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Producing a car that purports to be all things to all drivers is often fraught with peril. Inevitably, compromises must be made, as is the case when attempting to combine off-road ruggedness with luxury. Land Rover, however, has managed to develop a reasonable blend of the two with its Land Rover LR4.

In fact, the degree to which this midsize luxury SUV integrates both urban sophistication and serious off-road capability is nothing short of remarkable. On the style front, the Land Rover LR4 offers a ruggedly handsome exterior and an interior filled with upscale bells and whistles and high-quality materials. While this deluxe truck has its downsides -- dismal fuel economy, for instance -- this is one of only a handful of vehicles that seems every bit as much at home pulling into the valet stand at some swanky bistro as it does exploring all those blank spots on the map.

Current Land Rover LR4
The Land Rover LR4 is a midsize sport-utility vehicle that's offered in a single well-equipped trim level. Five seats are standard, but a roomy pair of third-row seats is optional. Power comes from a 5.0-liter V8 that cranks out 375 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission and full-time four-wheel drive round out the powertrain details. Unfortunately, EPA fuel economy estimates are well below most of its competitors.

Given its price that undercuts that of many other large luxury SUVs, the LR4 refreshingly includes a wealth of standard features, rear parking sensors, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, front and rear sunroofs (the rear is fixed) and Bluetooth. Stand-alone options include a locking rear differential, a rear seat DVD entertainment system and a multiple-camera system that provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle. There are also several options packages, which add items like xenon headlights, a rearview camera, a heated steering wheel, heated seats (first and second rows), a navigation system and a premium audio system.

While the Land Rover LR4's interior doesn't quite swaddle passengers in silky grades of premium leather like the high-buck Range Rover, it's still one of the nicest cabins in its class. The seats, steering wheel, dash and console use high-quality materials that feel rich to the touch. Stadium-style rear seating provides ample room in all three rows, while large side windows and a fixed rear sunroof contribute to the cabin's expansive feel. Raising and lowering the third-row seat can be a bit of a struggle, but doing so helps free up a maximum of 90 cubic feet of cargo space, which is quite cavernous.

Despite the LR4's upscale cabin, it has a no-nonsense side when you come to where the pavement ends. At the heart of this capability is Land Rover's Terrain Response system that allows you to select the type of conditions you want to tackle (mud, rocks, snow, sand, on-road) and lets the LR4 automatically dial in the optimal suspension and powertrain settings.

Back on the pavement, the LR4 performs admirably for such a hefty vehicle, with the V8 and six-speed automatic delivering ample acceleration. Precise, nicely weighted steering makes the LR4 feel more agile than you'd expect, but it should come as no surprise that its weight and tall profile make it feel a bit lumbering compared to many other large crossovers. The suspension is very well-tuned in terms of ride quality, however.

Used Land Rover LR4 Models
The Land Rover LR4 was introduced for the 2010 model year and has undergone only minor changes since.

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  • It would be great if it worked - 2015 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    "This is my second brand new LR4 in the last 3 months. The first had multiple mechanical issues and I was given a replacement. Now my most recent LR4 Lux was also in the shop after less than ONE WEEK! I have now seen suspension issues, transmission issues, fuel pump issues and engine issues all within two brand new 2015 trucks and in a period of three months. I love the design, the features and the ride but I could really just use a car that works."

  • Fantastic powerful ride - 2011 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    Been driving my LR4 Lux for 2 weeks, nothing but good things to say, powerful, luxurious interior, easy hands free. Lowering of vehicle 2" is great for my 2 young kids to get in and out, they love the ambient lights in the doors! Drove a 06 RR sport, this vehicle is better appointed more powerful and cost $15k less! I use this vehicle for work. hauling virtually everything and anything, slick back seats. iPod cord transfers everything to the display easy to use. Cameras are a little over kill but have come in handy parking tight to curbs!

  • Buy a Lexus - 2011 Land Rover LR4
    By -

  • Issues - 2010 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    My wife and I bought our LR4 used with 44k miles on it. We have had it right at a month and it has been in the shop for three of those weeks with various issues. Brakes (we read the reviews and know that they are an issue already) oil dripping from under the engine, and the air suspension gave out on us on a road trip. When we took it to the our local dealership LR Austin, they told us that the brakes were after market that there was nothing they could do. We got them looked at elsewhere and they were in fact OEM and the exact ones the dealer installs. They told us the oil leak could not be found (even when there are drops of oil in out garage) and the suspension went out, can find prob?Junk

  • Its a head turner - 2010 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    I am proud to say I have an LR4. The car is chock full of options and amenities that make it feel like it should be much more expensive. I test drove the Mercedes ML350 at about the same sticker price and it lacked several of the options and features of the LR4. Very happy with my decision and would highly recommend to anyone. Reliability was the only question in my mind, but the thing feels solid when you drive it. While I probably will never take my LR4 off-roading, its nice to know that no matter the situation, Ill likely be able to get out. Get to your nearest dealership and test drive one.

  • A British tank with same fuel mileage - 2010 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    Had it for about 6 months, driven about 5000 miles. Drove it over two curvy mountain roads during a blizzard with no problem. Had to take it in twice. First time was for a vibrating noise during acceleration coming from the dash. Dealer said it was a loose wiper motor. Second time was for a tire pressure monitoring system failure (which cleared itself b4 getting to dlr) and for a "software update" which land rover insisted was not a recall in their letter. There seems to be some build quality issues. Hopefully they dont turn into long- term reliability issues. Vehicle is very stately looking. You dont see one everywhere like my old Ford Explorer. Wife loves it. Happy wife, happy life.

  • 1st time LR buyer - 2011 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    Bought the LR4 LUX (new) over the BMW X-5 turbo and Volvo XC90 V8; Mercedes was +$12,000 for similar engine/options. An absolute pleasure to drive. Plenty of power for all 7,000 pounds. An absolute delight on the freeway. Excellent visibility from drivers seat. A few electrical/communication issues, but dealer has been there to support us all the way. 19,000 miles and counting.

  • Awesome - 2010 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    I LOVE this truck. ordered an Alaska white with ebony interior LUX package. other than the fact that the gas mileage stinks, i am completely in love with it.

  • On Going Electrical Issues - 2011 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    We purchased the LR4 LUX with every option that Land Rover offered. Total price was around $65,000. The vehicle was great for the first couple months but then we noticed the rear fog lights would not work. We took the car back to the dealership, by that time the lights worked again. (very strange) The electrical issues went up to the windows, the steering wheel buttons then the car just wouldnt start. It was towed numerous times back to the dealership but they could never find the problem. The vehicle was just taken back under the lemon law. Land Rover agreed to place us into a new vehicle but were still not sure about it??

  • Leaked oil in first month - 2014 Land Rover LR4
    By -

    I bought a new Discovery in December 2014. In January, it started leaking oil. We took it back to LandRover and they needed 3 weeks to fix the engine, a major component of the engine had to be replaced. I really do not want the car back--it was obvious that it had significant defects when it left the factory. I asked LandRover to replace the car but so far they have refused and have not offered any other compensation for the fact that they sold me a defective car and all the hassle, grief and inconvenience associated with the whole mess. Obviously, if I had any idea this would happen, I would not have purchased a LandRover. Buyer beware.

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