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  • 27 years old and still going strong. 1995 AWD Extend, captains chairs - 1995 Ford Aerostar
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    This has been an unbelievably great van. It has been our family car since I bought it new in 1995. It has 220,000 miles on it and has been my long distance commuter car, and has been driven up and down the east coast on annual vacations. It has been the perfect family car with removable middle and rear seats, folding back seat and enough room for long range family camping trips, carrying kayaks on the roof and four bikes on the back. It has weathered 2 significant accidents, and this beast has won both times. The biggest concern I have is the availability of repair parts as time goes on. Even after all these years, it can pull our small travel trailer, albeit slow, up steep hills. The transmission has never been replaced. Inside, the some of the side panels need to be screwed in tighter after years of jiggling. I absolutely love this van for its reliability, space, comfort, and family memories. I want to keep it forever, and figure that over the years, the original purchase price would have be less than $1000 a year. A great bargain!

  • Ford truck, but in the shape of a minivan - 1994 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    This things just awesome. I bought a 94 XLT in 2011.. 282k miles on it. Thats right- Runs like a champ. Dependable, comfy, and surprisingly just about all the electrical works, except for passenger side window and lighter. All the lights and electrical otherwise are fine, still going strong.

  • Best Car Ive ever had! - 1997 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    Its a Mini Van, but I say car. To bad Ford doesnt have the foresight, or hindsight to keep building these. I guess they last too long, and are just too reliable to be manufactured by an American Car company. Very Efficient, Very Comfortable, and extremely reliable. Its the greatest and most versatile vehicle Ive ever owned. Bigger than other mini-vans. Its a car. No, its a van. Wait its a truck. Its just a great, great vehicle. No matter what youre planning on buying, check out at least one good condition Aerostar.

  • Still Going 20 years later - 1990 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    I love this van. I bought it new, and have driven it since then. It is comfortable and maneuverable, and has suited my needs. It has never failed to please me, in driving, in parking. I can use it for carrying people or lumber, as the back seats are easily removable.

  • My Third Aerostar - 1995 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    I bought a used 1996 Aerostar in 1998 with 66,000 miles on it, and retired it with 225,000 miles on it when it started losing compression in two cylinders. Bought a 1995 with 99,000 miles on it in 2002. It now has 261,500 miles on it and still running strong. however I now live where we get heavy snows, and the two wheel drive does not climb the hills in snow if someone gets in front of you driving less than 30 miles per hour. I drove to Show Low AZ this morning and bought a 1995 AWD extended van with 116400 miles on it and drove it back to Ruidoso, NM. I could not have been happier if I had bought a new car off the lot. This one had been well kept, no rust, and only two door dings.

  • Aero-Star - 1994 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    Owner for 15yrs. Runs great! The few minor problems that came up I was able to handle myself. Rear seats have been out for a few years and van is used for cargo,which it does great, the space available for cargo is cavernous.. no other mini can even come close. I will keep this van until it falls apart. Very easy to drive and comfortable also.

  • I love this car! - 1996 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    Well, this is a wonderful blend of comfort and utility. As I am 6 tall I very much appreciate the easy access and abundant headroom. Front drivers seat has a great lumbar support and the a nice view of the road. The rear with the 2nd set of Captains Chairs has 6.5 behind them making it easy to shop or travel. Front and rear A/C & Heat, Nice stereo. I bought this used with 106K and it is now coming up on 120k. A bit noisy on the road compared to modern cars yet this van with the 4.0 has plenty of power when you need it. Stock tires are good yet it feels much better with a bigger 15/16" wheel and a lower profile tire. A really nice minivan. I expect to be driving it in 10 years.

  • Best vehicle I have ever owned - 1996 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    The best vehicle I have ever owned. It has been very reliable, comfortable, inexpensive to operate, handy and a very useful vehicle. Im still driving her after twelve and a half years and she has held up well. When ever my familys vehicles break down or they need a van they barrow the old Aerostar.

  • Hard to beat - 1994 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    Bought used with 80000. Issues: spark plug wires replace once at 110,000. Shift lever loose at 145,000. Mileage: 22 on the highway, 15 in town. Very comfortable ride , even for large people. SOLID, DEPENDABLE. I regularly have the tranny flushed, and filled with AMS oil.

  • I really love this Thing - 1993 Ford Aerostar
    By -

    I bought my 93 with 158,000, I reluctantly gave it to my daughter to drive to Fairbanks, Alaska, laden with her and husbands personal stuff, on the roof and packed into the bay. They slept on top of the whole thing. In short, they put an additional 7,000 mi. on and arrived safely in Fairbanks. I didnt fix the AC compressor.., figured she didnt need it in Alaska. She had to change the oil to match the Alaska environments and she got a warning from a mechanic that they may need some front end ball joints and tie rods(the Alcan had some potholes). Otherwise, I told her to never sell it, I would rather fly up and drive it back to Los Angeles.

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