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The history of Chevrolet's minivan models has been one of consistently trying to catch up with the other guy, but ultimately falling short. Through three generations and names, the Chevy vans and their various GM siblings struggled to match, let alone better, "mom-mobiles" from Chrysler and import competition. The final variant was the Chevrolet Uplander.

Introduced in 2005 as a "crossover sport van," the Uplander was designed to be more hip than the average mom-mobile. But this makeover did little to improve on its Chevy Venture roots. True, the Uplander succeeded in providing the expected features and creature comforts, but it lacked the refinement and ingenuity that other top minivans from Honda, Kia and Toyota provided.

Not finding much success, Chevy finally discontinued its van in favor of the Traverse large crossover SUV. In general, we suggest skipping over the Uplander (and the previous Chevy Venture) and looking at other, more desirable used minivans.

Most Recent Chevrolet Uplander

The Chevrolet Uplander was a minivan sold from the 2005-'08 model years. At the minivan's debut, it came with a 200-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and a four-speed automatic driving the front wheels. All-wheel drive was available as an option. For 2006, a short-wheelbase version was added to the lineup, while a 3.9-liter V6 with 240 hp became an option on front-wheel-drive Uplanders. The base 3.5-liter V6 was dropped for 2007, as was all-wheel drive.

The Uplander came in LS and LT trim levels, both of which seated seven with a fold-flat 50/50-split third-row seat. The short wheelbase was only available on the LS, while the LT initially came in three different equipment subsets: 1LT, 2LT and 3LT. For '08, the LT was pared down to a singular version.

Standard and available equipment included 17-inch wheels, rear parking assist, power-sliding doors, a power driver seat, heated front seats, leather seating, dual-zone automatic climate control, an innovative multimedia overhead console, rear-seat DVD entertainment system, satellite radio and a "PhatNoise" digital media system.

The Chevrolet Uplander did an OK job of protecting its valuable human cargo but fell short of other minivans. Antilock brakes were standard on all trim levels, while stability control initially came on all but the short-wheelbase LS, to which it was added for '08. Front side-impact airbags that protect the head and torso were optional on the LS and standard on the LT. The 2LT and 3LT packages added side airbags for the second row. Although these airbags essentially did the same job as the side curtain airbags offered on all other minivans, there was no side protection available for the third row.

Inside, the Chevy Uplander had a two-tone color scheme with decent materials and a pleasing overall look. Lower-level Uplanders came with GM's old-school modular seating in the second row, while the 2LT and 3LT were upgraded with fixed captain's chairs. In the all-important minivan gizmo department, the Uplander had a few aces up its sleeve. An overhead rail system on the LT provided easy rear-seat access to climate and entertainment functions. The PhatNoise digital media system eliminated the hassle of shuffling through CDs and DVDs on road trips by providing a hard drive that could store music and movies.

Previous to the Uplander, Chevrolet offered the otherwise similar Venture.

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  • At Least Ive had No Car payment - 2007 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    This van was actually a gift from my parents (to which I am thankful), but man it came with some baggage. On my van the automatic sliding door was the first to go. It would get stuck open or think it was open and run down my battery. Then the remote keyless entry went south and my alarm would go off anytime my keys were near the vehicle. The gas gauge would show empty right after I put 21 gallons of gas in the vehicle then would bounce between full and empty until my engine light would come on. Its a regular occurrence to see a "check stability control" to come on and for the anti-lock breaks to not be working. The glove compartment handle completely broke off - had it repaired, but today wont close sometimes. The DVD player will not play new DVDs (not talking bluerays - DVDs), but does play older ones made before 2010. Reading others reviews I think I finally know what the rattling is at low speeds. Also the transmission (as many others have said) slips BADLY. I am so ready to be done with "Shirley" (as we named her on a road trip that I think was delayed because we wound up on the side of the highway with a blow-out from that low right tire). Even with brand new tires my front right tire always loses air - I have had this looked at over and over leaving the technician scratching his head. It ALWAYS happens.

