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  • My Cladsic - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
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    It used to run good but I have been having so many electrical problems. My back lights do not work. The lights on the inside dash do not work. This car cannot be driven at night. Fuses burn out fast carpet bunches up in front. I will have to spend a fortune if I want to keep it because no one will offer a good price for trade plus I have bought two fuel pumps. Wish I new about car before I bought it.

  • Pretty darn good for a cheap car!! - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
    By -

    Well, I had the 2005 Malibu Classic for 9 years with no big complaints. I bought it December 05 with 26k miles on it and sold it with 120k miles on it 9 years later. Little issues of course, but for the money I paid back then I cant complain at all. Had to disconnect the safety cable between the ignition and the gear shifter as it would stick and not allow me to take the key out of the ignition because the key thought it was still in gear. Had to replace the A/C buttons as bad connection there makes it so the A/C would not turn on or engage. Ended up replacing 2 motor mounts - very expensive! Other than that only regular maint over the 9 years. Drove as a typical cheap car no comfort.

  • Most reliable car Ive ever had - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
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    I believe most of these cars were either rentals or government fleet vehicles. I believe mine was a rental. At any rate, I have 165,000 miles on it and I put about 40,000 a year on it. I put new brakes on once, wiper motor and new tires. Replaced the serpentine belt as preventative maintenance and thats about it. They are not very fun to drive and handle like a boat after the suspension ages (not something I care about), but it is a great dependable car that is cheap to maintain. I will buy one for each of my kids when they are old enough.

  • I hate this car - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
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    I bought this car in 2006 with only 13,000 miles on it and it has been a nightmare. The first year I had to replace the brakes. There is a short in the system and I have been stranded more than once. I have had to replace the fuel pump twice and the transmission went out at 60,000 miles. Right now the car is parked because it will not start again, due to the short in the system. I am having problems even getting anyone to take it as a trade in. I will never buy another Chevy again after this experience.

  • Great car for the price - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
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    I had this car from 2007 until recently (Sept 2012) when I was involved in a car accident. It gets good gas mileage for a larger car and doesnt require a lot of extra costs. I drove around 18,00 miles a year for work and experienced no issues. We only purchased new tires when needed and oil changes. The week before my accident we had to replace one headlight but that was it as far as repair costs go. It was a safe car as well, it took the damage in the accident, not me! I will miss this car. Overall, yes, I would reccomend this car. Is it fancy? No, but it is reliable, safe, and pretty decent gas milage.

  • First car - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
    By -

    I bought a chevy malibu classic 2005 with 70000Miles for $5000 and i still havent had any problems im the 5Th owner according to the carfax and now ive put 12000miles not alot because i just drive to school everyday

  • Wish I never owned it. - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
    By -

    My wife and son drive this car. The carpeting is too short on both sides, tacky. After 55000 miles Ive had to change the master cylinder, rotors once pads twice and one caliper. One of the sway bars is broken. The anti-theft system malfunctioned and cost $450 to repair. I hate this car. After the sway bar is fixed, its up for sale. It is fun to drive.

  • Good/bad car - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
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    I bought this car in 2006 with 30k miles. I had very bad credit at the time, and totally overpaid for this car. The Bad: The things Ive had to replace on this car is the front breaks, tires, heater setting plate, and the module box, so about $2,000 in cost. The carpet it cut too short on both passenger/drivers side but I was able to super glue them down. Sometimes if it rains A LOT then I have a leak on the passenger side. The Good: Overall, Ive had this car for 5 years and it still pretty much runs the same as when I bought it. I dont drive that much daily (only about 10 miles) but when I do have to take a long trip it gets great millage and is a comfortable ride.

  • NIce car for singles or couples good mileage! - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
    By -

    I have owned this car for for over 5yrs now it has 83k on it, i have hit the road , from east to west and all the way to canada , I havent felt a bit of fear in my mind that it would ever break down on me on the high way, it always sid its the mailus way. I recently got the rotor and break pads fixed, this is after 83k miles on it, i get regular maintenence on it oil change and car washes do help, I got the transmissions fluids changed after 70k and runs like a tiger , i feel 120k will be a breeze for this car, i love and its not a cop magnet . so , u can drive with no fear.

  • Another GM Failure - 2005 Chevrolet Classic
    By -

    Clunky to drive, lousy gas mileage for the size (lucky to get 22 mpg), power windows starting to slow up at only 5 yrs old, and saving the worst for last: the Passlock system causes the car NOT TO START AT ALL. Google it if you dont know about it. Very unsafe, very unreliable. Has left my husband stranded and late for work many times. GM wont offer a recall even though they know this is common and their fault entirely. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR.

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