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The Jaguar F-Type is the British automaker's first new sports car design in half a century, and the heir apparent to the iconic E-Type (a.k.a. the XK-E in the United States). While the new F-Type convertible and coupe bears little resemblance to the E-Type, it does its legendary predecessor proud with an impressive mix of distinctive styling, sharp handling and rousing acceleration.

While Jaguar's stable is still full of luxury sedans and larger two-door grand touring convertibles and coupes, make no mistake: The Jaguar F-Type is a real-deal sports car.

Current Jaguar F-Type Specs
The Jaguar F-Type seats two people in its available convertible and coupe body styles.

The entry-level F-Type comes standard with 18-inch wheels, xenon headlights, leather and faux-suede upholstery, a navigation system and a 10-speaker sound system. The midrange S model adds a more powerful version of the base model's V6, an active exhaust system, 19-inch wheels, an adaptive suspension system, a limited-slip differential, keyless ignition and entry and steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles.

Besides the V8 engine, the convertible-only F-Type V8 S variant gets 20-inch wheels, an adaptive electronically controlled differential, rear parking sensors, auto-dimming outside mirrors, dual-zone automatic climate control, full leather upholstery and 12-way power seats. Major options include upgraded brakes, adaptive headlights, sport seats, upgraded leather trim and a premium 14-speaker Meridian sound system. The coupe-only F-Type R is similarly equipped, but gets even more power. 

The base Jaguar F-Type gets a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that produces 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. The S model comes with a tweaked version of this same engine that boosts output to 380 hp and 339 lb-ft. The V8 S is fitted with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that cranks out an impressive 495 hp and 460 lb-ft, while the F-Type R's version of the same engine produces a prodigious 550 hp and 502 lb-ft. All engines send power to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

To get into the cockpit, simply touch the appropriate spot on the F-Type's bodywork and hidden door handles pop out to greet you. While the interior is as handsome as the car's muscular exterior, the cabin is trimmed in understated aluminum instead of the genuine wood found in other Jaguar models. Materials and craftsmanship are top-notch, and there are neat touches like the air vents that pop up out of the center of the dash only when needed. There's a large centrally mounted touchscreen for the audio and navigation systems, and straightforward knobs and switches for the climate controls. Although the Jaguar F-Type is a two-seater, the cockpit offers a good amount of room, with a low-slung seating position that's enhanced by the optional sport seats.

The convertible's lined soft top folds down at the touch of a button in about 12 seconds to create its own tonneau cover. Compared to some competing convertibles fitted with retractable hardtops, the F-Type's soft top saves weight and doesn't eat into the trunk when lowered. Unfortunately, that trunk is even less useful than its 7.1-cubic-feet figure would indicate. The coupe is far superior in this regard, as you'll be far more likely to fit a long weekend's worth of luggage (or even golf bags) under its elongated hatchback.

On the road, the Jaguar F-Type has impressed us with its excellent handling, especially on models equipped with the adaptive suspension. The ride quality is on the firm side, but not so much that it's likely to put off most sports car buyers. While hard-core driving enthusiasts will decry the lack of a manual transmission, the eight-speed automatic offers quick shifts. Acceleration is brisk, too, with quick throttle response that rockets you to 60 mph in short order. Jaguar estimates that even the base F-Type convertible will hit 60 in 5.1 seconds, while the V8 S in Edmunds' own testing did it in 3.9. The uproarious F-Type R coupe should be quicker still. An active exhaust system on upper trims opens up under hard acceleration, creating a ripping exhaust note that makes driving the car hard just that much more fun.

User Reviews:

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  • Short Term Review - 2015 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    I traded my XKRS in for the F Type R Coupe. What a difference in feel and performance. The XKRS has the same motor, same HP and torque but feels so much different. The XKRS you have to drive very carefully or else you will find yourself pointing in the wrong direction. The R Coupe coaxes you in to throwing it around. It feels solid and connected, sure footed and playful. Everything the XKRS was not. Well done Jaguar!

