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  • Daytona ES - 1991 Dodge Daytona
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    I own a 91 Daytona ES that I just drove back from NM back to Denver. It just turned over 147k. This car has been in the family since it was new on the show room floor so I know the history of the car. I have taken excellent care of it and love the way it looks and drives on the interstate. Ive had to replace the fuel pump after 20 years just replaced the rack and pinion clutch timing belt brakes and regular maintenance to the vehicle. I would like to enhance the power and suspension and fix it all up, but my brother tells me "You cant polish a turd"! (Rude) The interior and exterior are in excellent shape aside from the front fender from hitting and killing a dear.

  • 1987 daytona shelby z - 1990 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    My 1987 shelby z is 24 years old. i bought it brand new in sept. 87. it has 76.000 hard driven miles on it and has never let me down. by hard i mean i raced it at englishtown nj for four years and alot of racing in north jersey. and the drive train is all original except the clutch. this car is way fun to drive and VERY FAST with a few simple mods. the 2.2 intercooled turbo is a great bullitt proof motor and way underrated by ford and gm guys. if you are lucky enough to find an 87 in decent shape buy it! the 87 motor has the 2 piece intake manifold. the 88 and up have the one piece cast manifold.

  • 1993 Dobitshi Daytona ES 3.0L V6 - 1993 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    Bought the car from a private seller about 2ish years ago for $1000. Since then Ive put about 700 dollars under the hood from blown head gaskets and radiators. I get about 8 MPG city and maybe 14 MPG highway, which is worse than corvettes of the time with much less power. I wouldnt recommend this car to anyone unless they bought the IROC or dropped a V8 RWD conversion into it to make it true muscle. I do, however, like the sound of the car. The day I bought it, I put a Thrush Turbo muffler on it and routed the exhaust out behind the doors. As I drive down the road, I can hear the Mitsubishi V6 growl like a caged animal. Interior is great. The true bucket seats are great to sleep in.

  • turbo dodges rule! - 1990 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    i bought my 87 daytona shelby z brand new and have loved it ever since i have driven this car very hard and have never had a mechanical problem i raced this car at the mopar atlantic nationals at e-town in n.j. since 1991 the car handles awesome and is great to cruise in during the summer with the t tops off after 21 years of ownership i thought i would never get rid of this car but i recently gave it to my son for his 18th birthday so he and his future wife can enjoy it as much as is mother and i have

  • 20 years old and still starts right up - 1990 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    A 5-start safety rating - without airbags! When younger, my Daytona was scary-fast, stock. Unstoppable in snow, and still starts right up, whether its -40 or +40 (Celsius). Needed some repairs over the years, but what a trooper this car is. As for handling, this car goes wherever you point it - its amazing how this car takes corners: with NO body roll, this car saves you when you take corners too fast. Together with the turbo (which has never died on me), this cars performance and handling make it capable of handling almost ANYTHING. Im sorry mines getting old - they dont make parts for it anymore, and even the junk yards dont have them. My first car, and best car I ever drove.

  • Dodge Daytona ES - 1993 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    This was my second vehicle, I was 18 and wanted a sports car and thought this would fit nicely. Very comfortable seating, decent power and gas mileage, nothing to rave about. Personally loved the looks of the 93 Daytona, beautiful vehicle. Replaced the starter and the fuel pump in three years ownership at about 120k miles. A little too much body roll IMO for a sports car. Liked the Mitsubishi 3.0 v6, had alright low end, grabbed nicely in mid range, but I believe the governor started in at 90 MPH and cut you off at 110. Typical for dodge cars.

  • 2.5 Turbo built drag car - 1991 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    I built up this car for drag racing, installed Mopar injectors, high flow fuel pump, hybrid turbo, OBX limited slip diff, etc etc. Chrysler built these cars STRONG from the factory, they can take tons of abuse. I have had little to no issues with the car at all. The seats are comfy and hold you in your seat around turns, and are power adjustable. The 5 speed manual gearbox is the only way to go in my opinion, and the car has taken many clutch-dump launches with ease.

  • Best car in the world - 1991 Dodge Daytona
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    I own this beauty for almost 7 months and I would say I had some small issues, but she didnt let me down at all. Mine is not a Shelby but C/S edition which has all of the Shelby package in it and runs light rocket. This is my favorite car of all time and with cheap upgrades you can make these run 11-12 in 1/4 mile. The only thing is because i got the Shelbys Maximum Performance package, my suspensions are so stiff that the car doesnt like bumps at all.

  • The Flame - 1991 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    Great car to drive. I have a five speed with a V6. It still competes with the best of them. This has over 250,000 miles on it and it still gives any car in its class or higher a good run. People still ask me whats under the hood. I say just change the oil every 3000 miles and tune it up with some plugs every 5000 miles. The car is great on gas. The best part, I brought this car for $300.00 sitting in someones backyard with weeds growing around it and wasp nest in the door jambs. I was told it hasnt run for years. "One day it stop running." So I hook up some cables to the battery. It turns, but didnt start. No spark. I change the coil, turn the key...Voom! on the first crank. What a car!

  • OMG Automatic - 1990 Dodge Daytona
    By -

    This car has been very good to me other then the usual replacements on a used car with 160,000 miles. But I happened to get the automatic, which lets just say all should stay away from, because once one thing goes, it all goes as I found out. The speed stinks. It takes about 1/4-3/8 of a mile to get to 55mph. All the engine and transmission gaskets are leaking, the floor pans are all gone under both passenger and drivers feet, and the supports through the floor pans are broke and about gone.

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