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When you hear "Dodge," what comes to mind? Truck commercials featuring a couple of Hemi-obsessed rednecks? Tire-melting muscle cars? Or maybe Grandma's '73 Dart with a 318 V8 you couldn't kill (no matter how many brake stands you did with it)? How about a sport coupe with a twin-turbo V6, all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering? For many people, that last association is a bit hazy.

But in reality there was indeed such a car -- the Dodge Stealth. Thanks to its partnership with Mitsubishi during the 1990s, Dodge offered the Stealth sport coupe, which, depending on trim level, offered a lot of show with little go, a lot of show with respectable go or a lot of show with a lot of go.

Essentially a restyled variant of the Mitsubishi 3000GT, the Stealth was either front- or all-wheel drive and powered by engines ranging from a mild 164-horsepower V6 to a twin-turbo version with nearly twice the power. With its low nose, muscular haunches and wide stance, the Stealth was a model of early-'90s cool.

The coolest was the 300-hp (later 320) twin-turbo Dodge Stealth R/T that could run with the fastest sports cars of its day. The security of four driven wheels put it at ease doing so, and strong grip, strong brakes and styling that turned heads for six straight years rounded out the package. In short, the Dodge Stealth, at least in twin-turbo form, commanded respect.

However, it wasn't quite a model of efficiency. Contained within that somewhat bulky body was a jet aircraft-inspired cockpit that could be cramped for taller folks and a pair of rear seats best left to transporting gym bags. And the curb weight of the top twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive version, which also featured four-wheel steering, approached 2 tons. The Stealth also had a pronounced frontal weight bias that prevented it from feeling nimble, even though its outright handling was competent. Serious enthusiasts also felt that its steering and shifter were vague, and its chassis less connected to the road than other sports cars'.

As a choice for a used sport coupe, the Dodge Stealth is either a poser or a serious performance car, with a wide gulf between the two. Base models look flashy but don't provide performance matching their looks. The mid-line trims offer competent performance, but it's the R/T Twin Turbo that has the goods to back up its exotic car looks. Potential buyers should know, however, that the complex nature of the top Stealth means there are more things that can break, and sports car purists looking for a more involving drive would be better served by competing cars like the Mazda RX-7 or BMW M3.

Most recent Dodge Stealth

The Dodge Stealth ran from 1991-'96 and initially came in four trim levels: base, ES, R/T and R/T Twin Turbo. Base versions were powered by a 3.0-liter V6 with 164 hp and 185 pound-feet of torque. The ES and R/T stepped up to the plate with a 24-valve DOHC version with 222 hp and 201 lb-ft of torque. The R/T Twin Turbo boasted 300 hp and 307 lb-ft. Performance of the latter was thrilling, with zero to 60 mph taking just over 5 seconds.

All except the R/T Twin Turbo were front-wheel drive and offered a choice of a five-speed manual transmission or optional four-speed automatic. The R/T Twin Turbo had all-wheel drive and didn't offer the automatic.

Base cars offered swoopy looks but little else. The ES provided the more powerful V6, 16-inch alloy wheels and foglights, while the R/T featured 17-inch alloys, a body kit (that gave it a pinched waist look), rear spoiler, antilock brakes, full power accessories, air-conditioning and an upgraded sound system. The R/T Twin Turbo added the powerhouse engine, all-wheel-drive system and four-wheel steering.

The Dodge Stealth received steady changes over the years. After some across-the-board content upgrades for 1993 (such as standard leather for the R/T Twin Turbo), the first major freshening came in 1994. Reworked styling replaced the pop-up headlights with projector units and the interior gained a second airbag. The ES trim was dropped while the R/T Twin Turbo became an even stronger performer thanks to a boost from 300 to 320 hp, the addition of a 6th gear to the gearbox and upgraded brakes.

The following year the R/T Twin Turbo gained 18-inch alloy wheels. The Stealth's last year, 1996, brought a new rear spoiler, a body-colored roof and the R/T Twin Turbo's option of chrome wheels. (Mitsubishi's 3000GT remained in production until 1999.)

For the serious driving enthusiast, the non-turbo Stealths are a bit of a letdown. Still, the 222-hp Stealths could serve as a decent (and likely more reliable) alternative to domestic-brand coupes like the Ford Mustang V6 or Chevrolet Camaro V6.

Assuming one can be found in good condition, the real incentive to buy the Dodge Stealth is the R/T Twin Turbo. Although the basics remained intact throughout their run, the 1994-'96 models are a little more desirable due to the extra power and additional gear in the transmission. Also, the R/T would make a true year-round sports car thanks to its all-wheel-drive traction.

