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  • Always attracts positive attention. - 1997 Ford F-350
    By -

    The truck is a tank! I have been asked to sell it at least a dozen times, very popular body style (1997 - last year of the real truck look). The truck is a power house and is bullet proof. Ive towed large boats, trailers with 6000 pound tractors, etc... with ease.

  • Tank - 1997 Ford F-350
    By -

    Great truck that does everything I want. You dont buy a 1-ton for comfort and fuel economy - you buy it to work. This truck has been driven hard without a whimper. Perhaps the best looking OEM PU ever. As with all Ford trucks of that body style, fuel pumps and power steering pump are poorly designed. Doesnt seem to have the power a 460 should have, but it does have oversize tires and has lived a rough life of driving into trees, pulling trees, and being covered in mud.

  • Love this truck - 1991 Ford F-350
    By -

    Had this pick-up almost 20 years and its the most fun thing to drive. Sure its a work vehicle and gets used hard from time to time, but when I get to drive it unloaded I have a blast. I call it my giant sports car. I recently drove a 2009 Corvette, and while my pick-up could not quite meet it performance-wise, it was not off the map. This thing handles beautifully. Just wish it had more power pulling 5+ tons up a steep hill, but I guess a diesel is better for that. As far a weight-carrying capacity goes, you CANNOT overload it. (Well, I havent tried gold or platinum bars.) Anything normal (1-2 tons) is literally unnoticeable.

  • If you could only own one truck - 1997 Ford F-350
    By -

    I bought this new in 97, still own it and probably will never have to buy another truck. I know that I rated the fuel mileage high - but what do you expect from that engine, nothing but torque and power. Has performed great from the deserts to the colorado mountains and the Maine winters!

  • What a Beast - 1997 Ford F-350
    By -

    This is by far the best truck ever made. This could only be made by ford. The 7.3 diesel engine will last forever and the body style is beautiful

  • 1996 Ford F350 4wd LB - 1996 Ford F-350
    By -

    I use this truck like a truck. I dont expect it to be fun or drive like a car. I haul hay and horses. It restored my faith in American built vehicles. For 11 years I drove it with virtually no repairs and only casual maintenance. Today I will replace the u joints, some seals, a cracked manifold but overall, still just an excellent workhorse doing what it was designed to do. Other than brake linings, trans flush, radiator flush, and oil that is all I have done since I purchased with 3,000 miles on it.

  • A Reliable Brute - 1991 Ford F-350
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    Best full sized truck I have ever owned. Reliable, powerful and carries or tows a big load. I use it mostly as an RV. 90% of its mileage is at or near GVWR or GCWR, but I never had a mechanical problem. I do not use it as a daily driver because it is long, wide (DRW) and mileage isnt a strong point. However, as a working truck it is super. The lariat interior (captains chairs) is surprisingly comfortable even though it is just plastic with cloth upolstery. Lots of room up front but the folding rear seat is a bit low and narrow for adults.

  • One Tough Truck - 1997 Ford F-350
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    This truck can do anything Ive ever tried to do. No excuses, one tough and capable truck. 7.3 liter turbo diesel with the 4.10 gears can pull or haul just about anything.

  • Great truck - 1997 Ford F-350
    By -

    Absolutely love this truck. Have always loved the body style and this is the last year it was made. Bought the truck with 200,000 miles on it and only had to replace the glow plugs (common on these engines). Other than oil changes and usual wear parts like brakes and tie rod ends, I havent had to spend a dime on it. Rides a little rought but I have a 6 inch lift on a 1 ton truck so it comes with the territory. Ill drive this one till it cant be driven any more and then probably look for another one.

  • Hauls A Business - 1996 Ford F-350
    By -

    I bought this truck to replace my Chevy pickup I had. I pull a 28 stock trailer with my Ford truck with no problem. The 7.3L turbo diesel engine is the best diesel ever. My truck has 230,700 miles on it. I have a friend who has the same truck with 435,000 miles on it. These trucks ride like tanks, but pull everything. The truck catches a lot of peoples attentions. A trans and exhaust temp guage helps alot on these trucks.

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