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When the Chrysler Crossfire concept was first introduced at the 2001 North American International Auto Show, there was genuine interest and excitement from both the motoring press and the public. Here was the first tantalizing fruit of the DaimlerChrysler merger that would combine German engineering and American style. A production model was announced, and the first Crossfires started to appear a few years later.

Available as a two-seat coupe or roadster, the Chrysler Crossfire was largely based on the first-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK. Its exterior design always turned heads, but the aged platform and unimpressive driving dynamics were major drawbacks. The Crossfire's steering response in particular was lackluster due to the use of the previous SLK's old-school recirculating-ball steering. Additionally, the vehicle's ride quality often seemed harsh, particularly on the high-performance SRT-6 version.

The Crossfire's slow sales could also be attributed to an interior that didn't look as rich as the car's exterior styling would suggest. There was also the cramped Crossfire's utter lack of utility. It's still an attractive vehicle to behold, but the Crossfire was simply outclassed by other vehicles in terms of luxury, brand cachet and performance.

Most Recent Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire was available only in coupe form when it debuted in 2004, with a convertible model arriving the next year. The standard engine throughout the model cycle was a Mercedes-sourced 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine that produced 215 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. The transmission choice was between a standard six-speed manual and an optional five-speed automatic. The short-lived 2005-'06 Crossfire SRT-6 model boasted a sport-tuned suspension and a fire-breathing, supercharged 330-hp engine that came only with a five-speed automatic.

Leather upholstery was standard in 2004, when only one well-equipped trim level was offered, but starting in 2005 the Crossfire was offered in base and Limited trims, and the base car came with cloth upholstery and a limited roster of standard equipment. The Limited livened things up with power leather seats, an Infinity stereo and more sound insulation. In addition to its engine and suspension upgrades, the SRT-6 models added 18-inch wheels up front and 19-inchers out back and Napa Pearl leather seats with Alcantara suede inserts with enhanced bolstering. Unique to the base Roadster was an optional Special Edition package (2006 and '07 model years) that included Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat exterior paint, Dark Slate Gray cloth seats, SRT-6–style cast-aluminum wheels, a black windshield surround and satin silver door handles and side louvers. Otherwise, nothing much changed until 2008, when the base trim was dropped.

In reviews, our editors praised the Chrysler Crossfire's daringly distinctive looks, and the SRT-6 was loved for its blistering straight-line performance. However, the outdated steering system was unpleasant and the ride was stiff — unacceptably so in the SRT-6. Acceleration from the base 215-hp V6 was adequate but uninspiring. Overall, the Crossfire was an interesting styling exercise, but its driving character left much to be desired.

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  • Nice looking but... - 2006 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    So my Crossfire was 9 years old when I got it and I owned it for 2 years. In those years the car ruined any fun I had for driving cars. It all started that the engine would randomly not go on at all, broken PCM module. Then the alarm system started going off by itself, trunk lock was not closing right. The whole car started to make weird squeaking sounds in various places and the rear felt like something is coming loose. Not even changing tires was an easy deed, because the wheels are of different sizes and somehow depending who was mounting them, the bolts made sometimes weird knocking sounds. Lately the car would just go electrically dead when trying to crank the engine. Problem was never really found, but after cleaning fuses and replacing almost all sensors, the problem disappeared. Cost me a fortune and Ive spent pretty much every 2 month in the repairs with this car, broken wheel bearing, leaky oil caps, constant moisture coming from the air vents, defect fuel pump, faulty codes from esp sensor and so on. However the engine itself seemed rock solid and had never any issues in itself. So yes, I loved the looks of it and it was sort of fun to drive, but also very far away from being a sports-car. It feels very soft and soapy on the road, the 1st to 2nd gear switch was never smooth (comes like that from the factory). In winter you better put some heavy concrete tiles into the trunk to get at least some weight on the rear axle, because even with studded winter tyres it was hard to get any snowy hill up. Last week I finally sold it because I couldnt handle the bad feeling I had every morning going to my car, expecting something to break.

  • Perfect - 2008 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    2008 Bright Silver Automatic/Nav. Built the last week of production.....paid less than 1/2 sticker price brand new in January 2009. Flawless after 7 years / 29,000 miles. Best buy of my life.....with possible exception of the $399.99 55 inch 4K TV I bought recently that came with a 4 year factory warranty.

