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Like its successful RX 400h predecessor, the Lexus RX 450h hybrid crossover SUV allows the hedonist with an environmental conscience to have it both ways. It has enough power to press passengers back into their plush seats, yet it also flies the green flag at full mast thanks to impressive fuel mileage.

Like other Toyota/Lexus dual-mode hybrid products, the 450h can run on battery power alone during light acceleration, and the V6 gas engine shuts off at low speeds when not required. This results in truly excellent fuel economy for a midsize luxury SUV, and when added to the rest of the RX's appealing attributes, there is certainly a lot to like. However, the RX hybrid also carries a premium price that will be hard to recoup with fuel savings alone, so count this as more of a sound eco choice rather than a financial one.

Current Lexus RX 450h
The Lexus RX 450h's 3.5-liter gas V6 engine and battery-pack-driven electric motors/generators yield an impressive total output of 295 hp. All that thrust runs through a specialized continuously variable transmission (CVT), and despite its extra pounds, the hybrid RX is still plenty quick. Fuel economy estimates stand at 30 mpg combined with standard front-wheel drive, or 29 mpg combined with optional all-wheel drive.

Standard luxury features include 18-inch alloy wheels, a power liftgate, keyless ignition/entry, a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control, a Siri-based control system for iPhone users and a nine-speaker sound system with an iPod/USB interface. A Sport driving mode is also standard, which changes steering effort, throttle response and transmission shifts for a livelier drive. Options (many grouped in packages) include a blind-spot warning system, leather upholstery, heated and cooled front seats, a navigation system, a rear DVD entertainment system and a rearview camera.

The cabin boasts real wood accents as well as a sliding and reclining split rear seat to optimize passenger comfort. With the second row in use, cargo capacity is 40 cubic feet -- double that with the seat folded down. No third-row seat is available.

In reviews, we've found the Lexus RX 450h to be everything you'd expect from a Lexus. It's quiet and comfortable but rather uninspiring to drive. The powertrain is enthusiastic, though, particularly given its low emissions and stellar fuel economy. Overall, the RX 450h's relaxed demeanor and convenient wagon-style body makes it an excellent choice for those in search of a soothing, luxurious and environmentally friendly crossover SUV.

Used Lexus RX 450h Models
The RX 450h debuted for the 2010 model year. There have been only minimal changes since, the most notable ones being a different grille, the Sport drive mode and a few more standard features added for the 2013 model year. The Siri Eyes Free iPhone control became available the year after.

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  • An Ugly Duckling - 2016 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    We were going to trade in our 2010 RX-350 for 2016 model. When we first saw it we assumed that it was not finished, or was in an accident, have the Lexus designers consulted with the Mad Hatter? In our mind, Lexus always stood for understated elegance and classic lines, but no more, it is not just loud, it is plain ugly. So, we are going back to a Mercedes or perhaps will consider BMW or Audi. Sadly, good bye Lexus...

  • Very impressive vehicle - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    We are so impressed with our 450h. The handling is excellent; it glides and flies down the road. The steering is tight and the car responds with little effort. We took a trip with our two adult children and a 14 year old; the middle seat is a bit tight, but it handles full capacity comfortably for the most part. Tech features are fun and mainly intuitive. The mouse is fun and useful. Voice navigation has limits but reads well. We love the heated/cooled front seats and classy interior; love the interior lights. Dont like the park assist; it over reacts and is annoying; other downside is it tends to be a little underpowered at times, but nothing major. Overall a total winner!

  • Scoop on Mileage - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    My wife and I both drive this car, and I wanted to let people know our experience about gas mileage. My wife drives the car just like she always has driven any vehicle. She routinely averages about 25 to 26 MPG. I have found that, if I deliberately drive to maximize mileage (no jackrabbit starts, stay at 70 on the interstate, take it easy in general, but nothing extreme) I can consistently average 29 or 30 MPG. I would stress that these are AVERAGE mileage. Often people (and car ads) talk about the highway mileage as though that is the mileage. The really strong suit of these hybrids is their combined mileage. An SUV that can average 30 MPG if driven calmly is pretty impressive to me!

