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  • I bought it used - 1999 Dodge Ram Van
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    Bought this baby used with 58,000 on it with no indication it had ever been worked on for major problems. Drove it from CA to MO twice and got between 13 and 17 mpg from the 318cc engine. Have replaced water pump, front wheel bearings, and spark plugs in the 20,000 miles I put on it. I have one concern with a noise from the tranny on backing up. This noise started after the van was frozen shut for several days during the ice storm in Springfield and the -5 degrees temps. This is the most comfortable ride I have ever owned although my Cadillac Biarritz was a close second.

  • Occasional user - 1999 Dodge Ram Van
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    Good hauling capacity, got the 6 way adjustible seats which are the cats pajamas, used mostly n the summer, fishtails on the slightest ice. Smooth riding for such a big vehicle. Would have liked the 3500 if I knew about the lower cargo capacity

  • This van is a workhorse - 2000 Dodge Ram Van
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    The only trouble I have ever had was the water pump going out at 120,000 miles which is not what I would call premature. Other than that Ive had to replace the heater blower motor resistor, the turn signal flasher, and the bulbs in the overhead brake light. Thats all. Not bad in my opinion. It now has 170,000 miles on it and is still in great shape (except for the paint peeling). Its a workhorse, having only failed on me when the water pump went out. Keep up on the regular maintenance and keep the fluids fresh and it will run forever. BTW, its a 1500 half ton with a 318 5.2 liter v8 loaded about 1000 pounds over gross weight that I put 3500 one ton springs on. I love my Dodge van!

  • i miss this van - 1997 Dodge Ram Van
    By -

    I purchased this van 1 year old used, a former fleet van. I have owned a 1991 dodge van previously. 1997 van had 3.9l v6 and 3-speed automatic trans. drivetrain not high on power but reliable and the transmisson worked well only problems were a cracked catalyst caused by using bosch platnum plus-4 spark plugs. ran this van overloaded most of the time and regularly exceeded tow rating bu 1500-2000 lbs van held up well to 3-years of my abuse then i traded it for a new 2001 dodge van. my 1997 sold to a friend of mine had 56,000 miles at trade now has 130,000 with no trouble while my 2001 van has been a nightmare 38,000miles 3 sets brakes weak 318 v8 and terrible tranny, eats rear tires, leaks, junk. will buy a ford van next time

  • Great work truck - 1997 Dodge Ram Van
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    Just want to say this has been a good van for our company bought with around 100k currently has 232k still on original engine 5.9 with overdrive. Van hauls all our equipment well with room to spare, pulls trailer fair. Just been a good reliable rig.

  • Nice Van for the Money - 1997 Dodge Ram Van
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    I leased this van as a used conversion van from the dealer in 99 with 20,000 miles on it. We have taken it on 2 trips to Florida and 1 to Green Bay Wisconsin from NY. It has been very reliable with the 3.9 V6 and 3 speed auto tranny. The ride in higher wind gusts is much better than that of the Ford or Chevy. Most who drive a full sized van probably have been blown all over the road, but this van is much more stable.

  • A good mix of quality and quantity - 2000 Dodge Ram Van
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    Of all the extended van designs, we found this van has the best seat for a driver with a sensitive back. Rear seating isnt as comfortable. This is our 2nd Ram van. The 12 passenger configuration is great for rear cargo area. Transmission is in the Ram van vocabulary. We carry 12 passengers daily. If you have transmission trouble, save yourself some grief and buy a new transmission.

  • Some problems but - 1997 Dodge Ram Van
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    We purchased the van new in 1997. It had been a good running vehicle other than every 3-4 years we had to replace the water pump. Pump cost 100 buck putting it in was 400. We never had a brake job until 2007. Took it in and the brakes fell off in the guys hand. But with the van at almost 150,000 miles, we are having more problems. I have already put in over $1000 into it and now the transmission is going out. They (mech) told me the brakes are going bad again also. Ive also notice it getting a bad oil leak now. But for 13 years she served her purpose. Overall, it was a nice family vehicle. If I had to do it over again. Dodge...yes

  • Dodge Van? never again! - 1999 Dodge Ram Van
    By -

    I bought this 1999 Dodge 3500 extended cargo van brand new. This was after owning three other dodge vans, which I was very happy with. The older vans were built much stronger and lasted much longer between repairs. This van has cost me more time and money than its worth. After just two years I had to sink over $1,700. for the front end to be rebuilt, The rotors were replaced twice at the cost of over$700., the fuel pump was also replaced, the oxygen sensors were replaced(by myself) for a cost of $179.00 for two,the sensor in the rear that controls the speedometer was replaced, etc.Today I was told that the heads need replacing, the fuel pump, the fuel jets,$3,600!!!.. Dodge? NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Clifford, The Big Red Dodge - 1997 Dodge Ram Van
    By -

    To set the record straight I bought my 1997 Dodge B1500 from a private party for $300 when the vehicle is worth $2500. It is a conversion van made by Primetime and I fell in love with it as soon as I drove it, though it stalled from a dry gas tank and the serpentine belt snapped, I felt like I had to have it. It is reliable for it has a small block v-8 and my father and I were shocked to see it still running strong with the work it needed and how bad the oil in it was. I.E. in severe need of a tune up and brakes. It still needs a bit of work but it preforms great! Gas economy is good too: 17-21, no lie! It is my first car and I love it greatly!

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