  • What a sleeper. - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    This car is amazing. So this is my third car and Im 21 so best of believe I race my srt6 ever now and then. I have beaten 2015 mustang gt, 2015 camaro ss, audi, 2014 dodge challenger and charger r/t and Im pretty sure down the line even more. This is a 10 going on11 year old car beating newer cars like its nothing. I really dont believe this car is really only putting out 330 hp and 310 torque. I know its a mercedes amg engine and there numbers are different but wow this car is beating 400 hp cars. My favorite part is it keeps pulling and pulling and I have gotten up to 160. I would never trade this car in and Im definitely going to do some mods later down the road but all I have to say is Im in love with this sleeper.

  • 2005 Crossfire Coupe Limited is AWESOME - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    I have owned my car since last year. I take it to a German auto shop since all the parts are Mercedes Benz. It has only needed oil changes. Mine has only 34,000km, not miles, on about 20,000 miles. Not only is it fun to drive but I get compliments on it wherever I go. People want to know what it is! I think Chrysler/Daimler made a big mistake when they quit making these cars, but on the other hand, mine is or will be a collector car. It is in excellent condition and it is better looking and faster than anything on the road. It was made in Germany and can do the autobahn with speed and agility. Id buy two of these cute cars if I could afford to. They are great cars! Good on gas too.

  • SRT6 - poor mans supercar =) - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    I originally owned a standard 2004 crossfire & was impressed with it so much that I traded it in to get not 1 but 2 srt-6s. One ragtop one coupe. The crossfire is an amazing car. Its very solid & drives incredibly. Its also better looking & faster than 95% of the cars on the road. Fit & finish need attention! Rust issues MUST be dealt with. Troubled areas are bottom of the doors (because the weather stripping holds water in, instead of letting it drain) & under the wing mounts. BARE METAL...Really? Daimler???? Other than that the car is awesome! Im a Chrysler man & although this isnt really a Mopar, it was a complete Chrysler design & concept. Unfortunately, Daimler never advertised it,

  • I love this car!!! - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    For the pice this has been a dependable Gunnar to drive. Nothing ever goes wrong with it. It is very peppy, handles well and gets folks to look at you when you drive by. Oil changes are a little high, but you only need to get one or two per year. I would recommend this car to any that are looking for a reasonably priced "fun" car that will cost little in maintenance

  • 05 crossfire roadster - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    i bought this car last spring. traded in a 04 sebring conv a sharp car it was but the crossfire conv has it beat hands down. this car realy gets looks when me and my wife take rides. i kid with my wife saying what are they looking at it must be the driver, not. color of car is saffire silver, black top, two tone color interior. red and dark gray. realy stand offish. i added a wood grain interior dash kit looks alot better then the silver accsent, candt wait to take it out when the days are warmer. since i store it in winter living here in wisconsin,

  • Recently purchased ~ Best of all Roadsters - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    Im retired Military and currently own 3 vehicles including an H2 Hummer. I was a pilot so I am used to acceleration. I have also owned a Jag XKE Roadster, Camaro Convertible, Corvette 454 Big Block, Satellite Hemi, etc over the years. This is the best of them all. With power to throw your head back into the head rest from 0 mph or 30 mph or 60 mph, it literally jumps up on all fours from any speed and leaves everyone in the rear view mirror. Mines Black Clear Coat with Alcantara seats, 5 speed slap shift, Infinity w/Nav, stability control etc., etc. if you want a soon to be Classic, BMW, Audi! Camaro, corvette, mustang EATER, this is your Boy. It wont let you down.

  • I LOVE THIS CAR!!!! - 2004 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    I am very proud for having this car.. it is almost 2 years and I NEVER had one single problem... the car is beautiful.. the people really asked about the car, turns the head.. and ride.. dude.. the ride is cool.. very fast ... very safe.. 80% of this car is a mercedez slk.. I change the oil myself because it requires 0w40 and it is cheaper if I do it myself.. the car is very confortable.. my friend has a porshe carrera and sorry porshe lovers!!! this car is much more comfortable comparing to the hard porshe... I will keep this car with me forever.. it is one of few 20.000 cars that arrives in USA... LOVE IT!!

  • Great Handling Car - 2008 Chrysler Crossfire
    By -

    we bought our Chrysler Crossfire Limited convertible in december 2010. I was amazed by the looks of the car & was impressed with the prefromance & handling. So far we have had no problems with the car but we change the oil every 3 thousand miles and you get better preformance if you use the best oil you can find. Yes on road trips the tires are loud but that doesnt matter because everything else about the car comprimises for the loud tires. we launch from 0-60 im 5.6 seconds & the breaking on the car is just amazing. Those of you who are looking for a very good sports car for a low price this would be the car for you. You can get the srt-6 used for 22k or get the regular for 15k-25k.

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