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  • It gave me what I wanted - 2003 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Bought it with 130,000 on the clock, and would still be driving it if it wasnt for Hurricane Sandy. For a minivan, it did what I wanted: hauled my family and stuff in reasonable comfort for a relative minimum of maintenance hassle. Watch that underside-stowed spare tire: it rusts harder than granite. It drove less than confidently in snow. Had to have the exhaust manifold replaced at about 140,000, but otherwise required no serious work. Overall, it gave me what I wanted.

  • Works for me - 2001 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Bought my 2001 late 2004 as the second owner, it had 40,000 miles on it. At 90,000 decided that doing preventative repairs would be cheaper than a new used car whose history I didnt know. Changed the shocks, struts/springs, rack & pinion steering, timing belt, tune up, radiator and transmission flush, brakes and a number of other things that escape memory. It now has around 103,000 miles and it is my primary transport. I am a single man and removed the bench seats and have used it for camping trips and hauling furniture. I also renovated my house and used this van to haul everything from Lowes or Home Depot including sacks of cement. I have a love/hate relationship with this vehicle.

  • Chrysler> 2001 Voyager - 2001 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Buying this at 168,000 miles, for $2120 USD out the door ( tax, tag , and title) So far all I can tell its going to need is struts and an AC blower motor resistor. You can tell its the resistor because it only functions on high. Dont let a mechanic sock you with a new part! The body has some minimal rust in the usual spots. Over all the cargo and people space is great. The sound system is easily upgradable with 6x9s in the rear and front doors and an easy dash kit. Looks just like a town and country, but with a shorter wheel base (6"). So far I have had it 3 weeks with no problems and i tank of gas. I love the MPG., and the flex fuel option with my 3.3l v6.

  • great minivan - 2002 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    bought this van 6 years ago with 55000 mile gas mileage is good 18 city 24 hwy i have hauled everything in this van it has been the best van i have owned no major problems reg maint oil changed every 4000 miles i put lukus in trans at 56000 miles now has 133000 trouble free and 3 sets of frt brakes one battery if it ever stops running i will buy another.

  • 2000 Chrysler Voyager 4-cyl, automatic - 2000 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    This is the basic model (Base), and I bought it new in February 2000. It has a large 4-cylinder engine, which allows for pleasantly surprising acceleration, yet 22 miles-per-gallon performance over all. However, I did have to pay to add cruise control and a roof rack. It does have an automatic transmission, which I also prefer.Everything else is manual (windows, door locks, etc.), but that is what I prefer. Aside from what I mentioned in suggested improvements, performance and function have been reliable and pleasing. At 70k miles, the brake pads have had to be replaced once and as well as the battery (at 10 years). I do try to keep it serviced regularly with 5 quarts of synthetic oil.

  • favorite minivan - 2000 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    We purchased two used Chryslers during the same year. The 3.0 without 4 speed - overdrive got worse mileage than the 3.3 with overdrive in all conditions. The 3.0 never gets out of second gear until reaching 40 MPH. So, driving in the city is not efficient. The 3.3 has LOTS of power and gets 16-city and 23.5 HWY. Now, I am always looking for a low mileage V6 Caravan or Chrysler van but MUST HAVE 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION. I do not like the newer 09-10 ones with the lower front suspension.

  • 93,000 mile report card - 2000 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Bought new in Mar 2000. I own the base 2.4 L auto with no options. I have never done less than 20 mpg. Average 24 and have don 29 mpg on highway. Its simple, do a service on the auto tans every 30k miles. Do Not shift abusive, use the trans. gently. Also, thats how to maximize the MPG. I live in the very congested SF Bay area and still achieve these real MPG as stated. This is not an exciting vehicle to drive. But when I realize that Ive not even replaced the orig battery, that the orig tires went to 65K miles, and not a single light bulb has even been replaced. How can a vehicle be more reliable than that? It did have a rear brake job and all sched maint. done on-time. A++ van!

  • Still going strong - 2003 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Reliable car, runs well still. How much fun can a minivan be to drive, so I only gave it a 5. The baseline model could of used a few features like heated mirrors, power windows. Otherwise the exterior is a nice look. The stow and go seating would of been a nice touch. However the car is still going strong and I hope to take it over 100k before I begin to think about replacing it.

  • Very Lucky - 2002 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    We bought this van when it was 3 yrs old, it has been so reliable. Once it hit 140,000 miles, we had to start replacing items water pump, both front wheel bearings, rotors, valve cover gasket and transmission pump. Its now "brand new" again, no way ill get rid of it. This is so comfortable, sturdy and easy to drive. In town gas mileage is TERRIBLE, highway is great

  • You get your moneys worth. - 2003 Chrysler Voyager
    By -

    Purchased car new in 2003, and now have 55,000 miles on the odometer. Car still has original brakes, tires and battery. This van has been problem free from day one. Easy to park and drive in the city, and on the highway you can lock the cruise control on 70 MPH, and the van rsponds effortlessly. There is very little wind or engine noise. Gets about 22 MPG on average. Its amazing how much stuff you can haul when you remove the 3rd row seat.

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