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As one of the newer subcompact models to enter the market, the Mazda 2 four-door hatchback is an effort to capitalize on two intersecting developments. First is the increasing importance of fuel economy to both automakers and car buyers. The second is a new sense of frugality in America, which expresses the idea that it's foolish to drive around in far more car than you actually need.

The Mazda 2 addresses both of these realities head-on and throws in a bit of sportiness for good measure. But the subcompact segment has become very competitive lately, with rivals offering more passenger and cargo space along with the availability of more luxury features and performance. If you're looking for an inexpensive set of wheels that'll get you where you need to go without being a complete snooze to drive, the Mazda 2 is worth a look. But overall, a competing model from Chevrolet, Honda or Kia will likely be a better choice.

Current Mazda 2
The Mazda 2 is a subcompact four-door hatchback powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 100 horsepower and 98 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, while a four-speed automatic is an option.

The Mazda 2 is offered in two trims. The entry-level Sport comes with keyless entry, air-conditioning, full power accessories and a four-speaker CD/MP3 stereo with USB and auxiliary audio jacks. Stepping up to the Touring gets you more goodies such as alloy wheels, foglights, a leather-wrapped wheel, cruise control and a six-speaker stereo.

From a design perspective, the Mazda 2's cabin is modern but simple, with no elements to fawn over or bemoan. Hard plastics are plentiful, but that is to be expected. The front seats are relatively comfortable and offer enough room for taller adults, though the lack of a telescoping steering wheel is a notable omission. Also disappointing are the rear seats, which are unsupportive and cramped. With those rear seats in place, cargo capacity is 13.3 cubic feet, which is small for a hatchback. With the 60/40-split seats folded (they don't fold completely flat), that figure goes up to a still small 27.8 cubes.

In Edmunds testing, we found the Mazda 2's 100-hp four-cylinder engine left the car feeling underpowered, especially when paired with the four-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, the small engine only offers average fuel economy numbers for the class. However, with the five-speed manual gearbox, the car's precise steering and its well-tuned suspension deliver both nimble handling and decent ride quality, which makes up somewhat for the engine's shortcomings.

Used Mazda 2 Models
The Mazda 2 debuted for 2011. It hasn't changed mechanically since its introduction, but optional equipment has been updated a bit. Prior to 2014, Bluetooth and navigation were not available, even on the higher trim levels. The 2011 and '12 cars also lacked a USB input for the sound system (they only had an auxiliary input).

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  • Very Fun to Drive but Needs More Power and Comfort - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    The Mazda2 is a lot of fun to drive, it handles well and gets excellent gas mileage. I regularly get over the stated 35 MPG highway, getting around 37 MPG average. Hills can be a bit of a problem, as this car doesnt have a very big engine. I can make it through the mountains fine, but its necessary to downshift considerably to speed up on hills. The car is comfortable for short trips, but for long trips, can get uncomfortable. There is no lumbar support or center armrest, which can be uncomfortable for longer rides. However, for a small car, it feels big inside and has excellent visibility.

  • 2011 Mazda2 ZOOM! - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I LOVE my new 2011 Spirit Green Mazda 2 Touring 5-speed! As a 50+ professional female who was considering the purchase of a Lexus Sedan, I shocked myself by buying the Mazda 2 after I saw one zoom by earlier this month. For me it is somewhat nostalgic as I remember in high school and college driving a hand me down 72 Subaru, a 70 something Ford Fiesta and 79 Mazda 323. I have be a Toyota driver for years: 2 4Runners, 2 Rav4s, and 2 Tundras. My 2007 Toyota Tundra Limited hasnt moved from the driveway since I purchased the Mazda 2! I love cranking up the stereo even though I mostly listen to classical, driving the The Mazda 2 rocks!

  • Great Little Car - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I had been looking at the Mazda2 well before it arrived in the states. Shortly after it arrived, the Chevy Sonic and Kia Rio5 also arrived. After checking out all three vehicles, the Mazda2 blew the competition out of the water. It may not have the biggest engine or most features, but it is most definitely the most fun to drive. While many reviews I read commented on the Mazda2s lack of power, I find it to be more than adequate. I love the driving experience provided by Mazda and am especially pleased to be averaging 30mpg (compared to the 20mpg I got in my old vehicle) and not having to spend nearly as much on gas. It really is a great little car that is definitely worth checking out.

