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Italian sports-car excitement doesn't have to come at super-steep prices. Maserati has made a name for itself as a maker of lust-worthy exotics that, though costly, are bargains relative to their stratospherically priced competition. Maserati cars currently come in a number of configurations that range from an open sports car to a spacious luxury sport sedan.

The company was founded in 1914 by six Maserati brothers: Carlo, Bindo, Alfieri, Mario, Ettore and Ernesto. Based in Bologna, Italy, the brothers were racing enthusiasts and planned to craft racecars for private use. Mario, an artist, was believed to have based the company's trident emblem on a statue of the mythological god Neptune found in a Bologna square.

Throughout the '20s and '30s, the Maserati brothers scored many wins around the globe in their custom-built racecars. In 1937, the surviving brothers sold their stake in the company to the Orsi family, who moved the company's headquarters to Modena. A couple of years later, one of the automaker's cars won the prestigious Indianapolis 500.

Postwar, Maserati continued to rack up impressive racing victories with cars like the famous Tipo 60 and 61 "Birdcage" models. The company didn't start building road cars until the A6 coupe, which was made from 1947-'57. With only 138 cars produced in that long span, most of Maserati's money came from its other products: spark plugs and car batteries. The Maserati 3500 GT, fitted with a double-overhead-cam inline six, debuted in the mid-1950s.

By the 1960s, the automaker had shifted its focus from racecars to road cars. The company rolled out sexy models like the Mistral Coupe and the Sebring. But it wasn't until 1966, with the introduction of the sleek Giugiaro-styled Ghibli, that Maserati fielded a truly powerful (330-horsepower V8) and sexy Italian sports car. In 1968, the marque was purchased by Citroën.

Throughout the 1970s, Maserati made the most of its partnership with Citroën, using some of that company's suspension and steering components in Maserati cars such as the V8 Bora and V6 Merak models. The decade's fuel crisis took its toll, though, wreaking havoc and killing demand for the sort of gas-guzzling sports cars that were Maserati's specialty. Citroën was driven into bankruptcy and Maserati was placed in liquidation. In 1975, the company was purchased by Alejandro de Tomaso, an Argentinean who had a previous life as a successful racecar driver. He quickly rolled out a new model, the Quattroporte III, a four-door luxury sedan.

The 1980s were an especially dark time for Maserati. Its main model for the U.S. market, the Biturbo, was bland and notoriously unreliable. In 1991, the company stopped importing cars into the U.S. Fiat bought Maserati in 1993 and variants of the Biturbo continued to be produced until the factory closed in 1997 for a total refurbishing. During this time, Ferrari bought 50 percent of Maserati and went on to acquire full control of the marque.

After the factory's rebirth, Maserati started production of a pair of world-class cars, the two-seat Spyder roadster and the four-seat Coupe. With powerful V8 engines, the availability of an F1-style gearbox, styling by Giugiaro and vastly improved build quality, the new Maserati cars were introduced to the U.S. market for 2002 and restored prestige to the Italian sports car company.

In 2005, Maserati was split from Ferrari but remained within the Fiat fold. That year also saw the reintroduction of the Quattroporte luxury sport sedan, which was followed a few years later by the voluptuous GranTurismo coupe and convertible. Today's Maseratis may lack the ultimate brand recognition of the marque's main rivals, but they hold the advantage of being considerably more affordable while still offering sexy Italian styling and impressive performance.

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  • 2005 Gransport - 2005 Maserati Gransport
    By -

    I’ve had my car awhile now, and it has genuinely surprised me how positive the reaction is from all ages of onlookers at the petrol station and at the lights. Seems to bring a smile to everyones day that sees it. Driving it is great, learn how to use the CC box and on the move it is great and in traffic it is ok at worst. Reliability has been good with just normal consumables needed. The engine is a masterpiece and every trip is an event, even popping to the shops for the paper in the morning!

  • Maserati Ghibili S Q4; Its That Car You Will Love - 2015 Maserati Ghibli
    By -

    The new Maserati Ghibili S Q4 will have you taking rides that you normally would not take. It is Q4 quick, handling is fantastic and the interior is plain but elegant. Many will notice this is not the typical everyday Mercedes that are all too common. Many will notice this the Ghibili is packing some power simply at start-up. Many will also like to go for a ride. I really like the trunk space! The lines are unequivocally unmatched with a simply beautiful paint job that was meant to last. The wheels are sweet and the stagger is perfect. Now, for the just ok. The stereo needs aftermarket help and the gas mileage is not that great. Anyhow, go drive one and get to know it! The Maserati Ghibili and I think you will find that it really is a car that you will love.

  • Mama Mia! - 2005 Maserati Gransport
    By -

    Both the performance and the craftmanship of the 2005 Maserati GranSport Coupe reflect the passion of the people that make and own this vehicle. I have owned many BMWs and Porsches but none compare to this beautiful machine.

  • Amazing - 2002 Maserati Spyder
    By -

    A great piece of automotive engineering.

  • poorly manufactured - 2006 Maserati Quattroporte
    By -

    i bought this car in 2010 it was used. Im more disappointed in the quality of the equipment. in the same year i was driving from VA to NJ my car broke down halfway there- air condition pump went bad with only 17,000 miles on it. Also I felt a hesitation in cruise control when i was going downhill so I took it to the dealership. They said I had a bad clutch at 17,000 miles also. I am 100% Italian, born in Italy, I am ashamed to say this is an Italian made car. Its already cost me 3,900 for the compressor for the air condition and its going to cost me another $5900 to replace the clutch. I cant believe that 140,000 car has this kind of equipment in it.

  • My Favorite Car Ever - 2014 Maserati Ghibli
    By -

    Weve had our Ghibli for over seven months now and absolutely love it! It is everything we expected and more. There has not been a single second weve regretted the purchase. This car is just what we wanted - very sexy inside & out, very fast (easy to hit 100 without knowing it!), and very comfortable. The shape excites my eye, the leather smell excites my nose, and the sound excites my ears. It is a joy to walk out to this car each day.

  • Class with Flash - 2005 Maserati Quattroporte
    By -

    This car gives you the feel of the powerful muscle car going thru the gears, but has the luxury features never imagined available with this type automobile. I have yet to take the car out and not get a double take or the typical shout "What kind of car is that" The performance and features of the car live up to the impact of the look.

  • Terrific GT Car - 2005 Maserati Coupe
    By -

    I have never owned a car which has attracted so much favorable attention. People assume it is an Italian exotic in the same price range as Ferrari. It is more fun to drive than any car I have ever driven. Plenty fast with the great Ferrari built engine and beautifully balanced handling.

  • BEWARE! - 2008 Maserati GranTurismo
    By -

    This is a gorgeous, fast, comfortable ride that definitely turns heads. Unfortunately, its full of quirks, and electrical problems. My car has been back to dealership eight times in as many months. Navigation, proximity sensors, alarm system, seat heater have all failed or not worked properly. Dealer has been responsive, but the car may disappoint for this reason.

  • Gransport Coupe LE - 2006 Maserati Gransport
    By -

    The car is truly exhilarating to drive and is a great value considering its exclusivity and heritage. I have had the car for one month so far and the exhaust remains intoxicating. The hi-fi sound system is superb and the steering/handling characteristics are exceptional. Lastly, this F-1 manual transmission has won me over traditional clutch shifting.

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