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Unlike buying a sports car or luxury cruiser, purchasing an economy car isn't usually an occasion to celebrate. Yet with belt-tightening just about everywhere you look, the virtues of value and fuel efficiency are becoming just as important and appealing as eye-watering acceleration and sumptuous comfort. Ford tapped into these potentially changing tastes with its subcompact Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta provides levels of refinement, sportiness and style that not too long ago were unthinkable in the economy class. We've found that the entry-level Ford boasts not only impressive comfort, enjoyable driving dynamics and an inviting cabin but also unexpected features like keyless ignition and Ford's Sync system. In other words, the Ford Fiesta is a winner. Even if you never thought you'd drive a subcompact car, it may be time to reconsider.

Current Ford Fiesta
The four-door Ford Fiesta subcompact is offered as a sedan and hatchback in S, SE and Titanium trim levels. The high-performance ST model is available only as a hatchback.

All but the ST come standard with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that produces 120 horsepower. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, but a six-speed automated manual is optional. Optional for the SE is a turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine that makes 123 hp. It only comes with a five-speed manual transmission and boasts an impressive estimated 37 mpg combined. The ST boasts a turbocharged 1.6-liter four with 197 hp and comes only with a six-speed manual. With a 0-60 mph time of 7.1 seconds, the ST is a quick little car.

The S trim's standard features include a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, air-conditioning, power locks and mirrors, Bluetooth phone connectivity and an audio system with a CD player and an iPod/USB interface. The SE adds keyless entry, power windows, cruise control, a trip computer, a front center armrest and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Titanium's added highlights, some of which are optional on the SE, include alloy wheels, foglamps, keyless ignition and entry, leather upholstery, heated front seats, automatic climate control, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, the MyFord Touch interface, Sync Services (traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions) and an upgraded audio system with both satellite and HD radio. The Fiesta ST's perks include unique bodywork, a sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch wheels, high performance tires, quicker steering, upgraded brakes and sport seats.

Inside, the Fiesta features a soft-touch dash and tight construction that impart a feeling of quality normally lacking in an entry-level car. The Fiesta's controls, especially for the stereo, can be a bit confusing even for the technologically minded, but are at least well placed. In terms of backseat and cargo space, the sedan is competitive with its rivals but the hatchback offers considerably less capacity than Honda's Fit.

On the road, the standard 1.6-liter inline-4 provides refined performance, and with either transmission gets the Fiesta to 60 mph in about 9.5 seconds. The available turbocharged inline-3 is a real gem, providing strong fuel economy, an energetic engine note and exceptional acceleration for the segment. Of course, the ST's power plant is the real thriller in a segment not known for pulse-quickening rides. Regardless of which version you get, the Fiesta boasts excellent steering response and suspension tuning that yields an ideal ride-and-handling balance. Handling is even sharper in the ST and although the ride is firmer as well, it's not too stiff for daily driver duty.

Used Ford Fiesta Models
The current-generation Fiesta bowed for 2011 and was essentially unchanged through 2013. Although otherwise similar, these Fiestas had slightly different styling and did not offer the MyFord Touch electronics interface, ST model or the turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

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  • Transmission troubles are real - 2014 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I rented this car. The transmission problems that people speak of, they were present in my rental. If I was trying to turn left with oncoming traffic, I would press the accelerator and wait... wait what seems a lifetime, but perhaps about one second... then the car would lunge forward and clumsily across the road. Waiting a second when traffic is coming is downright dangerous, and when the car does start to move it really moves in a scary lunge. Just adding my two cents. Its been about a year since I rented it, but it was so bad I will never forget it!

  • Remember economy - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    This vehicle was purchased with economy in mind - I purchased it used at a ford Dealer with 14,000 miles. It has proven to have very good Fuel Mileage (38mpg) highway . I did not expect a soundproof air ride and the car has provided basic transportation as I expected. I do like the fold down back seat as I can carry longer items through the trunk. - The Radio is the worst I have ever seen lucky for the CD player. I have had the recalls reported taken care of at the dealer without incident. I do change my own oil and filter every 4,000 miles with genuine Moto-craft parts. At 45,000 I replaced the front brakes. Here is where I have issue - at 57,000 miles and just a year of ownership I brought the vehicle in for the yearly inspection sticker. I get a call within an hour that the car needs upper and lower balljoints it has a leaking front CV seal and bad bearing. The Ball joints were not available and had to be ordered so three days later I get the car back--- Call Ford and not covered by warranty - That is my issue-- If you build something stand behind your product. with only 57,000 highway miles and serviced regularly this is not abuse or neglect. this is poor quality. This is my review... the vehicle was not cheap I paid dealer price and expected serviceability for at least three uninterrupted years. Tires, breaks, maintenance --- ok, Needed-- However mechanical and operation breakdowns are not acceptable traits to be positive about.

