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  • its a beast when taken care of properly - 1997 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    My Chrysler lhs is a beast for one reason for having 250,000 miles still going

  • Have Always Loved This Car - 2000 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    This is our second LHS. We bought it 7 years ago as the second owner with 64k miles on it. Weve loved it ever since. Weve only ever done routine maintenance until we hit 215k when we had a noise from the differential. We had the tranny and differential rebuilt (its one unit) and shes been running strong to this day. Shes at 226k and showing no signs of giving up. Our friends always want to take our car because its so comfortable. She always has plenty of power and is fun to drive. We average 24 to 25 mpg between in town and highway which isnt bad for such a large car! Very sad they dont still make them!

  • Nice when newer, BUT... - 1996 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Like anything else on wheels, problems start cropping up when the years add on...Bought mine used at just under 130K...At that time, everything worked, except the air conditioner, which the lack of, really has an overall effect on a full-time automatic climate system...Heat will come on in the middle of a hot summer day, and will take its grandiose time to do its job come the winter...With these cars, servicing/replacing the A/C is a MUST, and that can get expensive...That done (expensive job), everything was fine until about the 176K mark, then it was just one thing after another, (stabilizer, cvs, brake lines, rotors)...Then the engine had some major issues, and it was time to junk it...

  • Gramps LHS - 1997 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Ive owned my 1997 LHS for 3 years now and what to say? Love it! Car has been garage kept by this 78 year old gentleman and had only 59,000 miles on it, brand new car still. Had a few fixes over the last year, bad tie-rod, transmission line leak but overall regular maintenance will keep this car on the road for little money. I like my comfort and I am well served with this roomy ride. Of the 20 some cars (new and used) ive owned, this has got to be the best vehicle ive had.

  • Pleasant surprise - 1996 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Bought 1996 LHS with 87,000 miles on it. I love this car. Fun to drive and real smooth. fair on gas, very fast. Better than a Caddy. I wish that they still made this model. Great stereo and nice leather.

  • This is luxury - 2001 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    I bought this vehicle used just about 3 months ago with over 116,000 miles on it. Drives great, runs like a cheetah, could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hr in just a few seconds. The music and speakers are perfect, the 4 cd exchanger is very convenience. The all electronic chairs, doors, steering wheel music control system button is so awesome. Large spaced trunk.

  • Perfect car for us - 1997 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Meets requirements: room for 6, rear seat legroom, sizable trunk, fairly economical to drive, reliable, fast enough.

  • Best car Ive owned - 1999 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    I love this car, purchased in 03 with 30,500 miles on it and have been driving it daily since. It currently has 155k and the engine is still going strong w/ no oil consumption! regular maintenance is a must with any car and with proper care the 3.5 will last for years. Only once has this car had to be towed and that was due to a corroded battery cable, which I didnt realize until it was too late since the battery is not easily accessible. Other things I have had to fix/replace: trunk supports at about 75k, speed sensor at about 125k, ABS module at about 145k, struts at 150k, and water pump at 150k, everything else general maintenance and the list of things I had to fix/replace are short.

  • Major error - 1999 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Out or replaced. air 2-hood shield 2- headlight seal-window motors 3-trunk release-clock-door trim-door panels- dash split-wheel well rust-door locks- transmission lines-horns-heater/ac controls and ALL lights flashing on/off while moving or parked.

  • I love my LHS - 1997 Chrysler LHS
    By -

    Bought the car used and needed a bit of TLC. Beautiful lines, interior and performance. Had to change steering bushings and replace upper and lower manifold gaskets. Changed fuel rail o rings. Average mpg is 26-28. Roomy and comfortable. I love it. Better than any Lincoln or Cadillac that I have owned.

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