  • quiet engine smoothes ride - 2008 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    I think for a van this is most comfortably ride, Engine is so quite, 2 air conditioner cool in hot summer, 2 heaters to keep everyone warm in cold winter. 4 captains seats easy to get to the third row. never drove a mini van.. but I liked it. New tires and new battery 2015. Nice vehicle.

  • Cool mommie van! - 2005 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    I bought this 2005 van used when it was about 3 yrs old with less than 50,000 miles. It is now 5 yrs later and I absolutely love this van! It doesnt look like a mommie van, something like a van/suburban look. Ive only had to have regular maintenance repairs done-shocks, brakes, tires, etc. I only recently had to have the oil pan replaced which is expensive because the whole engine has to be dropped. Handling is great, separate A/C controls for front and back, jacks for electronics and built in car seat for little ones. The acceleration is awesome, I didnt have to turn off the A/C to pass someone on highway. The gas mileage is also good. We have taken it on several longs trips-Black Hills, California, Idaho and Kansas. Kids loved the DVD player to pass the time [So nice not hearing "are we there yet?" the whole trip]. Never gave us a bit of trouble! My only complaints - other than the engine being squeezed in - are the seats are cheap and cracking.

  • 2005, and only the strong survive. - 2005 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    My 2005 Chev uplander has 180k, still runs Great, only ever have done regular maintainence and replacement stuff(rotors,pads,tires). Terrific.

  • 100,000MI and no issues. - 2005 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    Bought this vehicle at an auction, no problems what so ever. Starts in any weather without issue. The vehicle is mainly highway driven, do notice however when driving at night the lights flicker but it does not affect the performance of the vehicle in any way. The van is easy to maintenance, Also has good power for towing for the 3.5L engine size. Seats are comfortable - At least the ones with armrests which they should have mandatory in all vehicles. I feel that the van will go into the 200,000 MI range from what I have been hearing from others.

  • It is what it is - 2007 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    It is a terrible car, Contantly overheats, Even in freezing weather. Radio is nice, But doors dont work at all. I do not recommend this car.

  • So far so good! - 2008 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    Bought used with 133000+ miles. 23+miles to a gallon @ 70 mph. Heater could be better but still keeps us warm in -0 temps. We got it for $6500.00 tax, title, ins, & travel expenses to pick it up. We are very happy with it.

  • Junk - as expected - 2007 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    So far (in one year), the sliders dont work right, the amber lights melted the front fascia, it misses at idle, the traction control light comes on all the time, the body electrical harness plug leaks and shorts, rear pull strap broke off, the windshield drain floods the interior of the car when it rains, the front wheel bearings went out, the steering messes up (traction control), the rear quarter panel windows dont open, the rear shocks went bad, leveling air pump doesnt work, stabilizer bushings went bad, and makes clunking at low speed. Oh, and the rear hatch is rusting. I have not had one of these problems with my 2003 Toyota, which has 3x the mileage.

  • Very Disappointed - 2006 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    I bought the Uplander for its size and assuming that a GM/Chevrolet would have easy maintenance/repair. First wake up came when I had to get the battery replaced. ABS light comes on frequently, even after repairs. The lock, and mirror adjustment dont work on the drivers side. Anti Theft system shut the car off several times. The engine light is on now. Ive gotten a total of 7 different codes. Some related to the transmission. Told by the mechanic I need to decide if I want to spend more money on this van. I drove an old Toyota van that was 10 yrs old before it had any issues. Were only at 126K miles with the Uplander. Just very disappointed in this vehicle.

  • Terrible - 2006 Chevrolet Uplander
    By -

    When it was first bought it was a good van, until a couple years later we started having problems. The tires would get worn out faster, the van performs horrible in snowy and rainy weather, traction control would come on for no reason during warm weather with nothing on the ground. When going up hill you basically have to floor it.

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