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  • "BLESSED" 5 Years strong - 2007 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    Ive finally paid off this great SUV, 159,000 miles, traveled across country..... Keep the oil change and keep good tires, and this baby floats. Air conditioner just went out, minor problem.

  • Knockoff of a Mercedes-Benz ML Class - 2008 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    My dad drives this car. Hes had it since I was in the second grade. This car has had its ups and downs. It has a great radio. The wood is beautiful to look at. The suspension is buoyant. With interior quality, DiamlerChrysler cut corners. It feels like a cheapened Mercedes-Benz ML Class. If you want a family SUV, there are better choices out there for much less. Examples: Honda Pilot Toyota Highlander Ford Flex Mazda CX9

  • Best body on frame SUV for the money - 2009 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    I absolutely love my 09 Aspen with the 5.7L gas hemi engine. AWD, J package, 20" wheels. Its beautiful to look at, to sit in and to drive. Bought it used with 72K miles. This is a real SUV although it looks like a luxury car. I live in the mountains of Oregon down a long winding gravel road, and have to go over a 4300 foot pass on I-5. It handles like a dream, especially after getting new and better shocks and tires. The hemi has awesome power, even carrying a heavy load and going up a 6% grade it can accelerate like a sports car to pass trucks. Smooth, comfortable handling. The firm heated seats are great on my injured back, as is the remotely operated rear lift gate. Ive had many other SUVs, from Subarus to the old Jeep Grand Wagoneer to a 99 Durango with the 5.7L hemi. The Aspen is far better than all of them. I need to tow a horse trailer and it has more towing capacity than bigger SUVs that cost a lot more. It is almost perfect, I just wish they still made them.

  • So far a great investment! - 2009 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    I purchased my 2009 Aspen hybrid used with 76K. Ive owned it now for around 4 months, and have put 14K on it that short time. In this tine, my Aspen has been an absolute dream to drive and own. Most people who see the hybrid badging ask to see under the hood and are rather shocked when you cruise around on electric power alone. Ive had no issues thus far aside from routine oil changes and tire rotations. It snows often where I live, and the AWD system handles wonderfully in the slippery slush.

  • Lemon!! - 2009 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    Bought my aspen hybrid used (2nd owner) in end of 2013. Drove it for less than 1000 miles and it started draining the batteries when it was parked. Been in the shop for over 80+++ days and chrysler refuses to take responsibility and own up to its flaws and buy me out of it. Tried over and over to get it repaired and finally the dealership may have the right part to fix the problem. Really stinks that they only made a handful of these cars, beautiful and very fast, but when they break down no one knows how to fix it. ARRRRgggh! I would never have bought it if I knew how expensive it was to repair it. Lemon car for sure in my book. Anyone else have issues that cost them thousands $$?

  • Outstanding vehicle - 2007 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    I purchased a new 5.7 4x4 Aspen new in August 2008. To date, this has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. 125,000 trouble free miles. I have replaced one set of front and rear brakes, battery and two sets of tires, and that is all. The suv rides like it did at 25,000 miles. I would buy another in a second. I live in Upstate NY and the bottom of all 4 doors are rotting. This rig is thirsty. Other than the rusting doors, this is one well built SUV.

  • VCT Hemi Aspen. 376hp/401tq. AWD - 2009 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    Edmunds should have the option of selecting the vct hemi aspen in the menu. The vct stands for variable cam timing. This SUV is fast, especially in cooler temps and is a huge improvement over the first generation hemi. Its an excellent SUV: its safe, the interior layout is perfect, the steering is light but feels great, its quiet when youre cruising but really roars when you give it a few or more rpms. MPG can be good when youre cruising at highway speeds but watch out for stop and go traffic - then its a different story altogether. Reliability has been great so far. Also, these are incredibly rare to see. A complaint I have is that there is not a single hemi badge on the suv!!

  • Used car-Aspen Chrysler - 2007 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    The Aspen Chrysler 2007 is an awesome vehicle. We were looking for an SUV and saw this one, took it for a drive and were hooked right away. The comfort for my husband, who is disabled, was a big seller. The luxury of the interior, with all the extras were just perfect. The price was affordable which really surprised us too.

  • Epic Fail om Customer Satisfaction - 2007 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    Long story short, We paid Cash for a new 2007 Aspen and had issues from the first year with the air cond. "freezing up" on us when we drove over 2 hours. We use this vehicle for business travel. After several ( more than 3) attempts to correct the issue we filed under FL lemon law and sent letter in to Chrysler Corp. and they argued that the timeline was an issue. I fought and fought with over 5 "case mgrs." and 3 supervisors about the issues we have with the car for over the past six months in 2012. I only asked for a permanent solution, but after over 6 mechanics and 3 different dealerships, they just want us to keep going back to the dealer to try to fig. it out. To no solution, we are...

  • Eat your heart out, Escalade owners - 2007 Chrysler Aspen
    By -

    The box didnt offer me what I have: Limited Hemi with all the bells and whistles except the kiddy TV. Bought it to tow a travel trailer. Had no idea how luxurious it was. Have been in Escalades, Tahoes, Burbs, etc.....this one has them all beat and costs WAAAAY less. I get 20-23 on the highway, empty, and got an honest, pen and paper, 12 at 9000 ft, towing a 7400 lb. travel trailer. Quiet, smooth, with all-weather confidence, and did I mention towing ability ? When my mechanic checked it out before purchase, he was amazed at the structural integrity: "You will win any collision".

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