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  • Reliable family hauler - 2002 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    This van has been wonderful for our growing family. We took it on a trip the summer of 2003 from GA to MN back tom GA then to FL all in a 2.5 week time. We had ample room for our family of six and the vehicle performed flawlessly. We also pulled a camper from GA to AL and it had no troulbe. I couldnt even tell the camper was there. We love it!!!!!!

  • Big Hauler - 2000 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    I needed a big tough hauler. This van is that. Not refined, comfortable, quiet, easy to get into, economic, but for some reason it feels good TOWERING over everthing else except semis. Its 5.9L engine pulls this monster with seeming ease while hauling HEAVY loads, the towing package will pull trains. I had the standard setup and it does fine. If you need to get a lot of weight from here to there and dont care a lot about comfort or those irritating build/fit & finish things, check this van out.

  • Id recommend this for large families - 2001 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    Bought my van used, and have been happy with it since day one. Only problem Ive had to repair has been a battery cable. Its a tight squeeze in some parking structures, but I have not had any troubles driving it despite its large size.

  • Good All around workhorse - 2001 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    Bought used w/ 18k. Has big V8 with OD and HD rear gearing/ tow package. 14 MPG hwy - 13 city. Pulls 8k+ trailer with no problems. Little slow from 0- 30, but adequate above that even when towing. After 4 yrs and 70 k, no major problems. A bit large for maneuvers in small spaces.

  • 95 Ram Van - 1995 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    Very servicable from the start. Plenty of power,towed a heavy pop-camper at 95mph in Montana, I can always tow it at highway speed and keep up with any traffic. I do all maint. and most repairs myself. I fix before it breaks. Fuel pump went out at 123000, replaced water pump, alternater, starter just in case. I thought the trans was gone but only blew a hose. Uses about one quart of oil in 3000mi. Power door locks are not reliable. Windshield leaks and wind noise.

  • Good Rig - 2002 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    Have an 02 Ram Van 1500, Regency Conversion, 3.9l V6, 3 speed automatic. Bought it because it was roomy and relatively cheap ($19k brand new in Aug 03). I really like the van but my wife has trouble getting in and out of it. Passengers really, really like the 2nd row captains chairs and 3rd row bench. I added a flip down TV and they really enjoy that. I thought the V6 would be underpowered but except for merging onto freeways I am satisfied. 4 speed auto might have helped. Fuel economy is acceptable, 15 mpg typical on the highway, 13 in town. Have gotten 17 mpg on the highway if I keep my speed down.

  • Big and versatile - but tall - 2001 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    Bought new in 2000 for family of 6. 12 passenger with 360 cid, tow package and rear air. Has never let us down. nly had to replace front bearings once at 69,000. Chronic squeaky brakes. Otherwise mechanically rock solid, but the interior trim is poor quality with seat foam degradation, door panels coming loose and trim screws loose or falling out all over the place. Rode hard when empty, smooth when full. Love the versatility, better than any SUV. It was invaluable when building my deck and toting big screen TVs home or for friends. One downside is youre always on the call list to help people move. Glad we had it, but now that the kids are grown, time to get a smaller vehicle.

  • Worst vehicle I ever owned - 2001 Dodge Ram Wagon
    By -

    An absolute dog. Way underpowered for a 3/4 ton. Replaced front bearings five times by 85,000 miles. Transmission problem, chewed up brakes, electronic troubles, and on and on despite excellent maintenance. Finally gave up and traded on a Toyota 4runner.

  • Big Blue Van never dies! - 1996 Dodge Ram Wagon
    By -

    I admit it. I own a big blue van. The big, 15-pass airport shuttle bus van. I bought it because I race motorcycles all over the country and I dont like towing a trailer. I can fit two bikes, all of my gear, my significant other, and still have room to crawl in the back seat and take a nap. Very noisy, interior trim is very cheesy, and Ive broken a lot of plastic pieces. However, the drivetrain seems bullet proof. I almost ran it out of oil once and I just refilled it with no consequences. Has a lot of highway power, but oviously slow off the line, seeing how its nearly 6,000 lb. dry.

  • Dunbar van conversion - 2000 Dodge Ram Wagon
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    We love our 2000 Dodge Ram van Glaval conversion. The ride is smooth and comfortable. We like the view from over other vehicles in case of traffic stops or bad road conditions. Our two concerns are: 1. We are over 70 and getting in and out are getting more difficult. 2. There is not enough foot room in the front. One foot has to rest on the wheel well while driving or riding as a passenger in the front.

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