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The Dodge Magnum welcomed us to the American station wagon, Version 2.0. Most of us are familiar with the first version, the one that populated American roadways in the 1950s, '60s and '70s before being displaced by minivans and SUVs. Station wagon 2.0 was supposed to be a rebirth of sorts. The Dodge Magnum was intended to prove that the wagon could be cool again.

In terms of style, power and utility, there was nothing else quite like the Magnum. It attracted plenty of well-deserved attention because of its styling. Its long, low stance and flat tail end called to mind those wagons of decades past, but a rising beltline, tapering roof line, short overhangs, trucklike grille and prominent wheels gave it a contemporary and sporty appearance.

Sadly, Wagon Version 2.0 lived a short life. Apparently Dodge couldn't shake the Country Squire memories of Version 1.0, because it pulled the plug on the Magnum following 2008 due to slow sales. The Magnum still makes for an intriguing used car, though, particularly in V8-powered guise.

Most Recent Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum was sold from 2005-'08. When last sighted at Dodge dealerships, the Magnum was available in four trim levels -- SE, SXT, R/T and SRT8 -- which provided increasing levels of standard equipment and performance features. For power, the Magnum SE was equipped with a 200-horsepower V6. It provided adequate acceleration at best. Most will prefer either the 250-hp V6 in the SXT or the R/T's 340-hp V8. The SRT8 had an even larger V8 good for 425 hp. An automatic transmission was standard with all four engines.

Most Magnums were rear-wheel drive, but Dodge offered all-wheel-drive (AWD) versions of the SXT and RT. Because of their added traction capabilities, these AWD wagons could serve well as an SUV alternative for consumers living in poor-weather climates. No Magnum was really meant for towing, however.

In reviews of the Dodge Magnum, our editors praised the vehicle's roomy and comfortable interior, useful cargo area and inspiring performance. Though their fuel economy is naturally on the low side, the V8-equipped models are well suited for both long-distance cruising and stoplight encounters. The Magnum SRT8, for instance, can clear the quarter-mile mark in fewer than 14 seconds. Handling capabilities are also surprisingly composed on the higher level trims.

When the Magnum debuted for the 2005 model year, the RWD SXT model had a four-speed automatic transmission, but it was upgraded to a five-speed unit later in 2006 (AWD SXTs always had a five-speed). The optional R/T Performance Group model that arrived for 2007 added 10 horses, and an inside-out update for 2008 included higher-quality cabin materials and a more upscale appearance.

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  • Second Dodge Magnum - 2006 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Ive owned an SRT8 and now an RT. Wept when I sold the SRT8 and felt compelled to go back. Now have an 06 RT with SRT8 wheels ( wont work for an AWD). This is the perfect daddy wagon if your younger kids play sports. Its a high powered masculine minivan what car doesnt have stuff wear out or break but you gotta keep after these babies. My RT has over 150k mi and I think it will out live me. I know the HEMI will! It is a king on the road and folks move over when I am behind them and not even tailgating. Stock exhaust is a little too quiet for hellraising but perfect for the long ride home from the tournement with a load of ball players snoozing away with their gear safety Stowed in the rear. The car is ready for its next assignment and you can get a full mattress in the back with the seats folded down. Perfect for inexpensive overnight boat commissioning! And other stuff Im sure. This is the last true AMERICAN wagon even though it is made in Canada. There is nothing that looks like it -not anything that has the hidden utility, power, and speed. If you buy one make sure you service it. Put a K&n filter in it and dont panic if you get locked into park. Pull out your I phone and fix it yourself. This is a car that deserves to be preserved as part of the AMERICAN motoring history. Remember the commercial? Sports car driver looks over to the Magnum driver at the red light and asks "Hey whaddya got in there?" Magnum guy pauses and turns around the replies, "A ladder, surfboard, shovel,..." The daddywagon rocks.

  • Its been a nightmare - 2006 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Since ive had this car, the water pump, upper control arms, tie rod ends, gas tank, and thermostat had to be replaced in less than 4 months.

