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  • I regret buying this car. - 2000 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I bought this car back in April 2015. 2000 Chrysler cirrus. With 193,000 miles on her. It is now November 23 rd 2015 and Im ready to drive this car into the river and let the fish make it their new home. When I first got it we had to replace the sway bar, then the tie rod end in August. Come mid to late October the car starts cutting off. Everything dropped to 0 the transmission would jerk and she was back firing and missing pretty bad and I had about 20 seconds to get off the road before she cut off. But she would start right back up and go again. So I had several different mechanics check it out. The fuel pump had gone out so we replaced it and put spark plugs in it. The car still shut off again but this time nothing dropped to 0 it just straight cut off, and the missing and the back firing stopped It didnt matter if I was in a intersection or on interstate doing 75 mph ( I had both happen) so we replaced the manifold air intake censor and the map censor and she did great this morning going to work but coming home she cut out on me again but did not turn off. They said next thing to replace is crank censor. Sooooo before we started replacing things, I looked up this car and read issues with it etc. so basically from all the posts Ive read, around 200,000 miles the computer chip screws up. I cant tell you how many posts I read trying to figure this out. Those folks replaced everything and some including the computer and it still didnt help. Soooo Im going to replace the crank censor if that doesnt help. Im getting rid of this car. I can not afford to put a computer in it and I only paid a 1000 for this car Ive put a 1000 into it. Im a single mother and i cant afford to keep doing this. If anybody out there has a solution please let me know. [contact info removed] Id greatly appreciate help. Im really sick of sitting on the side of the road or taking a bus to a certain place and having to walk the rest with a 1 year old. I just for once would give anything to drop my baby off and get to work on time and not have to worry or beg someone to pick my baby up and take us home. Thank yall. Love and light to you all.

  • Dependable - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I bought this car in 2003 with 86,000 miles and drove it to 204,000 very little repairs. I traded it on a 2015 200C and it was still running strong. The best car I have ever owned.

  • Amazing car - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    Got this as my first car. Bought from my uncle who babied it everywhere and kept it maintained. It had 130k when i bought it just over a year ago year ago. Now has 155k and still counting. Replaced struts and ball joints at 140k which is a fairly common repair. One blower motor resistor. Being a 17 year old country boy, i knew my way around a car. I BEAT this car to no end. I chirp the tires about 5 days a week every week. Ive topped it at about 115, feels scary as any sedan should! Ive left massive burnouts and clouds of smoke behind me. My car has been up to the doors in mud. Been thru a foot of water. Jumped a few RR tracks...doesnt skip a beat! Quick acceleration, great handling. LOVE IT

  • Amazing - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
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    I got the cirrus as my first car. It is simply amazing, I love the power it has and it looks great. The car has had barely any problems, usually cheap fixes and it has minor rust issues. I got it with about 75000 on it and now its at 80k. Im planning on keeping this car til it wont run any more.

  • Bought New - 2000 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I purchased this car new in 2001. It currently has 125K miles on it and have probably spent maybe $1700 in maintenance over the last two years. Before that only tires, brake shoes and oil changes. This car has been surprisingly reliable and comfortable. I didnt expect to keep this car as long as I have but, it just keeps on going. Had a little annoying issues like passenger rear windown would not roll down for a few years then suddently it decided to start to work and hasnt stopped since. The only real beef with the car is where they put the drink holders. With the gear shift in park, you cant put anything larger than a soda can until you put it in gear. No CD player is the other.

  • 1999 Chrysler cirrus - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I worked all summer to get a car and the 99 Chrysler cirrus was the one i bought. It has been the most reliable car anyone in my family has owned. i get between 25-30 MPG, and i have a slight oil and transmission leak but its no big deal right now. the Cirrus has wonderful handling, and it is definitely built for short people .

  • Great car the first seven years. - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    We bought this car in January 1999 and have had no major problems with it. Over the years it has given us dependable service with minimum cost. It has lots of spunk and pep and handles well on all roads. A pleasure to drive on the interstate at max speed. Comfortable seating for four. Could have had better cup holders.

  • Cirrusly - 1998 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    Car handles well, and seems to hold the road greatly. I never feel like I"m going to go out of control. The gas mileage isnt great considering its such a small V6. The airy cabin provides a lot of sunlight which can make the a/c work harder in the summer, but helps warm the car in the winter. Plenty of headroom for 6+ footers, and the large bottom seat cushion provides good thigh support not found on most imports. A lot of standard features make you feel like youre in the top of the line Chrysler model, and not the lesser equipped Dodge Stratus/Plymouth Breeze. The engine wants to rev to make its best power, but doesnt require everything its got to pass people.

  • Will never own again - 1995 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I bought this car on a whim, because I was pregnant, and the car had just gotten a new engine, so I figured it would run great. I was VERY wrong. Ive put nothing but money in this car, and it is still very unreliable. It scares me to have my daughter in it, because it does what it wants when it wants, aka it dies all the time. my heater and the odometer do not work, I have to put a tie rod end in it, ive replaced numerous amounts of sensors. The speakers dont work well either. Also the computer is going out. This car has been nothing but a nightmare, and of course no one wants it, so Im stuck with it. I personally will never own one again.

  • Great Buy - 1999 Chrysler Cirrus
    By -

    I bought my LXI in 2003 with 86,000 miles it has 151,000 now and runs great. It has been one of the best cars I ever owned. We like the style. It does not look 11 years old.

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