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For five years, the Cadillac DTS served as a relic to the brand's past. While its name followed the latest Caddy nomenclature, under the skin it was a refreshed version of the Cadillac DeVille that preceded it. For more than 50 years, the DeVille was a dominant player in the full-size luxury segment, offering the traditional American big-car virtues of spaciousness and a quiet, well-cushioned ride. As the decades wore on, it slowly adapted to changing wants and needs, finally downsizing to (relatively) manageable dimensions -- in terms of both physical size and power plant volume.

Though the Cadillac DTS was popular with those who valued the traditional large American luxury car, it was behind the times in terms of design, engineering, interior materials, precision build quality, handling dynamics and even a general level of prestige. Granted, you got an enormous car with plush seats, lots of stuff and a Cadillac badge for a price that undercut smaller luxury cars. But for a used luxury sedan choice, we'd recommend something a little more modern, be it from the Cadillac portfolio or elsewhere.

Used Cadillac DTS Models
The Cadillac DTS was produced from 2006-'11.There were four trim levels available. The Base, Luxury and Premium trims came with a 4.6-liter V8 that produced 275 horsepower. The Performance trim was replaced by the Platinum for 2010, but both featured a 292-hp version of the same V8 along with a standard Magnetic Ride Control suspension. Power was sent to the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission.

As was traditional for a full-size Cadillac sedan, the DTS could be had in five- or six-passenger configurations. Given the car's generous proportions, interior room was excellent. Front passengers were coddled in soft leather bucket seats (or a 40/20/40 leather bench on the six-passenger version). Rear passengers enjoyed just as much legroom as those in front. For luggage, the DTS offered up a nearly 19-cubic-foot trunk. The amount of available equipment was generous, but overall design and materials lagged behind the import-brand competition as well as those Cadillacs introduced later in its life. Controls were at least easy to operate compared to newer, more technologically advanced luxury sedans.

On the road, the Cadillac DTS displays plenty of power for quick passing maneuvers and effortless high-speed cruising, while the suspension offers a compliant ride. Still, virtually every other large luxury sedan offers just as much or more power from V6 engines, while also offering more confidence-inspiring handling. The Performance/Platinum model's Magnetic Ride Control suspension does a notably better job of controlling body motions than the standard setup, resulting in a less floaty and more precise feel. Regardless of trim, road and wind noise are almost nonexistent.

Changes were few for the DTS beyond some minor standard and optional equipment updates. Buyers should note, however, that stability control was not available on the base trim. As such, we'd avoid that (the next trim up was vastly better equipped regardless of year).

Consumers interested in a used DTS prior to '06 will want to check out our review of the car's predecessor, the DeVille.

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  • great car - 2006 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    Very reliable and comfortable

  • Found a peach! - 2008 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    This 2008 DTS has ALL the bells and whistles! Even an electric roller shade in the back window. It rides like youre in your own living room! When you sit inside and start it up, you think youre in a space ship...lights all around! Its designed to work with OnStar, so we had to get an aftermarket bluetooth adapter. The navigation is CD (DVD?) driven, so future updates should not be a problem. I LOVE the dual heated and cooled front seats, and the rear seats also have heat!

  • Great car but - 2006 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    I have had this car for about 18 months and bought it used. It has needed some repairs but for a 10 year old car what do you expect. Other than 12 mpg fuel economy, but being the performance model with a big V-8 and a 4000 pounds and mostly city driving I guess 12 mpg is not too bad I can not really find anything to complain about with this car. I have the performance model and for a 4000 pound car it has great get up and go. Plenty of room in this car and living in PA it was great in the snow with Michelin tires on it. This having been almost 60,000.00 dollars for this car new you would expect nice things from it. I recently looked at a new Toyota Avalon XLE premium and it still cant compare to this Cadillac. I was going to trade in the Cadillac for a brand new car but cant find one reason why I would want to give up this DTS.

  • Typical GM Incompetence - 2007 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    Car has many, many problems, including cooling system probs, power steering pump, suspension problems, brakes are horrible, sunroof leaks, needs rear control arm ($1200 job), & too much more to list. going back to foreign car! For a 55k car new, GM is a joke!

  • 40000 miles not good - 2006 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    1st off, what a beautiful car, comfy, decent mpg! But, this car was always serviced at a Cadillac dealership, at 38000 miles breaking system complete rebuild, not as good as new ! Then both valve cover gaskets, front seat electronics. At 39000, all seals in lower engine replaced at 40000 mile service! Big expense ! Very nice car, but, are you telling me a Lexus , Mercedes or competitive luxury car would need this?? I no longer trust this car as reliable, but, is pretty. My 4th Cadillac , shame that Cadillac doesnt have reliability for price. Prestige not worth it

  • A dream to drive . - 2007 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    This car replaced 2000 cadillac Deville. Which did get better mpg.then the 2007 dts but hands down this dts with the performance package is awesome to drive the power and handling and comfort is a dream and style is tops.

  • Platinum Bargain! - 2011 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    Searched for this platinum edition for over 4 years...makes an incredible used car buy given all the stats on reliability and safety, combine that with inlaid wood and cadillac logos on the upgraded leather seats with alcantara headliner and courtesy lights...the perfect chauffeuring car for taking friends and family out to dinner or cruising down the highway is where it really shines! You will probably think the ride is a bit rough for such a big luxury car, but getting it up to speed smooths things out. Bought my 4 year old DTS with 32k miles at about 1/3 the MSRP...BARGAIN!

  • Over 200,000 miles and going... - 2007 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    I just past 200,000 miles!!! Ive owned this Caddy for almost 7yrs. Bought with 1684miles...yes, 1,684! Regular oil changes & tune-ups and Ive had one issue... At 154,320miles I had the transmission go out. I had it rebuilt. Now at 201,140 there is a ticking thats coming from the engine block and I have a torn drivers side seat. The car is going to be my sons after the ticking sound is looked at by Cadillac. I am now looking for another 2007-2010 DTS!!!

  • Very Disappointing - 2010 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    I always dreamed of owning a Cadillac. Now, I own a DTS and my dream is broken. I drive for Uber and looked at Lincoln Mkx,Town Car,Chrysler 300 and the DTS I selected the DTS based on back seat size and FWD.The car is comfortable and the FWD works well. However, this car rides like crap.The front end bottoms out over the slightest bump in the road. I took it to the dealer to ask about this and they told me that a lot of DTS owners complain about this problem and they told me there was nothing I can do to improve the ride. This is the worst driving car Ive ever owned.

  • Wanted to love it...but in the end...didnt! - 2008 Cadillac DTS
    By -

    I have loved Cadillacs since I was 5 years old and rode with my Granny everywhere in her many Cadillacs over the years. I am not the typical age of the traditional Caddy buyer. I like the size, comfort, and style of large American Cars. Family has always driven Caddys or Lincolns and I carry on that tradition with a great amount of pride. Purchased Certified-Used in early 2011, traded a 2005 Deville DTS that I loved. The 2008 DTS is NOT a sports car nor is it intended to be. I am so very disappointed in its reliability issues not only for the cost but also for sentimental reasons.

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