  • Never buy first year production/design car - 2011 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Bought this car used with 45k, it was to be my commuter car and a replacement to my older 2000 celica gts with 200k. First the goods: mpg is great, good looking car, good ride, most things are within arms reach, power is ok for little car, good cargo space. Now the bad: Yes, the world famous transmission issue with this car, car was at the dealer twice, things started to fall apart at 54k, little things, too much to list, got the car fixed and sold it at. I wish I had done my research before I bought the car. Yes, i am back driving my 2000 celica, she never give me problem in 7 years.

  • You have to learn how to drive this car - 2014 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Okay... does this car stutter when you drive it. No. If you learn how to drive it. It takes time as the car learns how you drive and you have to learn how to drive it. If my wife and I switch drivers it does stutter. It never, ever stutters for me. Not at all. The trick is to be assertive. That doesnt mean floor it. That means to step down a tiny bit harder than you normally would. If you get a stammer you do not back off the accelerator as you would normally do... you press down about 10% more and the stutter will immediately stop. When you accelerate to get onto the highway you want to do that assertively. That means you press down the accelerator to 40% and let the car move through the gears without changing the accelerator setting until you reach 4th or 5th gear. It will be very smooth if you do that. Eventually the car and you will learn and youll have a smooth ride every time. In exchange for learning how to drive you will get between 40 and 50 MPG on the highway. You will get between 30 and 40 around town. I fill the gas tank twice a month (and it only holds 14 gallons). Yes, you may have been fooled when you bought this car. It does not have an automatic transmission. NO. If you expect it to act like a conventional automatic transmission you will be disappointed. It wont, it is a manual transmission and it absolutely acts like one. If you learn to drive it properly, learn to work with its limitations, you will find it is a nice, little, pretty, INEXPENSIVE car. You have to learn to love it.

  • LEMON!! - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I purchased a used 2012 model from my local Ford dealer as a graduation gift for my daughter in 2013. This car has been nothing but trouble almost from the start! We have had to take the car in for constant service due to the ongoing recalls associated with the clutch, transmission and door locks, and still the car is not up to par. Thank god for warranties! We finally had enough and traded this lemon in for a Fusion hoping for better luck this time around, and peace of mind knowing my child is driving a safer car.

  • Run away as fast as you can - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    This has got to be the worst car ever made by any car company, including Yugo. This car should auto qualify for a lemon. If you buy this car, chose a lemon law attorney the same day you drive off the lot. The ford sync system is terrible and never works properly, and i mean NEVER. The transmission is a constant problem. It sound like its grinding during every shift point and even when no power is applied. It shifts erratically, surges, stalls out and sometimes leaves me stranded at red lights. Dont buy this car, dont even look at it.

  • Grat car for round town - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I bout mine in july hade no problem with mine. Mine is a five speed manual with only 50.000 mils on it price was ten thousand 20012 se great gas milg on it mine has cruse cantrl tilt ac power window s and no sat radio butt has the aux in it for my ph ps tks ford i did my homework on mine i would re driving a manual

  • RIP. OFF. - 2014 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    This car is a death trap and an embarrassment to drive. The transmission is constantly jerking, grinding, hesitating, etc. This is a common problem that Ford is apparently doing nothing about. It should be illegal to sell a car like this. Of course the fact that the Ford salesman lied to me when I purchased the car doesnt help. Will not ever purchase another Ford. Cant wait to get rid of this piece of garbage.

  • Nightmare fleet - 2013 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I repair and maintain the fleet of a large utility company, this is one of the fleet cars, the worst, most unreliable cars in the fleet. Transmission problems galore! all of the transmissions slip, stall, shudder and clunk, 30% have rebuilt transmissions (one within 15K miles most around 50K) the rest have been flashed (works for 6k miles), a few had damaged harnesses, which the dealer refused to repair under warranty (2 yr old 30K miles) Almost all have been towed at one point due to not going into gear, now some of them crank themselves and dont start. But thats not all! All the interior door handles break, the trim around the door and on the roof gutter fall off, the seats are down to rags and springs already, brakes wear super fast, CV shafts snap and support bearings make noise, ball joints go fast, body cracks where door hinge connects due to paper thin steel. To add insult to injury when they are running, they are slow, noisy, uncomfortable and feel cheap going down the road. The absolute worse car you can buy today (or ever) I understand what DCT is, how it works and how it should feel, we have others in the fleet with them (not ford) and these are not right. You could literally buy any other car and have better luck.

  • A little silver lemon! - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Bought the car in February 2012. Fifteen months later the stereo started "crackling" from a lose wire. Another 4 months later (150 miles past the warranty) the A/C stopped working. Ford repaired the A/C at no cost only after I told them what was wrong with it and how much I KNEW it would cost them for the part. The part was less than $100 and they wanted over $900 to repair it! It took them approximately 40 minutes to repair it while I waited. Ive had the car for 3 years and 9 months. The window handle has fallen off, have had A/C and stereo issues, and now there is clutch fluid leaking onto my floor mat! This car just proves that when you buy cheap, you get cheap! I will NEVER AGAIN buy another Ford!!! Im going back to a Toyota Camry next time. They are most definitely worth the higher car note every month.

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