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Dodge showed up late to the midsize crossover SUV segment, finally entering the marketplace with the Dodge Journey. But the company that created the minivan has some party tricks of its own. Dodge has a proven track record of creating vehicles that can quickly transform from people mover to cargo hauler with minimal fuss. Add to that Dodge's characteristically muscular exterior styling treatment, and you have two factors that can help the Journey stand out in a crowded room.

The Journey features an in-betweener size that straddles the compact and midsize crossover segments. It offers cargo and passenger room similar to that of larger compact SUVs, but like a midsize model, offers a more substantial feel and an available third-row seat. As such, the Journey strikes an interesting blend of utility and comfort for families. Unfortunately, early Journeys fell well short of most rivals, particularly in regards to driving dynamics and interior refinement. Major improvements made to the Journey a few years after its debut have rectified most of the model's past ills, but in general, this Dodge lacks the general overall refinement of newer competitors.

Current Dodge Journey
The Dodge Journey is offered in five trim levels: American Value Package (AVP), SE, SXT, Limited and R/T. The entry-level AVP, SE and SXT models come standard with a rather weak 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 173 horsepower, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration is sluggish and fuel economy is subpar, so we highly recommend going with the 3.6-liter V6 (optional on the SXT and standard on the Limited and R/T). Its fuel economy and acceleration are mediocre at best, but it can at least get the Journey moving with some authority. A six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift control is standard, as is front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is offered as an option.

Even the entry-level AVP and SE trims come very well equipped, with notable features including dual-zone manual climate control, keyless ignition/entry, a sliding and reclining second-row seat, a touchscreen audio interface and USB/iPod connectivity.

As is typical for this class, there is an abundance of luxury and convenience features available by stepping up to one of the upper trim levels. These include power front seats, leather upholstery, heated seats, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, a navigation system and premium audio. Parents and kids alike should appreciate the available built-in child booster seats and DVD entertainment system.

Unlike the first few model years of the Journey, this equipment comes packed into an attractive interior with nice materials and solid construction. There are also myriad storage solutions that increase appeal, with containers that double as coolers and an innovative hidden compartment under the front passenger seat cushion. In terms of space, the Journey's first two rows offer comfort and versatility. The third row is very short on legroom and suitable for small children only, but is nevertheless a rare feature for SUVs of this size. Cargo space is roughly on par with the larger compact crossovers.

As we've noted in reviews, the Dodge Journey has impressed us with its flexible seating and smooth ride. But the base four-cylinder engine is underpowered and lacks any significant fuel savings. The V6 is the engine to get, but in general, the Journey is one of the oldest crossovers on the market and is greatly overshadowed by newer competitors.

Used Dodge Journey Models
The Dodge Journey was introduced for the 2009 model year in SE, SXT and R/T trim levels. We weren't very impressed with these 2009 and '10 models. Besides the weak base four-cylinder engine that carries on today, the other engine option was a lackluster 3.5-liter V6 that made only 235 hp. No matter which engine you went with, acceleration was either slow or glacial. Other Journey drawbacks included soggy handling, vague steering, cheap interior materials, dated design and poor build quality.

For 2011, the Journey was significantly overhauled, and we would suggest considering only models produced from this year onward. That year's refresh brought about a more powerful and efficient V6, revised suspension tuning and a completely redesigned interior with better materials, tighter construction and a smarter control layout. The improvements in ride quality and steering feel made the Journey more competitive with the top-ranked crossovers in this class. Since then, changes have essentially been limited to a shuffling of trim levels and equipment.

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  • Nice Car - If You Can Get It Started - 2009 Dodge Journey
    By -

    For some reason, after passing the 50,000 mile mark, the 2009 Journey decides if and when it wants to start. Dealers have numerous guesses - most of which make no sense - but no one seems to have found a permanent solution. Dodge doesnt seem to care if the owners are satisfied or not. They have known about this problem for several years and have offered no ideas. The dealers will tell you that their computer has determined that your battery is bad - even if you just spent several hundred dollars replacing it. In most cases it isnt the battery. For some reason the anti-theft starter lockout system engages and the starter will not operate. Another problem (in my estimation) is visibility. The windshield pillar/outside rear view mirror location combination allows for a significant blind spot where whole cars can disappear. The very large mirror (great size!) housing should be suspended from the top instead of the bottom. Mirror would still provide excellent vision to the rear of the car and it would substantially decrease the size of that blind spot. Bottom line is that the car is above average in almost everything including the frustration it causes the owner because of the unreliability issue. I suspect the resale value will come up quite a bit if the starting problem is ever solved. THANKS DODGE FOR MAKING A VERY NICE VEHICLE THAT BECOMES USELESS AFTER 50K MILES!

  • I have driven 5 of these buses - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Front seats stiff and not very comfortable, A-pillar blocks a lot of side view traffic. Large blind spots, mirrors not big enough, Rear seat headrests block view from rear window. Car tends to pull in one direction , doesnt seem to steer straight. Transmission is poor, takes for ever for the V6 to get up to highway speeds. Engine deserves something better than the current transmission. Cheap looking plastics inside, they crack or break. Windows seem to have a lot of noise at highway speeds. Could use better tires and better suspension too. I have had 5 of these as company vehicles since 2009. Overall design is OK but cant understand why Fiat cant fix these same old issues.

