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  • My Beginning Car - - 1991 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    Got this car given to me when I was 16 and drove it until I was 20, when it was stolen! Watch out - thieves like to steal this car just like another reviewer said! Luckily I found the car, recovered it and got it back 1 month later, and now it is still running today. This is a great car, very durable and takes abuse well. It is inexpensive to maintain and it extremely reliable. Id highly recommend it if youre on a budget! It was great for someone like me just learning to drive. So happy I found this car.

  • A Great Car for its Time - 1990 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    I got this car used and the odometer was stuck at 86k miles so im not sure exactly how many miles were on it but I would say over 150k more than likely. I loved this car but the age of it started getting to me around my second year of driving it. The only problems was that the a/c quit on me which sucks in Florida and the shocks were in need of some attention, and the nail in the coffin for it was that the tranny quit and it was time to get a new car after the second year. I am drawn to this cars exterior for some reason it just looks great to me and I loved this ones color (champagne) the most. I would have kept this car as long as it ran if I got it 10 years ago but its to old now.

  • WOW - 1992 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    This is my third car and I am 22 years old. To me this car would not have been my choice in car because of the appearance of it ( not being my style ). The car is super comfy and out of the other cars that I have owned this is the best one. However I am having a few problems with it. The hood latch is sticking, it stutters when I accelerate, and the buttons for the heat and air are sticking. With an old car I expect to have some problems but overall its a good car.

  • Sons First Car - 1993 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    We got this off a neighbor for $200.00 and initially I thought I got a lemon. There was an electrical quirk, but my mechanic fixed it. Since it sat, it needed a few things, and the previous owner didnt have the right person work on it, so about $2500. later, the car runs great. Not too bad for a first car with NO CAR PAYMENT! I have a 1990 Daytona and I was never a sedan person, but I find myself loving this car. I was told that the 4 cyl. was very rare in this model. It has the exact same engine as my Daytona does. I told my son if he ever decides to get a new car, I want it back.

  • LOVE MY GRANDMA CAR!!! - 1991 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    I bought my Dynasty from my Grandmother in 1998. She bought it from Budget car sales when it only had 30,000 miles on it. I bought it with 98,000 miles and as of today it currently has 200,000+ miles on it and is still running strong! I have had to rebuild the transmission but besides normal stuff that you need to repair/replace, Ive never had a problem with it. Its NEVER left me stranded anywhere and the seats are still to this day so COMFY! The seats alone are every reason to own this car! Great engine, great comfort, great design! Dodge made a big mistake getting rid of this automobile! Ill drive it until the body rusts away!!!!!! LOVE MY DODGE!!!!

  • Stupid Dodge Dynasty - 1993 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    I bought my Dodge at a car lot used with 56,000 miles. Here it is 3 months later and with only 61,000 miles the transmission is out. I would not recommend this car........serious! Dont buy one!!!!

  • Have owned two Dynastys. - 1993 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    My first, a 91 Dynasty with 3.3L engine, caused me no problems at all for the three year I had it except that the belt would squeak. Hit a deer with 210,000 miles and totaled it. Second one, a 93 Dynasty, however has had a few problems. Like mentioned before, in cold weather the doors dont want to close. I had to remove the stiff grease from inside the door mechanisms and replace it with a graphite lubricate to fix. It also has the 3.3L engine and the belt squeaks on it too. Have tried 3 different belts. Fuel economy not what it should be. The 91 got about 25mpg, the 93 about 16mpg. Same engine .. still trying to figure it out.

  • Performance racer - 1992 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    I bought this car and it had over 400,000 mi on it. The transmission has never been replaced. \The major transmission problem a lot of people have is called a transmission filter, change it! Its like an oil filter. If you dont change it, a disaster could occur. I have overhauled this thing from top to bottom. I put in a high performance air intake from a 92 Mitsubishi 3000GT which shares the same engine and I put on a hood scoop, custom headlights, stobes, sirens, performance AV, and performance lifters, I squeezed 275 horsepower out of this granny car. Thing goes 0-60 in about three seconds. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

  • 1993 Dynasty Marathoner - 1993 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    I bought this car new and still have it with 340,000 miles. Has original engine, trans rebuilt at 300,000. Normal maintenance. Some minor problems but overall good performance. all it does is run. Wont quit. Got a new Hemi Charger but still drive the Dynasty to work.

  • Hate to part with it - 1992 Dodge Dynasty
    By -

    The $17,519 [including tax & tags] 92 Dynasty has been a most reliable, comfortable, and beautiful car. Was repainted the original gray several years ago, making its appearance especially nice even today. Rare item are leather seats special ordered. Saw only 2 others in all the years Ive owned this Dynasty and one of them was at the Washington DC Car show. Also added the wire wheels. Unfortunately, the car has been neglected in recent years. Things are breaking and not getting repaired because, somehow, they dont interfere with the cars operation. Waxed it last week, & managing to lose an irreplaceable wheel cover soon thereafter. Transmissions were notoriously weak on Dynasty

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