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The Dodge Viper was conceived as a modern interpretation of the classic muscular American sports car. Debuting as a concept in 1989 to huge consumer enthusiasm, everything about the production Dodge Viper was perfectly over the top, including its cartoonish styling, giant 335/35-series rear tires and thumping 400-horsepower V10 engine.

The second-generation Dodge Viper stayed the course with outrageous styling and power, but it was a bit more livable and produced more power. Compared to the original, the sequel had a longer wheelbase, a stiffer chassis and revised suspension tuning, which gave the car greater dynamic precision. But that didn't mean the Viper lost its raw edge and lack of polish, and for the Viper enthusiast, that's the way it should be. The problem, perhaps, was that there just weren't enough Viper enthusiasts around. With sales sagging in comparison to other high-end sports cars, Dodge pulled the plug for 2010.

However, the Viper's departure was short-lived as a new, third-generation model arrived for 2013. It now belongs to Chrysler Group's new SRT division, so make sure to read our SRT Viper review for the latest information.

Most Recent Dodge Viper
The second-generation Dodge Viper was produced from 2003 through 2010.

At its debut, the V10 was 8.3 liters in size and generated 500 hp and 525 pound-feet of torque. Only the roadster was available. Power was sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission and a standard limited-slip differential. Detail changes were limited only to colors and trim for the next couple years until 2006, when the SRT-10 coupe debuted along with a 10-hp increase.

There was no '07 model, but for 2008, the Viper came back better (and more riotous than ever). The V10 now displaced 8.4 liters and produced a prodigious 600 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque. The styling was also refreshed that year, while the even more hard-core ACR edition debuted with plenty of goodies designed to dominate on a track.

Regardless of which year and engine you get in this Viper, performance numbers were otherworldly, as the Viper could reach 60 mph in either 4 seconds (8.3 liter) or 3.7 seconds (8.4 liter). Containing all this power were massive brakes and impossibly wide 19-inch forged-alloy rear wheels (the fronts were 18s). What it lacked, however, was a stability control system to save overzealous drivers from themselves. Side-impact airbags were also unavailable.

Indeed, pushing this Dodge to the limit required the skill of a seasoned driver -- although it was certainly more controllable than its predecessor. Yet even rookies could admire the Viper's unbelievable road-sticking handling and mammoth V10 that pushed it to triple-digit speeds seemingly in the blink of an eye. No matter your driving skill, however, owning a Viper takes some dedication. With its cramped cabin, raucous noise, rough ride, antiquated interior controls and leg-singeing side pipes, this no-nonsense supercar made a pretty lousy daily driver or road trip companion. Still, for those seeking a back-to-basics, wickedly intense all-American muscle machine, there's nothing quite like a Dodge Viper.

Previous Dodge Viper Models
The original Dodge Viper debuted for the 1992 model year. With lots of tail-wagging power and no life-saving electronic driving aids, the original RT/10 Viper roadster was a supercar that didn't suffer fools lightly. Minor concessions to "luxury" appeared over time, such as real windows that replaced clear vinyl side curtains, but Viper fans had nothing to fear, as Dodge's top-dog sports car remained obnoxiously loud and fast. Despite the release of a GTS coupe and simultaneous upgrades for the entire line, the Viper remained essentially the same car from its debut to its 2003 redesign.

At its heart was a 400-hp, truck-based engine with lighter-weight aluminum substituting for cast iron. It was bumped up to 450 hp for 1996, when other major changes arrived with the more powerful GTS coupe. It was now a bit more civilized, with dual airbags and air-conditioning. Dodge also changed the exhaust system from side- to rear-exit, which drew the wrath of some Viper nuts despite eliminating the oh-so-frequent leg burns that could occur during entry and exit. The RT/10 roadster received much of the updates applied to the GTS coupe the following year.

In 1999 the Viper received bigger wheels, optional Connolly leather inside, power mirrors and a remote release for the coupe's glass hatch. A track-biased Viper ACR trim level also became available that year. Used Dodge Viper shoppers might also want to note that a fairly significant feature -- antilock brakes -- did not become available until 2001.