  • dodge magnum 05 de junk - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    05 dodge magnum shifter gets stuck in park due to cheap you plastic in shift assembly. Had it repaired at dealer for 390 but still pump brakes to get it in gear. Engine rebuilt at 60,000 miles due to lifter failure and I use synthetic 05w20 oil. This is my 3rd dodge product, never buy another. I see why they got fined 105 million

  • Love the power [non-permissible content removed] - 2006 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Fuel sucks but comfort and power is awesome!!! Added exhaust and cold air intake to add more horsepower,overall, I would recommend to anyone.

  • Fun, fun, fun! - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    I am 6 3" my wife is 61" and the youngest daughter is 64",,,,,, there is no shortage of room in this car and the 5.7 Hemi has the power to make it move. The suspension rivals many sports cars and the weight distribution is 51/49 front/rear which adds to the handling capabilities. I did not buy it for fuel economy, but at 15 city and 24 highway I am more than pleased. One of the most fun cars I have owned and driven. Its a shame they stopped producing it

  • This is power - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Bought this one a few months ago with only 98,000 miles on it. I put mid grade gas. 45 dollars to fill up the tank and lasts a week. Putting about 40 miles daily. As long as oil change plug wires and fuel cleaner is done every 4,000 miles(full synthetic) sea foam fuel cleaner, runs perfect solid smooth. Oil change is about 70 16 plugs runs about the same for good quality. But on the highway no daily driver can catch up to you. Peaking at 148 mph. Back from jersey at night no Lexus or Mercedes can keep up. Warning pistons rated at a max of 500hp. Be careful tuning just add k&n flow master full exhaust w headers and family and muscle car cant ask for more as a family man.

  • magnums rock - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    I bought an 05 sxt awd. it now has 89.000 miles on it and I have never had a problem. keep up with the required maintenance and it should last a long time. I installed a mopar cold air intake from mopar performance and bought a predator tuner and did the 93 octane performance tune and what a difference. with the predator it is like a different car. you can change the axle ratio for quicker acceleration and the transmission to shift firmer. you can make the autostik so it will not shift for you so you can actually hold the gear to the full 6.500 rpms.. my magnum is black and gets a lot of compliments. I just replaced the sparkplugs myself and taking off the upper intake manifold is not to bad

  • Best Car Ive Owned in 50 Years - 2008 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    I special ordered my 2008 Magnum SXT for delivery in the USA while serving in, Afghanistan. It currently has 50K miles on it, most of the miles from long-distance driving. It averages about 27 mpg at 65-70 mph. Out west, at altitudes above 5,000 ft, where the speed limit is 80, the mileage jumps to 33 mpg. Most of the miles on the car have been cross country. I was stopped by a police officer only once. The officer only wanted was to know the name of the color on the car. She loved the color. This is the most comfortable riding and reliable vehicle I have owned n 50 years. The only problem I have had in 5 years was a burned-out license plate light bulb.

  • clear coat shedding off all plastic bumbers - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    Now when I bought this car new it was sitting on the show room floor and was loaded with every option the 05 had listed. Yes I even had heated seats WOW! $43.000 American, my first house cost 23,000. Bought it for my wife with dreams of getting it after she grew tried of it. Still waiting..... I wash the car myself and about 2008 saw a small chip in the front paint and a small rust spot. Heck I thought it was a road stone which chip the clear coat. Now 6 years later the whole top of the front plastic where the hood closes is peeled. As I washed it I notice the back bumper is also faded and pealing. Anyone else have this? planetary gears replaced, nav toggle broke ect..

  • So far so good - 2005 Dodge Magnum
    By -

    I have had my Magnum for about 4 months now and it is one of the best cars i have ever owned. The 2.7L motor has plenty of go, and havent had any problems with the car so far. The design is nice and it is a fairly comfortable car, even for a guy like myself that is 6 foot 1 and 295 pounds. The seats took some getting used to (my other car is a 1983 Cadillac Deville, so the seats are like couches) but otherwise, i have no complaints. My wife uses this as her daily driver, and after adding a set of Firestone Winterforce studded tires to the car, we had no problems getting through the snow or ice in the winter. Overall, very satisfied and looking forward to owning this car for a lot of years.

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