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Until the mid '90s, the Ford Bronco was famous for being a rough-and-tumble off-road vehicle that had been tackling trails and fording streams since the 1960s. It was also one of the first sport-utility vehicles: a versatile truck then described by Ford as being able to "serve as a family sedan, sports roadster, snowplow or farm and civil defense vehicle."

Made from 1966-'77, the original Ford Bronco was essentially a compact two-door SUV best suited for off-roading duties like a Jeep CJ, but not towing. By the time the 1970s rolled around, however, it became greatly outclassed by the full-size Chevy Blazer, which prompted Ford to switch the Bronco to a larger body style as well. Nevertheless, the original compact Bronco remains a favorite among off-road enthusiasts.

For 1978, the Bronco grew up, adopting the "indestructible" F-Series platform to bump it into full-size territory. But this Bronco is rare, for it was redesigned once again for 1980 along with the F-Series. Although changes were made over the years to the powertrain, body styling and interior, this third-generation Bronco essentially lasted until it was put out to pasture in 1996.

Of course, no discussion about the Bronco would be complete without a mention of the Juice. Or, more specifically, O.J. Simpson riding shotgun in friend Al Cowlings' 1993 white Ford Bronco as they led police on a slow-speed tour of greater Los Angeles. Beyond proving that it makes a lousy getaway car, the O.J. fiasco certainly put the Bronco forever in pop culture. Although not quite at DeLorean or orange Dodge Charger iconography, owning a late-model white Ford Bronco is bound to elicit the odd chuckle, thumbs-up or inquiry of "did it come with the bloody glove package?" from friends and passers-by.

Most Recent Ford Bronco

Unlike future SUVs, the Ford Bronco was very much a truck designed with off-roading in mind. It was available in a singular two-door body style that featured a fiberglass rear roof section that could be removed (albeit with a fair amount of effort).

The Bronco underwent its final refresh for 1992, including a new grille and more rounded front end. A new instrument panel and seat styles also debuted that kept the Bronco consistent with the F-Series pickup. This Bronco design lasted until the model was cancelled in 1996.

These Broncos were available in a base trim (first known as Custom, then XL), as well as XLT and Eddie Bauer versions. There was a Nite package available in 1992 that featured XLT equipment but with an all-black body. The initial standard engine was a 4.9-liter inline-6 good for 145 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual transmission was standard, and a four-speed automatic was optional.

Optional in that first year and then made standard was a 5.0-liter V8 that made 185 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. It ran through the standard five-speed manual transmission or optional three- or four-speed automatics. In 1994, Ford upgraded this engine to 200 hp. Also available was a 5.8-liter V8 that made 200 hp (later 210 hp) and 300 lb-ft of torque. This engine was only available with the four-speed auto. All Broncos came equipped with four-wheel drive.

The Ford Bronco remains to this day one of the sturdiest full-size SUVs around. Well-maintained examples would be a good choice for off-roading duties, although its now-ancient underpinnings make it a lousy choice on-road. The numerous paint options (including two-tone and monochrome Sport options) mean that finding a relatively unique Bronco should be fairly easy.

Past Ford Bronco Models

There were three generations of Ford Bronco, with the final generation undergoing continuous changes from its introduction in 1980. There were significant styling changes made for 1982, 1987 and 1992, with the latter two years including interior changes as well. This generation (until 1993) featured a standard six-cylinder engine with a pair of optional V8 engines.

The second-generation Bronco was produced only for 1978 and '79, but in those years it rewrote the book on full-size "SUVs." It was based on the 1973-'79 F-Series and was intended to be introduced at the same time, but the OPEC oil embargo pushed back its introduction. By the time it debuted, Ford was already hard at work on its replacement, which would be lighter, more fuel-efficient and cheaper to make. Nevertheless, the second-generation Bronco is a rare, sought-after truck, admired by off-roaders for its solid front axle and torquey standard V8 engine.

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  • Broncos never die - 1992 Ford Bronco
    By -

    I have had two Broncos 1992 and 1996. I still drive them both every week. These trucks turn on a dime and are really easy to park. They are very powerful and no task challenges them. Both trucks have close to 300,000 miles and the transmissions have been trouble-free. The engines run great and dont burn oil. Good looking and still in style. Just replaced leather interior in one of them. Exterior paint is original and looks new.