  • 10+ Months/11k+ Miles Later... - 2016 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    Still in love and yes, extremely fun to drive! Just tinted the windows so it looks bad a** on white. Ill summarize the good and bad Ive experienced so far. Pros: According to trip computer averaging a whopping 25.5 mpg in mixed city/hwy driving. Beautiful interior design and aesthetic layout of controls. My first Jag and everything was very intuitive and easy to learn. Very quick and super smooth gear shifts whether in automatic or using manual paddle shifters. Dynamic mode turns this from a civilized luxury sport car to a hilariously fun roaring "beast". Trunk space able to fit all road trip essentials including full size cooler and more. Once you find a good fit the sport seats provide excellent support and fits like a glove. Lovely safety features of the Vision Pack (e.g. blind spot monitor, rear camera, front and rear parking sensors, rear cross-traffic warning, etc.). Security knowing its covered by Jaguars "Best in Class" 5 yr./60k mi. warranty, scheduled service, and roadside assist. Exceptional VIP customer service from the dealership. Cons: Technology (e.g. GPS, electronic menu, blue-tooth, etc.) slow and from the stone ages. Experienced one or two minor electronic display glitches. Check engine light at 6k miles from faulty O2 sensor, dealership replaced . Low front plastic air dam annoyingly scrapes bottom all the time. Speakers vibrated on high volume at beginning but problem seems to have gone away now? I get friendly compliments from people all the time. My best experience is driving with the stereo off just listening to the purr of the active exhaust note or rocking it with the stereo on full blast. I actually get an urge and miss driving it if a few days have passed with it sitting in the garage. Worth every penny in joy and happiness imo!

  • This is the second modern Jag I owned, last one 2010 XKR convertible - 2014 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    Not sure why people will buy V6, unless its the money issue. V8 has way more power & better sound. A absolute head rush. Unless if you track all the time, otherwise no point to have V6. But again, if you track all the time, you probably should buy a 911. Many people buy Porsche said Porsche is a better performance car but never take the car to track. For me, a sports car is all about style, sound, power and being unique. This is my 2nd Jag, last one was a 2010 XKR convertible. I didnt have any reliability issue at all, dont expect on this one. However, I did have horrible reliability & built quality experiences with Porsche & Mercedes SL55. Jag is the only company that I bought 2 cars.

  • Great!!! - 2017 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

  • Wonderful car. - 2017 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    Ive only had the car for a month. So my review will be limited to initial impressions. Looks. The car is stunning. Ive never had a car that people stop and take pictures of when its parked. And Ive owned some VERY nice sports cars. Sound. The car sounds incredible, especially in dynamic mode with the exhaust in loud. ive always thought Porsche flat-6s sounded the best, but the Jag is darn close. Handling. Im still getting used to the car, havent really played around with it with the stability control off. But it has minimal body roll, and very linear (if touchy in dynamic mode) throttle response. It throttle steers well in corners. Power is adequate. Book says 0-60 in a smidge under 5 seconds, and that feels about right. Yes, a new base boxster will about match it for less (I test drove one), but who wants to listen to a Subaru soundtrack. Turn in isnt as quick as my old Boxster, no surprise, but it isnt bad. As good or better than a Z4M Coupe. Braking is nothing short of incredible. I have the performance braking package, and while a bit touchy, stops are extremely short and consistent. Jaguar obviously uses a very soft "track" pad, as even a short drive will coat the wheels with brake dust. Which Im sure means shorter replacement intervals. Ride. Actually not too bad. My car has the 20" Carbon Fiber wheels (they are really aluminum with some attached CF accent pieces), but it still rides tolerably, I commute 110 miles to a client site twice a month, and the trip is easy and comfortable. (Bear in mind Ive owned sports cars my entire life, so my opinion of "comfortable" and yours might differ:)). Visibility. OK, here I need to deduct points. The door sills are high, so it is difficult to see curbs when turning and parking (I leave plenty of room) and resting you arm on the door sill leaves it at an odd angle. The nose is long, and I would HIGHLY recommend the package with the parking assist. I dont need the backup camera as much, but the front sensors for pulling forward are a godsend. Overall visibility really isnt that bad (better than a new corvette in my pinion). Just the price you pay for form over function. Storage space. a glove compartment, arm rest compartment, and open cubby are what you get up front. Generally all I need, but the rear compartment is rather small, there is a little area that is deeper, but you really are going to have issues with more than a few soft suitcases. Technology. Oodles. As expected, it has pretty much everything you could want. An awesome sound system, loads of customization for car systems, very good blue tooth integration, you can adjust the side bolsters in the seats (Ok, not really tech, but it is very cool), etc. The navigation system is not very intuitive though. Read the manual before you jump in and try to program in a destination. Youre welcome. Reliability. No problems to date. There is an annoying buzz/rattle in the right rear, which might just be the cover for the storage area, I havent located it yet. But other than that, nothing of note. Anyway, Id highly recommend the F-Type. Yes, you can buy cars that perform better for less. But unless youre tracking the car (and driving for track times) youll never notice the few tenths of a second here and there. You get a stunning car, that sounds incredible, and is a blast to drive. And you wont constantly pass yourself, as you will if you buy a Porsche, Corvette, etc.

