lot quieter, and the leather seats are like heaven. I could drive this all day and not get tired. I average about 38 mpg, and I have a lead foot. I have never owned an America built car.

  • Best Hybrid in the price range - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    One professional auto reviewer had it right. This is the first hybrid to drive like a regular car. It is also clearly superior to the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Camry Hyrbid, Lexus HS250, Prius, and Altima Hybrid if you compare carefully. I really wanted to like the Lexus, but it was noisy and didnt drive as well as the Milan. The only advantage of the Lexus was the interior leather IMHO. I have a 2004 Mercedes E320 and I replaced a 1998 Infiniti Q45 with the Milan Hybrid. Ive had the Milan for about 3 weeks now, and I am pretty satisfied. Averaging over 36 MPG with the A/C running, but have gotten over 46 going to work. As expected, mileage is very dependent on the terrain.

  • Awesome - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    One week into ownership I could not be happier. My white Mercury Milans profile reminds me of a C Class Mercedes. Gas mileage is phenomenal. I expected a drop from my Focus, but no. Some trip numbers have been so astonishing, not sure I believe them myself. First fill up will verify - or not. I should add, I am a totally disciplined hypermiler. So many systems to go wrong. Still, they are all working as advertised. My luck cant last on flawless performance. Considering getting the Extracare Extended Service Plan, as repair on some of these systems, especially the electronics, must be very expensive.

  • Ford/Mercury Greatest Achiement - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    When I first turn the ignition key on I expected to hear the gas engine come to life. Instead the EV System quietely allopwed me to drive at a in city speed of 30 mph. When accelerating the engine seamlessly engages without labor or hesitation. The ecvt transmission is smooth and dont expect to feel any shifting. The enterior design is elegant and the leather seats are very comfortable. Air climate control is quick and responsive to weather conditions. Steering is very agile and responsive. Outside noises are at a minimum. Great engineering job by Fords Engineers.

  • Milan Hybrid - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    Looks like I will be getting 600 miles on my first tank of gas. I am averaging around 32 mpg with around 41 mpg on short trips. I love the car so far. The technology in this car is amazing. I can go electric mode (EV) at 47 mph for about a mile. The change from EV to gas hardly noticed. I have plenty of power on the highways and it is a joy not using any gas or putting carbon in the air while under 47 mph or at stop lights. You can run the air while in EV mode also. So I do not feel guilty waiting on someone to come to the car while I sit with the air running! The car is very quiet and comfortable to ride in.

  • Reformed Honda Owner - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    Ive owned a Mustang, a Taurus, and 5 Hondas (Accords & a CRX). This time I chose the Mercury Milan and Im glad I did. No Honda ever had the same "substantial" sound I hear when I close the door of my new Milan. I regularly get 38 mph and I tend to accelerate a little rapidly from a complete stop. The fit and finish well exceed my last Honda (2005 Accord. The technology behind the accessories, safety options, and advanced hybrid system have no equal in Honda products. This car could be the start of a new series with Ford Motor products!

  • A Keeper - 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid
    By -

    This car is a no-compromise hybrid. We owned a Ford Fusion 6-cylinder SEL before this one, loved it, but this is even better. The hybrid powertrain is awesome -- imperceptible if you dont want to think about it (though youll notice going 600 miles on a tank!) but the Eco-Guide display helps you hypermile if you want> I got 99.9 mpg on one trip! (Okay, it was a short downhill trip, but Ive also had longer trip in the high 40s and 50s. Very well-appointed, classy car. Some friends with a BMW were drooling over it. Plan to keep this one for a good long time. I hear the batteries last more or less forever.

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