  • I love my Ford Bronco - 1995 Ford Bronco
    By -

    My 1995 Ford Bronco is a tank. It is dark blue, with about 66,000 original miles - I am the second owner, and have owned it for two years. It gets looks everywhere, and notes left to buy it. I have never had any issues with it - knock on wood. I love it and am a proud Bronco owner

  • Its like having a terrible child - 1995 Ford Bronco
    By -

    I have a 1995 5.0 v8 automatic Bronco (in blue) with 125k miles and have had it for three years and was my fathers since 2001. I love it, but there are ALWAYS problems with it. I would get rid of it if it werent my baby, i guess its like people and their BMWs. Its had the tranmission rebuilt, the fuel pump has gone out several times, the heater core has gone out the last two years in a row, my motor mounts loosened causing both front and rear u-joints to go bad, the a/c system has been replaced, and most recently, there is a strong gasoline odor when I accelerate. Also, when it rains all sorts of problems occur, such as my airbag light blinking and the door ding noise gets elongated.

  • Royal blue Bronco - 1995 Ford Bronco
    By -

    I got this bronco because of a family member passed away sadley. Im glad they chose this bronco. Its been a great bronco after I replaced the entire rear axle because the spyder gears were chewed up but so far its been good. Ive got the normal rust issues on both rear fenders but luckily havent seen any on the bottom of the tailgate yet. Now im just adding accessories to it, and itll be one heck of a good truck for huntin season.

  • Best SUV ever - 1992 Ford Bronco
    By -

    I love my bronco had her going on 4 years now. shes holding tough at 167,000 miles on the 5.0 EVERYTIME i turn that key i put my foot in her and commence to beating the crap out of it. Never leaves me hanging and always starts shes been all over the beaches of nantucket island and through the florida mud and swamps. I love this truck so much i actually painted her so she would stand out in traffic. Hands down the best vehicle i have owned always puts a smile on my face when i get to drive her. My old lady took a ride with the top off reclined in the seat and saw the stars. She had to have one so the next week bronco #2 arrived home a 92 NITE edition we rescued out of daytona.

  • Problems with 94 - 1994 Ford Bronco
    By -

    I have 94 bronco with the 351 under it with the auto tranny 4speed with o/d. i have a problem with it slipping into what seems to be netural when shifting from 4th to od and sometimes before that. Stepping on it at a light the other day i hit about 30mph and it just reved up to about 4grand and would go back into gear till i came to a complete stop any ideas on what it might be. I added a little fluid to it hoping it would help, havent had much time to test it out.

  • Bronco XLT with 5.8L/351W - 1996 Ford Bronco
    By -

    Our Bronco it the most reliable vehicles we have every owned, basically I got the Bronco from a family member who purchased it new in 96. The Bronco has 170K on it, and most of the factory parts are still on the Bronco today. The motor has never been open or out of the Bronco, as well as the transmission. The 351W engine runs strong, even with all of smog B.S on it. The Bronco still has its original paint which it still decent , and has a rust free body. The only real problem we have with the Bronco, is the cheaply made auto 4x4 hubs, which we converted to lock-outs. Even the leather interior is still in decent shape. Lastly, our Bronco has been well maintained with 90% highway miles.

  • Fun, Fun, Fun - 1996 Ford Bronco
    By -

    My favorite of all time. Best quality, take anywhere 4x4.

  • Fun truck - 1990 Ford Bronco
    By -

    My bronco has 160,000 on it now. It tows my boat like a truck, hauls kids like a station wagon, off-roads like a Jeep and with the top off feels like an American muscle car. A bronco can do many different things that no other vehicle can do. Given its not great at any, but very good at all. I plan to keep mine because it a true sport utility vehicle.

  • The beast lives! - 1995 Ford Bronco
    By -

    Great truck all around thus far. very comfy to drive, although there is a good amount of road noise. will take on about any obstacle. for a full size SUV with a V8 the gas mileage is actually pretty good (about 15 mpg hwy). plenty of space for anything you might need to do with it and short wheel base means tight turns and u- turns are easy. def had some manufacturing issues with body and paint prep for that time period. rust is very common around rear wheel wells and bottom of tailgate which has cause issues with rear window and body movement (rusted quarter panels and not supported completely and will flex). I have wanted a Bronco for years finally got one and would buy another any day.

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