  • Lots of fun... Sometimes - 2016 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    I got the manual transmission and like the early reviews, the clutch slips... BAD. Getting on the freeway and accelerating with a shift into third? Clutch slips, all the way to redline. And itll do it all day if you let it. Shift above 5000 rpms? Ditto. Heres where it gets even better. Jaguar says take it to the dealer Dealer says its normal. Drive slower, dont shift so fast! Well let you know if Jaguar come out with a fix. Turns out, Jaguar updated the clutch and flywheel part numbers. What for, if nothing is wrong? One owner even had his clutch explode. But Jaguars covering it up. The rep even acknowledged the problem in the piston heads review. Nobody will do anything!!! $72 grand gets you the clutch that belongs on a Corolla. Everything else, yeah its fun. Look great well built, sounds amazing. But who cares if you have to baby it? Its a joke. I wish the auto news sites would help me get through to Jag but nothing yet. Just the same runaround from their customer non-service liars and robots.

  • Awesome.....a must buy!!!! - 2014 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    I test drove the base F-type in Polar white with black leather/suede interior this weekend and it drives well as it looks. The pictures dont do justice for how amazing it looks in person. Even with the base 18" wheels, its a stunner!!! The build quality is excellent. From the body panels to the well thought-out interior, Jaguar did their homework and produced a car that it is more than worthy of its asking price. The Drive: Amazing!!! Despite some slight turbo lag from the 340 hp supercharge engine, the F-Type pins you back in your seat and provides an exhilarating driving experience without beating you up. The balance in the suspension and steering preciseness is uncanny.

  • Save your money, get the base - 2014 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    After driving the base, V6 S and the V8 S, I leased the base V6. I felt that it actually drove better than the other two for much less money. For some reason the base Trans seems to shift better than the two higher models. While waiting for my base, I was given a V8 to drive, while very fast, it just wasnt as much fun as the base.

  • incredible power, handling, styling and sounds - 2014 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    Best sports car Ive driven. Tested 911S, Maserati, BMW and nothing is as much fun or excitement. Best looking, freshest and most exhilarating.

  • My Dream Lux Exotic Sport - 2016 Jaguar F-Type
    By -

    After drooling over this vehicle for over a yr finally took the plunge n it definitely lives up to the name I gave it - My Dream Lux Exotic Sport! Funny how when Im admiring pics of this gorgeous vehicle online now n suddenly realize oh wait I have one parked down below in my garage lol! I look fwd to driving this vehicle every day. It is a very driver focussed sports car that demands n engages ur attention behind the wheel. The reviews r all pretty spot on - the firmness of the sport seats may require some getting used to, the interior is quite a tight fit for passengers n the storage space for anything in the cockpit is scant but the trunk is pleasantly adequate n more than enough space to carry any n all road trip essentials. I love all the unique Jaguar signature features from the deployable rear spoiler, door handles, air vents, n folding rearview mirrors, to the cool gear shift missile launcher joystick! Oh n the active exhaust note! It all screams u r driving smthg unique, smthg special, a Jag! I was originally thinking this would be my weekender or occasional fun car but it is so much fun to drive it has become my daily vehicle n my Audi Q5 has been left sitting in my garage now for days on end! Highly recommended.

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