User Reviews:

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  • Viper RT/10 - 1994 Dodge Viper
    By -

    Only buy if youre looking for a fast, collectable, low production number vehicle. This is a bare bones street legal race car! Enjoy!

  • awesome - 1994 Dodge Viper
    By -

    my 94 viper rt10 is a true show car.everywhere i go people react like they cannot believe this car is on the road.I cant go anywhere with out some body yelling out or following me.taking pictures or cam corder . I love the attention the car brings.i have had many different sports cars this by far is the most attention grabber to date.

  • Earlier is better than new! - 1994 Dodge Viper
    By -

    If you want a heated steering wheel, seats, and such, buy a BMW or whatever. Mine has only 4k with intake, exhaust, and Paxton supercharging. I have four Corvettes of all years and my favorite to drive, by far, is the Viper. Tops down!

  • fun car - 2003 Dodge Viper
    By -

    I have owned four corvettes, two 911s a 930 Porsche a Ferrari and the viper is my favorite, it doesnt ride like a Porsche but it handles better in the corners and just has the raw hp. Its watched where ever you go, hard to ride under the radar. The car is easy to work on compared to a Ferrari or Porsche and it is so much less to maintain when it comes to service and parts. Its a truly drivable car.

  • 2006 Viper - 2006 Dodge Viper
    By -

    Im sure there are good Vipers out there but unfortunately mine has seen the shop over 29 times. Chrysler Customer Service is not helpful and the district manager (Tampa) will not return any phone calls. I have a large book of service documentation showing all the problems this vehicle has and Dodge will not do anything about it. After dealing with their customer service for over year Im giving up and buying something else, they won! I know there are sometimes lemons and I can accept that. What I cannot accept is how Dodges customer service operates and the lack of responsibility they take over such vehicles.

  • AWESOME - 2003 Dodge Viper
    By -

    Ive had this car for almost 7 years, I still have goosebumps everytime I drive it...I LOVE THIS CAR!!!

  • Viper MAMBA Edition owner - 2005 Dodge Viper
    By -

    I have built supercharged camaros and nitros-fed builds as well. I have road raced and autocrossed all of my vehicles. The Viper is HANDS DOWN the best performing car I have ever driven and this also includes a supercharged C6 Vette. Fuel mileage is weaker when you race it and drive it hard. Otherwise, it has the fuel economy of a V8 in my opinion. It is comparable to my Camaro honestly. This car holds the road like nothing youll ever drive. The tires are actually wider than a Lamborghinis. I also work on the car myself and I have to say the build quality is superb. I am 62 so some more leg room would be nice, but oh well. PERFECT SPORTS CAR!!

  • 2006 Viper - 2006 Dodge Viper
    By -

    The most awsome car I have ever owned. Used to be a Vette guy. I have had 1st and 2nd gen Vipers and just bought a 2006. Could not believe this car. Build quality is surprising. Ride is almost too smooth for a Viper. Power is never ending. I hope they decide to keep building them... Save your money and buy one. You only live once.....

  • my first Viper - 1994 Dodge Viper
    By -

    The car is awsome. Deffinately not for everyone. I was a Corvette guy until I got into Vipers. Not the same vehicle at all. This is a race car with head lights. The new Vipers are even more fun to drive. If you are a race car driver buy a 1st or 2nd gen. All others buy a new style Viper....

  • The Ultimate Ride! - 1995 Dodge Viper
    By -

    This has been my dream car since it was first introduced, and finally found one at the right price and took it home. This beauty is a beast, just total power once you press the pedal. Highly recommend for those who never owned a sport car, the torque is powerful! The roadster is the best as you can really let go in the wind, though I have a very cold AC, no need with the top off. Highly recommend to purchase an aftermarket hardtop and windows, as the soft top and zipper windows just dont cut it. As for attention getter, this is it, everywhere you go, people wants to see it, kids ask tons of questions and be prepared to get photgraph. Its the ultimate sportcar!!

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