  • A great second generation hybrid - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    I bought the Rx450h after leasing the Rx400h, buying it off lease and giving it to our son. While the Rx400h was great, the Rx450h is a great improvement with even better mileage. The size is perfect - larger than the 400h but still small enough to be nimble in town and larger enough to feel roomy on the road. We get 28mpg+ (about 1mpg better than the Rx400h). I love the improved comfort, the ventilated/heated seats, the technology plug ins; did I say it was great throughout the last 3 snowstorms that hit Washington, DC? The technology and interior design are improvements over the the rx400h. I loved the RX400h I bought he RX450h when the 400h lease was over.

  • GAS MILEAGE - 2014 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    I see people here having concerns about gas mileage in the RXh and feel I might have some advice. I am on my second hybrid SUV from Lexus and also owned an LS. The first thing lots of people do no seem to realize is that in order to extend your gas mileage in any car, including hybrids, YOU HAVE TO KEEP THAT HEAVY FOOT OFF THE ACELERATOR! Driving faster than a maximum of 65 will diminish your mileage, also driving in hilly terrain, fast take-offs, your AC usage, incorrect tire pressure, and otherwise rough handling. In addition, you have to go into the RXs information setting and reset the gas mileage monitor (usually after a fill up), to see the true mileage. Hope this helps.

  • Loving the Lexus - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Ive been driving my RX 450H for around 4 years and love it. I spend a tremendous amount of time driving for work and wanted something nice/comfortable. We purchased the extra maintenance plan and at 125,000 miles, so far Ive done nothing but the scheduled oil/maintenance, covered under my plan. More importantly, I love driving it. I concur that milage is contingent upon driving style. I average 28 mpg even hitting 80mph with highway driving, by avoiding quick acceleration and taking my foot off the accelerator when I know Im braking soon. My only frustration is the USB port location is inconvenient which theyve changed in newer models. I leave the connector plugged in so rarely have to access it the port. My Lexus dealership couldnt be more accommodating during maintenance, with a loaner if reserved beforehand, shuttles to the mall across the street if desired, and a nice set up at the dealership where I can work or watch TV in designated lounges. (Johnson Lexus, Raleigh NC) I highly recommend this car and wouldnt hesitate to buy another lexus after this experience.

  • Not so quiet ride! - 2016 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Great luxury interiors Not enough sound suppression for road noise in cabin despite $55K plus price ticket Exterior front way too exaggerated design robs class to the vehicle

  • Surprised at low resale - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    We have taken very good care of our 2010 Lexus RX450H the past 3 years (second owner). Low miles, no accidents, garaged....ect. We have been looking at the value of our 450H on Edmunds and Kellys.....shock that we are already under loan value. And we put down several thousand at purchase to cover the gap. Very disappointed. And this Hybrid never met its promised mpgs either.

  • Lexus Lemon Car - 2010 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    I bought the 2010 RX 450h after having a 2002 GS 300 that served me greatly for 7 years. However, the RX stranded me in the middle of a busy intersection after 1 month and 2000 miles. This car has given me nothing but problems since I bought it and it has been in the shop 20 days of the 50 days that I have owned it. Lexus does not build the quality cars it used to. I would not recommend buying this car. You will regret it!

  • Sport seats are miserable if you are 38" waist - 2016 Lexus RX 450h
    By -

    Love the car. Hate the front seats. The bolster on either side is rigid and relatively high (pointed) compared to other bolsters so a big person sits "ON" the bolster instead of between the bolster. These high rigid bolsters press against the sciatic nerve making it very uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. Small people dont seem to have a problem. There is no way around it, even with cushions that ultimately defeat the value of the AC/Heated seats. Lexus customer (no) service told me if they have enough comments they will consider a design change in future vehicles but as for now, nothing they can/will do.

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