  • Awesome little car! - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I recently purchased this car and enjoy its quick and responsive handling. For a 100 hp, this little car can move. I could not disagree with edmunds assessment of this car more. I drove the Fiesta and was a little disappointed. Plus, while the Fit is a nice car with more storage, the drive is not a pleasant and its styling is less attractive to me.

  • Great little car - 2012 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I traded in a 2008 chevy equinox rthis car is an engineering masterpiece the chevy was crap had a chinese engione used a qt of oil between changes this car uses no oil is quiet solid when you have fooor on brake shift in to D or R no clunk like an american cars engine is quiet everything works perfect thee onloy complaint i thin k it need s a bigger engine 1.8 more power if yiou step on hgas too hard it downshifts easily mikleage is good overall 28 have gotten 42 on highway going 65. The mazdas are 96 percdnt made in japan nthey are well made like toyotas in the early 90s .

  • A true Zoom-Zoom - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    Purchased a M2 just in sept of 2011. I love the handling on the car and yes it may be a bit short on power aka 2 least powered car sold in US market but its light weight and amazing handling makes this the perfect city zipping car. I went with the sport because the touring is a waste of money. you get "extra" stuff you dont really need, plus for those that want to autocross the sport weights less. Id rather add my own aftermarket gear and tuning. such as adding a in dash nav, if you have the touring version adding a in dash nav will make most of your wheel control features useless. lastly, this is a great car for easy upgrading and aftermarket work.

  • Excellent Commuter - Fun and Economical - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I commute about 100 miles per day. I was looking for an economical yet fun car. I decided on the Mazda 2 w/5sp based on reviews, and past experience with Mazda products. This car is comfortable, is responsive and economical. My commute is 60% highway, 40% local and I have been averaging 38-40mpg. I cant recommend it enough.

  • The Mazda2 is for the car enthusiast of the "B" segment. - 2013 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I have two types of cars: The sports car I love and the work car I need. It was time for me to replace my need car. so I wanted, cheep, easy to maintain, great mpg, and it had to be A STICK! I looked at the Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai accent, Chevy Sonic, and the Honda fit. Let make it REAL easy for you since I drove them all. If you need cargo hauling-- go with the Honda fit. If you want to be under the radar and the best warranty-- go with the Hyundai Accent. If you need bells and whistles- Go with the Ford Fiesta. If you need a compromise of the previous three --- Go with the Chevy Sonic. But if you like a car that acts & feels like a sports car--- Mazda2 hands down!

  • Loved it; hate it now - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    I bought my 2011 Mazda 2 new back in November 2010 and initially wrote a glowing review about fun it is drive. Well, its fun...when its not in the shop. Once I hit 15k Ive had nothing but problems specially with the brakes. The dealer tells me they are safe and that they squeak because of the brake pad composition but why didnt they squeak for the first year? Squeaks at low and high speeds and is embarrassing. I also has to flush the transmission at 20k because the fluid it comes with is cheap junk. At 22,300 miles Im trading for a Honda Fit this weekend. No more mazdas for this buyer. Dont buy this car; save your money, take on a bigger payment and get a car with a better warranty.

  • Why cant they sell more of these? - 2011 Mazda Mazda2
    By -

    In the U.S., the 2 must be one of the great automotive secrets. Since buying mine more than a month ago, Ive seen all of one other on the road, and I live in a metro area where subcompacts are common. Its such a great, satisfying car at a low price that its hard to understand why Mazda dealerships cant seem to give them away. The 2 may seem to be just a cheap economy car for those on budget, but I beg to differ. As a fan of Euro-style small, quick hatches (last car was a Ford SVT Focus), I had to give the 2 a try. Its amazingly fun to drive. Its not fast in a straight line, but its quick enough. And the features, fuel mileage, and practicality make it a great all-arounder.

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