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  • Anything less than the best is a felony - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    By far the best car in the world. why anyone would say otherwise is beyond me.

  • Italian flair meets British panache - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    The Esprit is an icon among exotic sportscars. Its limited production numbes ensure exclusivity and first rate personal support from the manafacturer. It has fantastic looks, and is now very reliable which is significant in this car class, second only to the NSX I would say. The car has superb handling which requires some getting used to as its uncluttered by electronic traction control gizmos. It can easily out perform the NSX, 911. Against the Ferrari 360 its a close affair. It is surprising comfortable on long journeys although getting in and out can be cumbersome. So for returning your videos you might want something else. Then again its worth the trip !

  • Purple lotus - 2001 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    This is my 2nd Esprit, I LOVE these cars, a blast to drive and own ... but you have to WANT to drive them. They are not for the meek or shy. Maintenance is a must but is not close to other exotic cars.

  • Lotus Love - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    Amazing car! I own an 891/2Esprit SE and it is perfect in MY opinion.

  • Alwards Car - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    CD player and xboxexterior ddesign is very nice in the back

  • Musclecar in Exotic Clothing - 2004 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    Only 33 2003.5-2004 Final Edition Lotus Esprits were made and shipped to the United States. Equipped with a turbocharged 32-valve flat-plane crankshaft V8, they start, idle and sound very much like a 60s era musclecar with a hot cam. Exhaust note is very good from a low grumble at idle to a roar under acceleration. There is almost no turbo lag, tons of torque above 2000 rpm allowing the Esprit to easily burn rubber in its first 3 gears. Steering is very, very fast and precise - plus the turning radius is exceptionally tight. Cockpit space is adequate for those under 6 feet and trunk space is surprisingly generous. Handling is outstanding, as in all Lotuses. Front spoiler seeks bumps.

  • over 3 yrs ownership - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    I have driven it daily for over 3 yrs and has been extremely reliable. I am so use to people making double takes when they see it on the road that it feels strange on the rare occasion when it does not occur. The performance is way beyond what I can explore and the exhaust note with the center exit U.S. exhaust is phenomenal and sounds only like exotic european cars can. The interior is very intimate and memorable and feels very nice once settled in. I think the exterior is one of the most beautiful, exotic shapes to date and still looks modern after all these years. I have owned Porsches and Ferraris and this is the most satisfying car yet. Dont be scared to take the plunge and get one.

  • Outdated - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    Esprits are sorely in need of a redesign. Their old design can barely keep up with cars half there price, let alone the cars in its price range.

  • Esprit V8 is a winner - 2001 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    While not a well know marque, Lotus has produced one of the top supercars in the world. Handling has been described as the greatest ever. I dont disagree. Performance is unbelievable, especially with a few reasonably priced mods. This car will glue you to your seat and handle curves at speeds previously reserved for video games. The styling is not as outrageous as otherrs, but this is a car that looks much better in person than in print. Beautiful, exotic, good fuel mileage, unbelievable performance and handling for a fair price. The only flaw is that the interior, while very well made, is that of a typical British car - small and tight.

  • A Real Review - 2002 Lotus Esprit
    By -

    In my opinion as a long-time Porsche owner I can make an honest comparison. I feel that from 1998 onwards the Esprit is a very usable and reliable car that is even more fun to drive then then nearly every Porsche, Ferrari 355, corvette and a viper. I have had nothing but pleasure without any headaches. Keep care of the Exclusive Lotus and it will keep good care of you. From reading some reviews, it is painfully obvious that the ratings are performed by individuals that have never owned any of the cars but just had an hour or so of driving.

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