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  • LOVE THIS CAR but one complaint - 2018 Genesis G80
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    Ive had this car for about a week now and i cant believe the difference. 2017 the genesis brand came along with a hyundai genesis for 2017. 2018 is the real first g80 made by genesis because the quality and feel are just too different. Im saying this because i had a 2016 hyundai genesis signature package. when I was testing the car, i think it might be underrated. It says 365hp/376lb-ft but im getting around 5 and sub 5 0-60 runs so i want to go dyno the car for curiositys sake. BUT my only complaint on this care is that theres no AMBIENT LIGHTING.WHY. just look at the e classes interior and how beautiful it is(however cheap feeling it may be). also beware for those who will be driving in the city... on the highway i can get 30 mpg being careful on eco and realistically 25 mpg driving normally but i drove about 150 miles so far of city only after filling up and I have been getting around 10 mpg.. you guys have been warned.

  • Technology is terrible - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    Door locks are unbelievably annoying. When you open the door you can’t push the lock door button unless you are entirely out of the car. If you get out of the car and lock the door by pushing the lock door button inside the car, the remote start won’t work and the automatic trunk opener won’t work. Garage door opener won’t work if car is turned off. Door opener must be pushed twice to open garage door after starting car in closed garage. Navigation system is very difficult to use. Cameras aren’t calibrated correctly. Front and rear cameras are about 2 feet off. I can get within 2 feet without cameras. Looks & rides great.

  • My Best sport sedan Yet - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    This is the best equipped, most fun and safest luxury sedan I have driven . A similarly equipped benz, BMW, or caddy list for $30-50,000 more and I find the overall driving experience to be thrilling, especially on the exhilarating roads of the Aspen , Colorado area. This vehicle has the best 1. Heated seats- that work all the way to your shoulders 2 Cooled Seats- the only ones I have experienced that are so efficient you can keep the air conditioning toned down and thus cut cabin noise 3 stereo system 17 speakers beautifully engineered to lull one with classic bass or blast your favorite rock , that contribute to a wonderfully spoiled yet remarkably safe driving experience. Of note, my wife, who in general does not well tolerate auto travel primarily due to troublesome arthritis, exclaims that she truly ENJOYS driving the G80 Sport and has NEVER felt so safe in any of our prior benz or Cadillacs . Seats are comfortable and easily adjusted: the controls and navigation system are well placed , much more intuitive than BMW, benz, or caddy, and very well thought out featuring the dual controls on the screen and between the front seat passengers. Back seats are firm, comfortable,and very well heated . The overall comfort level is enhanced by the dark shades on three sides of the rear cabin. Finally, every electronic , safety, or comfort gadget- trunk that opens by itself as you approach - seems to have been appreciated in the competition and included often in an improved version- the ventilated seats , traction control , steering adjustment ,and paddle shifters on the steering wheel . All in all , at $56,000 I strongly feel this is A STEEL. And not to be missed before the $$$ approach a true supply- demand equilibrium

  • My second Genesis - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    I bought my first 2014 Genesis and loved it. I just leased a 2018 G80 with the premium package and its a great improvement over the 2014. This car is the best value for luxury sedans and I highly recommend anybody looking in the $45,000 to $55,000 price range to test drive a G80.

  • Great car! - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    only owned it for a month so far great car exceeding expectations

  • New car - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    Super car. Excellent suport from dealer and manufacturer

  • Comfortable, Quiet Luxury Sedan - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    If youre looking for a comfortable and quiet luxury sedan but dont want to pay the price of a new Lexus LS 460, take a test drive in this vehicle. Mines a rear-wheel drive 3.8L V-6, and a single test drive was enough to convince us that wed be much better of with this car than the 2017 LS 460, which we also test drove. We were replacing a low-mileage 2003 LS 430, and we also own a 2014 ES 300H, so were very familiar with the Lexus sedans. I feel that Lexus hasnt kept up with the safety and technology features. Perhaps the 2018 Lexus LS will offer them, but it wont be out for at least another 6 or 7 months, and rumor has it that price will increase significantly over the 2017 LS. Things I really like about this car are, first, the large nav screen, which has touch-screen control, making it significantly better than the Lexus infotainment system, with its very awkward interface. I also love the fact that the G80 has four cameras, allowing a birds-eye view around your car when entering or leaving a parking space. Also a plus factor is the recommendation for regular gas. Really, I love too many things to list them all. What I dont love is the relatively poor gas mileage for a car of this type. They need to make it better!

  • Great looking and driving car - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    I tried a lot of cars when the lease on my 2015 Genesis was up. This car rode and felt better than many of the others. And the price was great. Compared to the 15 Genesis, this one looks even nicer, particularly the front end. It is quieter, more powerful and feels solid and well poised on the road. My only complaint at this time is that the back seats do not go down to extend the vey large trunk and that you still cant find an address with the navigation system using a zip code.

  • no title - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    beware of tech. support

  • Genesis G80 purchase was one of the best in my 40 - 2018 Genesis G80
    By -

    Be ready for a host of high tech safety and comfort features - it is loaded. Good trade-in by dealer reduced price by $5900. This vehicle has premium AND ultimate trim.

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