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  • So far so good - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    Very good so far

  • Apps - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    All going well with purchase, BUT tried to download the Mercedes Benz Apps that comes with the 5 year mbrace Connect. Nothing. Mercedes and mbrace say theres no current fix. Of course, you cant check this out until after you buy the car and register it with mbrace. Dealership says, not our problem, mbrace says you arent paying for it, so well fix when/if we fix it. Two months and waiting. Mercedes shouldnt advertise it if theyre not going to back it up. Otherwise, a tad stiffer than the comfort mode would lead you to believe, but quiet with nice interior. It comes with a spare tire and jack. (I hate run flats.) +Seems about 3" higher than similar SUVs. It does, however, have limiting feature for the lift gate if youre parking it in a garage to prevent scraping from the overhead The Premium 1 package has the basics you need. Suggest the Parking Assist package just because having the surround view is a hoot.

  • Five stars for this outstanding machine - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    This car is nothing but class. Previously I owned an ML 350 2012, and this one is more superior. While the Mercedes ride is as smooth as ever, the navigation system is much easier to work with and the 360° Camera for backing upis wonderful. The interior of the car is soft very I appealing to the eye and has very nice ambience lighting. Acceleration is terrific as is the sound system. Five stars for sure. Pricey, but worth every penny.

  • What a disappointment!!! - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    For $136K with tax and license I expected something better. Opinions vary on looks, but I think it is a great, impressive looking car. It is fast, quiet, and feels very solid and comfortable on the road. The airmatic suspension is wonderful in leveling out the ride even in turns. The upgraded B&O stereo is amazing. Its failings are many. I cannot get the seat comfortable. The problem for me is where my legs leave the front edge of the seat. There is no thigh support extension on the AMG GLE 63 Coupe. I have the multicontour seats. You can adjust the side bolsters and front edge. Like blowing up air bags. The side bolsters will hold you nice and firm. The front edge of the seat with the air cushion is just plain uncomfortable. Like sleeping on a blowup air mattress. It is hard at any inflation level. Really, really annoying to me. The navigation system is totally worthless. I dont even want to detail all the problems with it. From laboriously putting in an address to a voice control that functions only with exact addresses, if it understands you at all, and I mean exact. If you manage to get your destination in, navigation can be a problem as well as it tells me to turn when I am in the middle of making the turn, not beforehand. Thankfully Android Auto with Google navigation functions great on the car, but then you have to plug your phone in and out everytime you come and go. An annoyance. I am thinking of getting a cell phone just to leave hooked up to the car. All the safety electronic stuff is worthless. The Active Blind Spot Assist and the Lane Keeping Assist work only at certain speeds and with specific road conditions and markings. So it is totally unreliable. The Stop and Go cruise control is also problematic and not the convenience it is advertised to be. Even the Eco engine feature only works under certain conditions. If too many electronics are on, it wont work as to not drain the battery. Too many electronics as in AC, stereo, and ventilated seats!!! So this car excels as a Sport SUV car, but really, really fails as a luxury coupe. I would not buy another one, and I find the seat so uncomfortable, I am considering taking the loss and trading it in for some other car.

  • Most comfortable ride Ive ever had - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    I drive about 20,000 miles a year for work, so I needed something that would be comfortable and also safe, and the GLE 350 is both! Not to mention stylish and sporty, its the total package.

  • Awesome Vehicle!!! - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    This replaced a BMW 328i as my daily driver. I needed/wanted a larger vehicle for highway driving as well as more storage and space. I am shocked at how well this drives and how sporty it is when in Sport or Sport+ mode. I find it quicker than the BMW and nearly as capable in the curves. It is unquestionably heavier and it is not a true sports car but the driving experience and sportiness are far exceeding my expectation. I love the semi-autonomous driving features for long stretches on the highway. This is an incredibly versatile vehicle.

  • Worst Car I Owned - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    This is the worst car I drove in 40 years. At first, when I drove it with the dealer sales rep, I was impressed of the technology, i.e., navigation, Attention Assist, Lane Assist, etc. Perhaps, the salesman was very convincing that I did not pay attention to other important factors I have to consider before closing the deal. It was too late for me to realize that the car I got did not have a spare tire, but instead a run-flat tire. The run-flat tire is a small tire compared to a spare tire. This means that if I got a flat tire and used the run-flat tire, I cannot drive normally as the tires will not be balanced and I will be prone to accident if I travel for a long distance. And in case I got accident because of this run-flat tire, I will file a lawsuit for a manufacturers defects. This GLE 350 was manufactured without taking into consideration that a car should always be DRIVEN WITH ALL FOUR TIRES OF SAME SIZE AT ALL TIMES.

  • So Far Very Very Good - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    This is my first "luxury" car. So far it definitely fits. Mindful about a couple of reviews slightly downgrading this cars roadholding capabiliy, I got the Night pkg option which includes the 20 inch sports tires. It grips/handles just fine around all the many curves Ive gone around. It steers & shifts like a dream. The ride at all speeds with the 20 inch tires is not overly soft or firm, about right for me. Comfort inside is outstanding, most notably for 238 lb me the front seat. Quality of workmanship is the highest. Except for some tire sound, noise inside is virtually non- existent. Exterior & interior styling with the polar white paint & black Night pkg & black anthracite interior trim is fully satisfying. My only quibble so far is the transmission shifting, a stalk on the steering column which takes concentrated effort to get used to - most especially you must remember to push the little button into Park before you exit the car, or it will automatically shift into neutral & possibly start moving! Ive got the hang of it now. Being an older geezer, Im also on a learning curve re the Nav, Media, etc procedures. In sum - truly so far very very good.

  • Above all else - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    I buy a new car just about since a year, have had everything from bottom of line models like Ford all the way to the top of the line Mercedes. When this model came out I had to have one and not a disappointment. I had a 2015 ML 350 for about a year (only because I missed having remote start) until I traded it for a 2016 Escalade, huge disappointment and couldnt wait to get into another Mercedes. This vehicle is a dream, you get power, comfort, space, and true luxury all wrapped up in the perfect size sport SUV. I would recommend this (or any Benz) to anyone looking to buying a new car.

  • Luxury suv with goods, bads and uglys - 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class
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    I rent the base model when the car rental ran out of cars and gave us an impassible upgrade deal. Car looks great as I caught many glances from passerby like am a rich guy, funny it was when people judge me by the look, oh well!!! Here is the good, bad and the ugly. Good: look, very quiet, feel slow like 55 mph but actually fly at 85, parking assist with great view even in low light, great interior and fitting, really cold a/c, big trunk area, good space 2nd row. Bad: slow acceleration, only use super unleaded at least 91 octane, gas guzzler when use cruise control, no 3rd row, keeps asking me to rest with night driving almost every hour. And the UGLY are: rain activated wipers that wipe like I dance on hot charcoals with no option to control its rate (make visibility nil and very dangerous; better with slower swing so I can still see in between the beats; too fast and the water cant drain off the windshield); next is the rotating selector and the little screen that I can use my finger to write, instead I wanted to give it a finger; an absolutely waste of time, unless Benz replaces it with touch screen than I will call it AWESOMENESS, not yet Benz. The next troll is the seat design. Worse than an "economy" car. Not only my butt but all passengers ended up with butt bruises, well that is a little exacerbated but it was a "pain in the butt". The seats are tooo firm, Benz, unless Germans was spanked so much when little that they have better tolerance. And lumbar support for front seats are bad that I had to snug a small blanket there. Ok, I rant much now so need a break. Until next time...

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