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  • Eastern NC - 2002 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Looks great, lot of compliments, most controls within easy reach. Cannot see under visor when in down position. Recommend extended cab for taller drivers. Difficult for entry/exit for shorter operators. Great mileage for truck - 23 - 25 average.

  • No fun to drive, but seems tough enough. - 2003 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Decent ride, uncomfortable seating if you are over 62", Crummy Mileage (17 HWY), Plenty of power from the 4.0L but shaky idle, 88 MPH speed limiter (dyno proven) (Mazda will only acknowledge this AFTER you buy the truck), 3,000lb max trailer weight with the 4.0L and 5 speed (read: weak clutch), A/C clutch engagement feels like youve been rear ended, Good cruise control, Gas guage is horribly inaccurate...

  • Great little truck - 2003 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Looks nice, runs great. Comfy ride; definitely "trucky," but not bouncy or harsh. Good legroom for tall people. Handles nicely in any situation. Good winter driving. Love the power of the 4- liter V6. Ive towed pretty close to 3000 pounds up the Columbia Gorge, and it shows no signs of strain; spooling up from 50 to 75 passing a slow semi uphill? No problem, not even with a fully loaded trailer.

  • Hereditary transmission problems - 2002 Mazda Truck
    By -

    The vehicle was a delight to take in the rough, even though it was two-wheel drive, I could take it anywhere. It had a good ground clearance, and low rev torque. Its downside is its transmission. The Ranger series has always had problems with the transmission and when I bought this Mazda I thought they had cleared that problem. Not so. After 7K miles, it began to have trouble shifting in and out of second. It got to the point that I had to skip the gear. After the replacement if immediately took care of second but fourth was now the troublemaker.

  • wont buy another - 2002 Mazda Truck
    By -

    great vehicle if it wasnt in the shop all the time. Entire clutch system replaced, transmission and computer problems. This truck is great when it runs, inside and out. Has plenty of power, gas mileage is terrible (14 city). This is my fourth since 1994 and I will not buy another. Two were good and two were bad. 50% is not very good

  • Best in class! - 2003 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Better options/trim/dealer better than Ford. The Frontier is cheesy while the Tacoma & S10 are getting really old. The B2300/5 speed will leave the B3000/auto in the dust. It cruises at 80 up mountain passes easily. Great mileage--about 25 city/30 hwy. The B2300 is a bargain. Its quiet & comfortable, the interior is similar to a $30k Explorer and it pulls strongly to nearly 6000rpm yet loafs along at about 3000rpm at 80mph. ItÂ’s a great light duty truck! The guy complaining about the A/C must not have driven many 4 cylinders with A/C or something is wrong with his. You can tell when the AC cycles but its not obvious.

  • First impressions - 2003 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Bought this truck on New Years Day. First new car and all I could get approved for ($8900). Dealership service was below average. As for the truck, it is as bare bones as you can get. I highly recommend you pass up on this unless you are in bad financial shape. The truck is too small and underpowered for any serious utility usage.

  • Good Truck without Personality - 2002 Mazda Truck
    By -

    I purchased this truck new, trading in a 2000 GMC Sierra. I got a lot of truck for the money. The truck has been reliable except for odometer failure (warranty) and EGR flow sensor. The 4.0L engine and 5-speed auto transmission are a fine drivetrain. The main problem is that this truck just has no personality to distinguish it from the crowd. The tin-can sound of the doors closing doesnt help. I recently installed a Magnaflow catback exhaust which has given the truck a distinctive sound.

  • good truck - 2002 Mazda Truck
    By -

    I bought this used with little mileage on it. Got a great deal. So far, so good. It runs smooth and the mpg is acceptable. AC is great. I live where it gets very hot, so that is important. For the price, its great.

  • B2300 extended cab - 2003 Mazda Truck
    By -

    Bought it for the gas mileage,got what I expected. Not much on power, drives and rides smooth. Not had any mechanical problems so far.

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