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When a carmaker reskins an existing car as a more upscale model, the result traditionally offers little to recommend it over the less expensive corporate twin. This is decidedly not the case with the Buick Verano. Although it's based on the Chevy Cruze, this entry-level Buick is bolstered with more than a few key upgrades.

In addition to more sophisticated styling and a nicer interior, the Buick Verano also boasts a larger engine, a quieter ride and the availability of luxury features not offered on the Chevy. It all comes together harmoniously, as the Verano is a good example of Buick's efforts to produce more modern and engaging vehicles that maintain the style, comfortable ride and quiet cabin expected of the brand.

Current Buick Verano
The Verano is a compact luxury sedan that comes standard with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 180 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque. It drives the front wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. A 250-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is also available, and it's definitely the more appealing engine as it provides much better acceleration with a minuscule fuel economy drop. Six-speed automatic and manual transmissions are available with it.

There are four trim levels: base, Convenience, Leather and Premium. Highlights of the base Verano include 18-inch wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth (phone and audio streaming), a six-speaker sound system, OnStar telematics and Buick's Intellilink electronics interface and smartphone integration. The Convenience Group adds features including rear parking sensors, heated front seats, a power driver seat and a variety of driver warning systems (blind-spot, forward-collision, lane-departure and rear cross-traffic). The Leather Group adds keyless ignition and entry, a heated steering wheel,  leather upholstery and a Bose audio upgrade. Finally, the Premium Group is exclusive to the Turbo model and combines the Leather and Convenience features with a rear spoiler. A sunroof is optional on all Verano models, and a navigation system is optional on all except the base.

In reviews we've been impressed by the Buick Verano's precise steering and surprisingly athletic handling. Performance is more than adequate for daily driving, but the 2.4-liter is underwhelming for an entry-level premium sedan. The Turbo model is the better choice. One of the Verano's greatest strengths, however, is its compliant and quiet ride quality. Whether on a thousand-mile road trip or just running errands around town, the Buick Verano is pleasant for drivers and passengers alike.

The Buick Verano's handsome cabin provides room for four adults (though legroom in back is a bit tight for tall folks) and the overall fit and finish is on par with other entry-level luxury sedans. This Buick also offers leading-edge technology via its Intellilink system that allows streaming Internet radio like Pandora and Stitcher. Operation of Intellilink and other systems is intuitive thanks to a sharp, standard touchscreen and (admittedly abundant) accompanying buttons.

Used Buick Verano Models
The Verano debuted in 2012. In 2014, safety features such as forward-collision and lane-departure warning systems were added to the options lineup and heated front seats became standard on all Veranos except the base model.

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  • Love it....just purchased! - 2015 Buick Verano
    By -

    I have been looking for a new car for 6 months ....I test drove a 2016 Chevy Malibu, 2013 Lexus 350, 2015 Nissan Altima, 2015 Acura ILX, 2012 Cadillac SRX, and a 2015 Kia Optima and my Certified Buick Verano by far was the most comfortable, well appointed, sleek looking car for the price of all of these. Very satisfied with my Certified Buick Verano!

  • 2012 Buick Verano - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    Brought the car in May 2015, I liked it at first. It was a cool looking car. After about the 8 time in the shop with different problems from the ac being completely replaced to noise from the left front. I trade it in December 2015. We have an older model Buick and love it. I was really disappointed in this car. It will make me think twice about getting a Buick again.

  • 2014 buick verano Buffalo NY - Joe Tyson - 2014 Buick Verano
    By -

    This car is all out amazing. No joke man. Its beautifully designed and well built. My very first car was a 1989 Buick Regal and Buick has come a long way. I came out of a Ford Explorer so getting in and out of the Buick Verano takes some getting use to. The style and view of this car is nice. I feel good about driving it daily. I am confident about it being outside while I work in a rough area in NY. It picks up like a 6 cylinder but its a 4 cylinder. The leather seas are nice and full and nothing is cheap about the car and thats why I understand the price I paid for it. Touch screen, rear camera for the car being in reverse, heated seats and lane assist. This car is beautiful. Not much rear passenger seating but thats okay because I have a small child. I feel good about this purchase and this car makes me want to stay in the family of the American built Buick

  • I love my baby Buick! - 2015 Buick Verano
    By -

    I went into the dealership planning on buying an impala. Unfortunately I couldnt really justify to myself why I needed that large of a car. So they showed me this Buick and I fell in love! Truthfully at first I didnt think I was going to fit in it. Im 64 so I get very skeptical over vehicle size. I pushed the seat all the way back and was shocked! I couldnt touch the pedals! So on with the test drive. I was averaging 40mpg on the test drive and I was ready to sign the papers before we got back! Now, Ive owned the car for 3 months now and Ive put 12,300 miles on it so let me tell you what its like living with it. I took it on a trip (360 mile round trip) and I only used 8.5 gallons. Thats 42 mpg! And it was so comfortable and quiet! The interior is holding up well, however if you have the black and gray interior, expect some frustration. Anything on the black materials you touch with turn white. Its like some sort of chemical reaction happens and suddenly you have white spots everywhere. Make sure you dont have an older style iPhone (I have a 4s with THOUSANDS OF PICTURES) as plugging it in will freeze your radio, causing it to stick where it is for about 10 minutes before restarting just fine. Not a big deal, it just gets annoying because youll never know when its going to happen. The back seat is just about unusable. Really. Unless you have someone up front who is willing to compromise on a little leg room, its really too tight back there. I really dont know how the engineers didnt notice this. Once I meet someone with three inch thick legs, maybe Ill understand. You cannot get fast food and expect both the driver and passenger to get soft drinks as they both wont fit into the cup holder at once. This is a pain too. They can, but its just in the way and they have to be at an awkward angle. Lighted glovebox is something I havent seen on a car in 20 years, and its very nice. The car is quick, although it doesnt feel like it. It will get you into trouble because youll think youre doing 60 when youre really doing 90. But all in all I really do love this car. Its comfortable, economical, powerful, smooth, beautiful (especially in the dark gray I have) and just all around nice! Also I got $7,000 off on the price which swayed my decision a little bit too.

