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  • 97 Candy - 1997 Buick Skylark
    By -

    I was recently involved in a pretty serious car accident in my 2009 compact car which was a total loss. My insurance co gave me a good replacement check but financially I cant get involved in another car payment. So my Father saw this Buick Skylark Limited Edition for sale for under 4100.00 (not including taxes and fees of course) with only 64,000 + miles. We went to look at it and it was apparent the other owners took very good care of this car. Mechanically and otherwise. The minuet I sat in the drivers seat I was hooked and knew this was my new honey. The acceleration is fantastic, the ride is smooth, the tape deck still works and there is absolutely nothing mechanically wrong with this car. I get great gas mileage. I drive over 100 miles a day and only need to fill the tank once a week (if I can keep my foot out of the petal). I have only had her a few weeks but I do notice the power windows are a little slow and the seat belts are not the greatest design. But as far as feeling safe I am very happy with this car. My parents always owned Buicks when I was a child so I feel as if I am driving a piece of my childhood history and I just love that nostalgic feeling. This car ROCKS!

  • GM missed the boat - 1994 Buick Skylark
    By -

    I keep up with regular maintenance such as fluid changes on time and tune ups. Its a decent riding car when everything is working at the same time, but unfotunately, that is hardly ever the case. Brakes pads, and rotors wear out super fast, tcc solenoid for trans is always failing and is a nightmare to change, poors weather seals leave car flooded during hard rain, ignotion coil covers failed about every 2 months(sometimes more), electical issues all the time, window motors and regulators fail often, headlight/turn switch issues constantly. Just a poor excuse for a car. Nothing is easy to work on with this beast. Only plus is the comfortable front seats and soft touch interior. Never again!

  • Got me where I needed to go - 1996 Buick Skylark
    By -

    This was basically my first car and I planned to use it until my credit was better established and suitable for a newer, smaller car. The car did just that and held out for the time I needed it to. It made for a smooth ride, good braking system and had powerful acceleration. The troubles started at the very end and were all contributed to the coolant system. The water pump and radiator needed replacement which cost 500+. Soon after, they found a leak in a component behind the heat shield which I needed up fixing with a leak seal. I am just glad that the car got me where I needed to go until I was in a position to buy another car.

  • My parents 97 skylark... - 1997 Buick Skylark
    By -

    Just got my permit in November, and love to drive this car. The controls are all easy to get to, It has a lot of power, very good handling, safe and smooth ride, but dont expect it to drive like a Caddy or Roadmaster. My parents made 2, 300 some mile trips from wv to ohio and had no issues to speak of. also, later on after I got my permit, we made a drive from oak hill, wv to Grantsville, MD, and 3 weeks later Oak Hill, WV to Severn MD and again, no problems to speak of. And the car has around 119,500 miles on it. Have had the car a little over a year and it is very reliable. When I turn 16, I want a Skylark as a first car.

  • from south to west and back - 1998 Buick Skylark
    By -

    as far as major repairs, this car has only needed the alternator, the solenoid, and the battery switched in 6 years of owning it. veeery dependable. drove from texas to washington state and back with no problems. reliable gas mileage for a GM car. trading this one in for a sebring lx coupe...going to be very sad to see this one go. can literally run forever with very little maintainence.

  • unstoppable - 1993 Buick Skylark
    By -

    I love this car I bought it for $900.00 and it is running strong. We just had a small mishap with the fan. Other than that I couldnt ask for anything more cozy and smooth riding.

  • Indestructible - 1990 Buick Skylark
    By -

    The best first car I could have imagined. Sure it may not be winning any car shows but it was for just that reason that it was such a great first car. I put on 50,000 cruel miles in about 3 years with no major mechanical errors. Kind of a small backseat but 5 high schoolers can fit in with only minor squeezing. Overall a great first car and uber comfortable.

  • Best Quality and Reliable Car - 1997 Buick Skylark
    By -

    I have found this car needs very little maintenance and is made of great quality. Very reliable! The gas mileage is unbelievable for an older car.

  • Its been a good ride - 1995 Buick Skylark
    By -

    Have enjoyed driving the Skylark Gran Sport for almost five years. Bought the car with 144000 miles and it now has 185000. I wouldnt be moving on to a new rig, but recently developed a drivetrain noise that sounds like expensive repairs will soon be here. However, I have really enjoyed driving the little Buick. It gets 26-28 mpg reliably, good performance, fun to whip thru the curves with its "riding on rails" suspension. I have fixed a few things (alternator- water pump- radiator re-done) but overall its been some good cheap driving. I like Buicks- great cars.

  • Grandmas 97 Buick skylark - 1997 Buick Skylark
    By -

    My Buick Skylark has only 35,000 miles and was my grandmothers from 1997- 2003. After she died I got the car and it is a great little car in perfect shape and reliable--until now. The water pump went and I found out that it takes hours to get to the pump and it costs $$$--$750.00 to replace it-- and a gasket too. Why did Buick design an engine that would be so hard to get to a water pump. The mechanic suggested that as long as you are paying for the cost of labor to get to the water pump you should have several other somewhat related items fixed as well. I called the dealer to verify the extent in reaching the water pump and they verified this issue. Not good.

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