  • dodge journey - 2010 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I have had my journey for a month now brought with 30,000 miles. Have not had any problems with it others then its a 4 cylinder so take off is like a old lady running after a bus with a walker lol other than that and my music from my phone like Pandora wont play without an axillary cord its such a shame I wont keep this long about a year and Im moving on to the car I wanted. Its a nice SUV all the bells and whistles its just a dodge there not built to last long

  • My Journey - 2011 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I absloutely love my journey. I have taken it on road trips and the gas mileage is way better then what the sheet says. Highway I am averaging 30.8 mpg, and the city is 23.3 mpg. I had a 2011 Chrysler 200 and I would not change purchasing my car. I have a Great Dane, Rottweiler and Border Collie...all three fit with ample amounts of room compared to my 200. Awesome storage for their toys, food and water. Love this car!!!

  • Garbage - 2009 Dodge Journey
    By -

    worst car I ever drove ,loved the dodge Durango but the Journey sucks like a vacuum cleaner. To many break jobs /rotor repairs /car will not start unless you put it in neutral . Lost all my tire sensors w/in the first 3 months and the dealership wanted to charge 64.00 each to replace them (BS) they put the battery in a location on the car so you have to remove the front tire to get to it. Then the dealership charges you 120.00 to switch it out. NEVER AGAIN WILLL I PURCHASE A DODGEEEEEEEEE AGAIN. NEVER..HATE THIS INVESTMENT.

  • Journey 2010 stays parked more than we can drive i - 2010 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Well ive owned 4 dodges from when i was a teenager i got 70 T/AChallenger. That was a fun car no problems other than what i caused. An 87 Ram 50 new bad engine almost had to lemon law to get Dodge to get it fixed and that was a new motor. Then 2013 Charger sxt had electrical problems from day one traded it back in less than a month on a 2010 Journey nice lookig but has way more problems than i want to deal with. Go to start it next day click click wont start. Wouldnt take a jump wiggled the shifter it started so for a couple of weeks we did that then that didnt work all the time. Took it to tge dealer it wouldnt do it for them so we got it back and drove it for about 2 more weeks until it was just dead wouldnt start no matter what. Looked it up on line told them i want the WIN MODE replaced under recall welk until it did it to them they still fix it so we left it with the dealer for over 2 weeks paying for a rental car. The dealer called said they replaced battery alt,starter, win mode and we gt it back again. 2 days later we are still wiggling the shifter to get it started but it dont work every time. I just got it back again and ts still click no start sometimes. Couldnt use it fir 3 days rented another car. I am having a tough time making a payment on it now since i have to rent cars all the time now. The brakes are very bad car shimmys when applied even had the tlrotors replaced as i was told they were warped but they arent so i cant afford this car any more. The dash is dead nothing happens at all with flashers and esp ect, cruise dont work and it eats tires. I never liked front drive cars and this confirms my reasons why. I had so many missed days off from work and rented so many cars to get to work i actually lost my job with that company. At 59 years old try and get another job in this economy NOT EASY so i say if you buy a Dodge journey you will like me regret it big time. Dodge wont help they just said its a power train issue and your out of warranty. I can tell when someone is reading a script and that person was . I will now apply all my efforts and money to the media so that everyone will see how well Dodge cares about service and helping out the customer. With my big mouth and all my friends and news media will make Dodge pay in one way or another from lack of sales and loss of new and old customers to what ever it takes to get dodge to replace the car with another vehicle that dont have 15 recalls on it. Im just waiting for the day it shuts off while driving like someone i met told me they had happen and dodge knows all about these problems and does nothing about it. It will take a bunch to get me happy with a MOPAR again.

  • luvinflorida - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    I bought my Dodge Journey Crossroads brand new in April 2015, I was so disappointed that it did not come with navigation or DVD player but did come with a big 8" screen...for what if you can`t watch a movie or follow navigation ?? The radio is something cheap and not a Bose. I would have also liked to have seen it come with a sunroof, this car offers nothing really for a $35,000 price tag !!!! NO WOW factor at all. I did buy the 4 cyl model which was a Big mistake as it has NO power and takes forever and a ton of gas to get up to speed. I`m waiting for the time when I can trade this SUV in as I will do it with a Smile on my face as I will Never buy another one again !!!!!!!

  • Clunks!! - 2014 Dodge Journey
    By -

    It CLUNKS when shifting into gears. Dealership says it is normal, it is just air in the lines. Has anyone else heard this? Not very happy at all with this vehicle. Ready to trade it in on a Toyota.

  • whiney whisltley - 2015 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Diappointed gear whine/whistle noise at 65-70 mph. Like an old schoolbus. Hav driven rentals before without this noise. Maybe just the late 2015s? Swtched supplier? Would have otherwise been great car.

  • Good SUV for the Money - 2014 Dodge Journey
    By -

    Have had an SE for 14 months. The Good: Great Storage options, nice interior, useful third row, Bluetooth controls. The OK: Fuel mileage ( after 16,000 miles my avg MPG is 23.5). The Bad: 4 cylinder is a little underpowered, no daytime running lights standard.

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