  • great value, for the quality, & reliable car, - 2014 Buick Verano
    By -

    second one purchased, first one was a 2012, now a 2014. there a Reliable car, that has quality materials , comfort and style. joy to drive, and i like the on star feature. you have that peace of mind, on star monitors the engine, components, sends you a email with diagnoses monthly. great car for the price.

  • My Buick Verano Rocks!!! - 2014 Buick Verano
    By -

    This car has awesome build quality. All the panel gaps are perfect the black paint is amazing! I constantly receive compliments. Ive owned BMW 7 series, Corvette, Lexus, Miata etc and nothing comes close to the combination of handling, quiet interior, combination of convenience, performance and economy. I love the styling and design. Ive taken 2 long trips and the combination of comfortable front seats, 2 zone temperature control, satellite radio, front crash and blind spot warning, a large trunk, getting 32 mpg at 80 mph, and powerful engine all make me very happy. On last my last trip I hauled a 600# trunk load of books, plus luggage 1450 miles up and over mountains, around sharp curves, and the car responded beautifully! One of the design choices I enjoy is how the transmission is setup ... when you touch the gas you get immediate acceleration noooo lag and touch the brake the transmission down shifts to help brake the car. It took playing with the electric drivers seat settings to keep my thighs from getting pinched and sore. It took awhile to get used to a blind spot caused by the passenger side windshield/roof pillar.

  • Quiet Luxury In A Small Package - 2014 Buick Verano
    By -

    Im used to driving a larger sedan, and was really surprised by the quiet quality ride and handling of this little sedan. While the natural aspirated 2.4L engine isnt a power house, it has sufficient on-ramp acceleration for merging with freeway traffic without protest. I would probably opt for the 2.0 turbo engine if buying again but I was used to V-8 power prior to this purchase. I typically get 31-34 mpg running the 75 mph speed limits on the Oklahoma turnpike, and 33-35 on secondary highways at 65 mph. I live in an urban country setting with mixed driving, and average about 26.5 mpg locally. The Bluetooth, voice recognition, and other infotainment system functions work flawlessly. Im 511", and my wife is 51", and the car is very comfortable for both of us to drive. The interior materials are high quality with good fit and finish. Theres plenty of storage. The rear seats are very comfortable for adults, and rear leg room is adequate, but not spacious and exit and entry to the rear passenger compartment requires a little more effort. Overall, this car is a pleasure to drive.

  • Wonderful Car - 2012 Buick Verano
    By -

    We purchased this car brand new from GM. It had 3 miles when we purchased and now have 26k on it. We have had 2 oil changes 0 maintenance cost otherwise. We take it in when the oil change indicator goes off. The car is reliable, quiet, and has held up very well. The build quality is one of the best cars I have owned. My wife drives it every day and enjoys every aspect. I would recommended this car to anybody. This is the lowest cost of maintenance vehicle I have ever owned and one of the most well built for the price range possible.

  • Love your life - 2015 Buick Verano
    By -

    I was driving my 2015 verano on the highway going about 75 MPH in the fast lane. My car just turn completely off like I had ran out of gas, but I had 3/4 of a tank of gas. It was very scary I had a 18 Wheeler driving behind me blowing his horn thank God I was going down hill. I took my car back to the dealer. They did do a free analysis in my car no codes came back. I was told that nothing is wrong with my car. I told them I didnt feel comfortable in my car. They offer to trade my car in with a $7000 depreciation. Which I just bought 7 months ago. I left there feeling like money was way important then my life.

  • Very quiet, a surprisingly good ride & value - 2015 Buick Verano
    By -

    6,500 on the odometer now and I have to comment how impressed I am with this car. We would have never bought a Buick, but after riding in one, before you buy something else you need to take this for a ride. Easy to get in and out of, comfortable seats, large trunk, lifetime 30MPG per the OnStar app, no issues at all, well laid out interior, nice fit and finish, and the engine and transmission work well together. We have the LEather group and the keyless ignition is awesome. This car is loaded with safety features, and when you compare to other models, and the price, you can no go wrong. Lane assist, forward facing camera, all the airbags, blind spot monitoring, self-dim rear mirror - all for an affordable price. I drive an Acura, a Jeep, Honda Civic, and another GM product, and this car is THE quietest of all of them. Reliability well wait and see, but so far not a single warranty claim. Were in for our first oil change in about 2 weeks, complements of Buick. Someone posted there is no back seat room. Im 64" and I dont need the front seat all the way back to be comfortable, and yes, someone can still sit behind me when Im driving. Sure, I can push the seat all the way back, but its not needed. This is no large 4-door sedan, so for the size car were talking about, the interior room is impressive. Dont pass this model up. You will be surprised as we were. (Exterior color is the upgraded White Pearl, with two-tone brown interior).

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