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  • Brilliant to the bone - 1993 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    I have read all the reviews on here,and the newest being over 4 years old i am amazed that the things said about the looks of this car still hold true. I have the RT 5 speed,with leather interior,custom wheels, this car not only looks awesome but runs and drives like a dream. Easy to work on when theres a problem,and makes me feel like a kid again when im behind the wheel. Best investment ive ever made. Have no idea why they stopped making them ,but they will be a car to collect.

  • Best car I ever owned! - 1994 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    Ive had my Stealth for 16 years and I still love it! The style is a classic sporty style that will never go out of style. This has been the most dependable vehicle Ive ever owned! The only negative I could come up with is that the turning radius is huge and it isnt very comfortable for traveling much more than 1 1/2 hrs. If you take a road trip in a Stealth, you do need frequent breaks to get out and stretch your legs! Dont count on taking anyone in the "backseat" because there is absolutely no room! But then again, its a sports car so what do you expect! I cant say enough positives about the 1994 Dodge Stealth, its paid for itself many times over!

  • dodge stealth convertable - 1991 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    i have a great looking one of a kind dodge stealth convertable i few years ago i just put a new motor in it with only 32,000 klm on it it runs great i did alot of research on this car and their is only 12 made i love this car turns heads were ever i go. this car has never seen the winter not even rain, now with kids my car has only seen the road maybe 10 times in the last three iam very sad to say i have to sell this car with kids a have no time for it.

  • Collect and Collect! - 1991 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    I have a 1991 RT, red with black leather interior, one of less than 200 made. My baby has 4000 miles on it :) I have owned Ferrari, lamborghini, and porsche and this 91 handles and rides just as well as any car Ive been in. Mine has recently turned fresh collector and will probably never sell it unless someone offers me over $200k for it. These are collectors, tuck them away.

  • My Baby - 1993 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    Lets see, it was my birthday last year and My boyfriend and I were car shopping for him. We went and looked at this stealth and I fell in love with it! Absolutely fell in love! He ended up buying it for me and I gave him my car to sell to get him his own car. LOL So not only was it special that i got for my birthday but this car is amazing! The gas mileage isnt so hot. I love the way it handles and feels while Im driving it. The cockpit style front seats I think are my favorite. The stock stereo has been taken out due it just being so old that it no longer sounds great. Overall, this car amazing to drive and turn heads everywhere i go. Me being a chick it makes guys jealous!

  • Fun, Fun, Fun and Daddys not taking it - 1993 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    Love this car. The whole package is very reliable. I have wanted this car since I was 15. This car is going to be my future track car. I used to run a souped up Supra, and this car is the closest thing I have driven to that power. I have driven a 05 STI and an 03 Golf GTI and this car blows those two away in terms of power. This car is not one I would recommend as a first car. It is a tough drive for an inexperienced driver. The AWD works well and makes the drive smooth and the turn radius one that rivals some of the best rally cars like the EVO and STI. And the Sport and Touring modes makes it perfect for both everyday driving and racing.

  • Love It! - 1996 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    I love this car. The only thing that bothers me is a strange knocking sound coming from the suspension. (that is no reason to sell or not purchase) love the handling and I love the performance, save yourself the hassle of a turbo! The base is more than enough power!

  • Very good car! - 1992 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    I bought this car used with about 66,000 miles and have had it until present April 2010 with 182,000 mi. It has performed very well. It always starts up in cold weather and runs well. I have had to repair it of course (normal wear and tear) but I like this car a lot and was (is still to a degree) a head turner. Very quick and fun to drive. Since it is FWD it pulls well in the snow but it has low clearance so if its more than 4 inches of snow I get stuck. I am about to buy a new car and will probably sell it. If I could afford to keep 2 cars I would keep it. I am sure this car would/will do 1 million miles.

  • Nothing Stealthy about it! - 1993 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    One of the best cars (out of 35+) Ive ever owned. Great, head-turning styling to this day, good acceleration for a non-turbo, and comfortable seating. Ive made 15-hour drives (Boca to DC) with only two gas stops and still had no back issues. The 20-gallon tank makes long trips a breeze, getting over 500 miles per tank. Have spent almost nothing on maintenance

  • 93 Dodge Stealth ES - 1993 Dodge Stealth
    By -

    For being my first Automatic Transaxle Drive car it is quick and fun. I wish they came standard with Neo Glo Gauges and cold air intake. Other than that the car is Beautiful, Especially when adding a full wide body kit and Dual Exhaust, and Lambo doors. The Head lights that Hide Away need to be like the non-Hide always like the 95 3000GT.

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