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  • Bobs "Fun Mobile" - 2004 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    The daytime running and front signal lights have too high a wattage bulb. the bulb melts the lens, and reduces the assembly to junk! at $2100.00 to replace the set, and no remediation for the problem by GM, it makes for less than a good experience of ownership! The crooks at the dealership of course waited to tell me about this after the warranty was expired. I am not happy with the dealership or Cadillac Division of General Motors. It will be a cold day in hell before I get another Cadillac, or let a caddy dealer work on either my XLR, or my SRX!

  • Review and a question about transmission - 2007 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    I previously owned an SL-320, then picked up an 07 XLR while in Fla. this winter. I love it, think it is drop- dead beautiful. Averaged 27 mpg coming up 95 at 75 mph. Ive noticed a random clunk in the transmission when moving in slow traffic at about 18 mph. Anyone else notice this? Only happens when very slow stop and go situations. This is a more luxurious car than my 97 SL was. Any input about the transmission would help. Ron

  • A ten - 2006 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    i have owned over 150 autos and this car is the finest auto gm has ever built sorry it has been discontinued this is a great collectors car.

  • If you love attention, youll love this - 2009 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    Heads turn. I love the design, the look, the handling and all the gadgets. With top up, drives quiet.

  • All smiles - 2008 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    I love my XLR-V and it makes me happy to get behind the wheel. It has had its share of problems including a leaky radiator and a bad supercharger air pump that started making groaning noises. It is definitely high maintenance including light bulb replacement that took the dealership one hour to get to it to replace. Also, one time the top stopped half way and we had to use the key in the bumper to get it closed manually. It never happened again so the car has its own personality. This car is red and draws a crowd wherever I go! Not even my 95 Jaguar XJS, which I traded in, drew this much attention from young and old alike. I just hope it is lower maintenance than the Jaguar!

  • 2009 Cadillac XLR Platinum Roadster Conv - 2009 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    The XLR is my 5th Cadillac, priors were 2=SLS and 2=STS. I love this car and find the performance and handling to be equal to previous cadis and far surpassing the 2007 Corvette I traded- in. Ive received more complements on the car than all the others put together, its so amazing!

  • Truly a beautiful boulevard cruiser! - 2006 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    The XLR has stunning looks inside and out. So many features. Love the retractable hardtop. With the top up, you have no idea you are in a roadster! It is so quiet. No problems with the car so far . Purchased on 7-8- 09 with 7295 miles. It is quite different from our 07 Corvette. We considered a 2010 the exterior looks, but inside was a disappointment (seats, dash, short windshield). Back to the XLR..CD player has awesome the cooled seats. Think this will be a collectible car. Got this like new 06 for about half of the original list. My wife says the car is "cool"!

  • A Made (Only) In America Experience - 2009 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    This Car is an absolute exhilarating Experience.. The First thing everyone expresses is the Sharpness of the Composite Stealth Look.. After that and in order is the inside beauty, then the Top, then the Windshield Display after starting with the Keyless Entry.. Once on the streets and highway it is the unsurpassed Thrill of pure POWER that puts an over welming smile on the Drivers Face and the Braking and Steering is unreal it is so good.. The Advanced Radar Cruise Control is incredible and works flawlessly.. On twisty roads at night the 15 degree "Turn with the road" lights are Great.. This car is so much fun to drive that the 9 Speaker Bose System almost seems like an after thought..

  • World Class Car - 2005 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    This car blows the BMWs that I have been driving off the road. The XLR is fast, handles great, and extremely comfortable. I also love the bold design and I have been stopped many times by admirers of the car. Taking the XLR on road trips is a joy, allowing one to enjoy both the power and comfort of the car.

  • Good Looking junk - 2006 Cadillac XLR
    By -

    Bought mine off showroom floor for 83,000 dollars to go with my vette and escalade yes I owed gm a lot, best and worst car Ive ever owned, great headturner, fun to drive, ALWAYS IN SHOP, I mean ALWAYS in my 40 months of owning it was in shop 33 times from headlights to horns to rubber fading, trans, water pump, oil pump, compressor, tire gauge, throttlebody, trunk, foglights, visors, radio replaced, navigation, radiator, blown speaker, push button door entry, lights on dash blown, periscope wheel, heads up display, wiper pump, rusted tailpipes, I am not making this up be warned, stupid thing is I still liked the car?

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