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  • It can take a beating. - 2001 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    My mom bought this car new in 2001. I learned how to drive using this car. Later on I got this car when my mom moved away and I put 15 inch rims and a exhaust system. Now the car has 151000 km and it still runs fine even though we leave it sitting outside for one year since we only come here summers and it starts up just fine. It is upsetting that I can afford a much better car but because the Lanos has so much sentiment and still runs I cant get rid of it. I have an add online for its sale and I am rude to everyone that calls about it. Now this car has been to every Greek Island. I have beaten it to death in off-road situations trying to find the next cool place to smoke weed or have sex. I have taken long 3-5 hours trips hitting topspeed of 190 km the whole time at insane 6000rpm redlining the whole way. I have moved entire homes with this car several times with so much weight the wheels were rubbing against the frame. I have banged it up like you wouldnt imagine and my mom who is a bad driver has destroyed every bumper and panel. I have yet to see any rust. This car has had the worst treatment from a young and dumb driver. 20 years later here it is a constant reminder of everything stupid I have done with it. Now while my new Toyota Prius has its fair share of problems. This little cheapo Korean box still runs after two accidents and two bad drivers. Insane how sometimes things that shouldnt work do. And also no one will ever steal and you can drive around in the ghetto with windows down no one will rob you. You cannot kill a Daewoo Lanos. It might outlive me.

  • daewoo lanos 3d 1.4 - 1998 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    have this car from new, now its 20 years old, i always take care of it, i like this car never had problems with it because its a GM car or vauxhall/opel as known in europe, i have it in exxelent condition will keep it for many years more, i hate the new cars full of plastic parts and electronics

  • The best first car! - 2001 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    These cars are a rare sighting these days and I often wonder if I am driving the only Daewoo left on the road. My grandmother gave me this car about 4.5 years ago because she was afraid of not being able to get parts. The car was in perfect shape with only 39k miles. I have since driven this car very hard, I commute an hour to school in all weather (western NY winters!) and put a lot of miles on it. I may [non-permissible content removed] from everyone who sees it but I truly love this car! For being 15 years old Margaret needs minimal repairs and gets me where I need to go. It will truly be a sad day when I have to get a new vehicle.

  • GREAT SMALL CAR - 2002 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    Every one talks bad about the car since brand is not well known, but if go in to detail youll see this daewoo stopped production on 2002 but the car itself (machine under chasis) continue to be produce under different makes and model names. This is way people would say (You will never find parts for that car) and when you go online youll find that engine search like amazon or Google would say this car fits several parts from different makes, so guess what!!! you have more parts than any one car out there. now, when it comes to cheap yes, is a cheap and reliable car, dont complain about this car saying how crappy [non-permissible content removed] it is, is true is cheap, but thats what youre paying, dont compare it to a bmw or fancy one, as far I myself Ive one bought this year and got clear was a cheap standar car, no bad or excellent at all, but it turned out to be a very good reliable car, super smooth to drive not as hard as the volskwagen jetta Ive had before and being a better make, but this one comes out ahead on comfort, overall Im happy with this car, is just what I was looking for and what I need.

  • Best car ever - 2001 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    I have had the car since it was new. Bought it right off the showroom floor in October of 2000. In the 14 years of owning it its only needed minor maintence. In 2001 and in 2002 it needed brakes both times as the factory brakes were defective from the beginning. It needed more brakes in 2009 when a mechanical failure occured. In 2008 it needed a new battery the OEM battery lasted 8 yrs, In 2013 it needed brake lines and a brake hose and in 2014 it needed a new thermostat. All in all this car is great it is dependable and it has lasted most of 14 years on just oil changes. Only problem ive had with it is the fact the A/C never worked from the getgo

  • My Daewoo Lanos Hatchback or 3 drs, - 1999 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    I still have it and driving it. It a great car I turned in to a racer. So bsd they don`t sell it more in Puerto Rico. I had to do some changes because most of its part don`t sell it no more. Most of its part had to buy by the net to e-bay. Or get the from other cars at the Yunkers.

  • Need Another One - 2000 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    Here it is almost 2011 and the old girl is still going strong. Nearly 200,000 miles. This car has paid for itself many times over! When it does die on me. Will be like losing a member of the family!

  • LoveALanos - 2001 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    I was interested in a hyundai excel until i test drove the daewoo lanos and fell in love. It is a great little car, and the only thing i have replaced in the 4 years i have had it is the battery.I am glad i went with daewoo now as a friend bought the hyundai excel and has had nothing but probs with it.The daewoo lanos is better on fuel, has less road noise, and is actually faster, and to top it all off our family of four fit perfectly in it. Greatest purchase i ever made.Even the hubby(ford ute man) loves to drive it and i have trouble getting the keys back off him! The only problem i have found is the headlights arent that great, even after putting better globes in but all up,i love my lanos

  • Like it, but has issues - 2000 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    I had my Daewoo Lanos for about 7 months now and I like it so far and I havent had issues with it until now. all just minor for a car with 60k (front and rear brakes, tie rod, RF Caliper, and electrical issues). Gas mileage is ok on this car. I average around 300 miles to a tank of gas. Its pretty fun to drive, but parts are hard to find and I have to order even the easiest of parts for it.

  • My Review Of the Deawoo Lanos - 1999 Daewoo Lanos
    By -

    I have had it for two years. No major repairs. Only one minor repair. But the minor one of a hose. My mechanic said it was hard to get a hose He said luckily this was a minor repair but what happen if it becomes major. He said for this car parts are going to get hard and hard to find. This is the only reason why i am even considering selling it. It is such a reliably car only if you take care of routine maintenance, even then it cuts you a little slack. This is the best car and the least expensive car i have ever purchased, EVER. Dont worry about breaking down i can get in and go just about anywhere. Can park just about anywhere

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